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Abdyl's Ship Classification Guide!
By Abdyl
This Guide will go over Space-Ships, Space-Craft, and Land-Craft.
A list of Things you must know!
There are some things you must know;

Ships are more large-grid and are big.

Crafts are more small-grid and are small

Most of guide was made by AI, so if anything does not make sense, dont blame it on me.
Ship Classifications
Supply-ship: Essential for long-term missions, this ship carries all necessary supplies and resources. It’s equipped with cargo containers and connectors for transferring materials but has minimal armament for self-defense.

Corvette: A nimble and small ship, perfect for scouting and quick strikes. It’s built with light armor blocks and a few gatling guns or missile launchers for rapid maneuvers and fast escapes.

Gunboat: A small, aggressive ship designed for rapid assaults. It features a compact frame with heavy armor on the front and multiple rocket launchers for high burst damage at close range.

Heavy-Corvette: An upgraded corvette with enhanced firepower, featuring additional gatling turrets and missile launchers, reinforced with heavy armor blocks for increased survivability.

Frigate: A versatile medium-sized ship that can handle various roles, from patrolling to combat support. It’s equipped with a mix of gatling and missile turrets and layered with light and heavy armor for balanced protection.

Gunship: A robust support ship with a focus on ground attacks, armed with a combination of fixed weapons like gatling guns and rocket launchers. It has moderate armor and is often used to provide close air support.

Heavy-Frigate: A frigate variant with superior armament, including additional turrets and possibly interior turrets for boarding defense. It has a mix of heavy and light armor for improved defense capabilities.

Battle-Corvette: A specialized corvette with exceptional speed and firepower, sacrificing armor for a heavy arsenal of weapons, including advanced gatling guns and missile launchers for high-impact strikes.

Destroyer: A large and powerful ship designed to take on enemy vessels head-on. It boasts a strong array of turrets, including missile and gatling turrets, and is protected by heavy armor plating.

Cruiser: A very large and independent ship capable of multiple roles. It’s equipped with a diverse array of weapons, including turrets and warheads, and has ample space for drones and fighters.

Battlecruiser: A formidable combat ship with a focus on firepower and speed. It features an array of powerful weapons and thrusters for rapid movement, but with slightly less armor than a cruiser.

Carrier: A strategic asset that serves as a mobile base. It’s designed to deploy and support a fleet of smaller ships or drones and typically has hangar bays, repair facilities, and minimal direct combat weaponry.

Battleship: The pinnacle of military might, this colossal ship is heavily armed with an array of turrets and boasts thick armor capable of withstanding intense battles.

Dreadnaught: Larger and more formidable than a battleship, a dreadnaught is a true behemoth of space warfare. It’s equipped to engage multiple targets simultaneously and can dominate any battlefield with its overwhelming presence.
SpaceCraft Classifications
Scout: A small, stealthy vessel ideal for reconnaissance missions. It’s equipped with a few light weapons like small gatling guns or interior turrets for self-defense and is built with light armor blocks for quick, covert operations.

Interceptor: The smallest and fastest combat ship, designed for rapid response and pursuit. It’s armed with gatling guns or small missile launchers and constructed with light armor, prioritizing speed over durability.

Fighter: A nimble ship used for dogfighting and quick strikes. It’s outfitted with gatling guns or missile launchers and light armor, allowing for agile movement and rapid attacks.

Patrol-Fighter: A small, versatile ship used for area defense and patrol duties. It’s armed with a mix of weapons, including gatling guns and missile launchers, and has light armor for quick deployment.

Heavy-Fighter: A more robust version of the fighter, equipped with heavier weapons like missile launchers and more armor blocks, providing a balance between offense and defense.

Drop-ship: A medium-sized ship designed for troop and vehicle deployment. It’s armed with autocannons or missile launchers and has moderate armor, focusing on delivering its cargo safely to the battlefield.

Tactical Bomber: A precision strike ship, faster than standard bombers. It’s equipped with missile launchers or torpedo tubes and moderate armor, designed to target specific enemy installations or ships.

Bomber: A ship built for heavy assault, armed with a payload of bombs, missiles, or torpedoes. It has heavy armor for increased survivability during bombing runs.

Rocket-Bomber: A fast, offensive ship designed for high-speed bombing runs. It’s armed with an array of rockets and missiles and has light armor, relying on speed to evade incoming fire.

Heavy bomber: The largest and most heavily armed bomber, capable of delivering massive payloads. It’s heavily armored to withstand significant damage, but its size makes it less maneuverable and more vulnerable to agile fighters.

Cargo-Craft: A large, multipurpose transport ship, equipped with gatling guns and missile turrets for defense. It has moderate armor and is designed to carry large quantities of materials, relying on escort ships for protection.
vehicle Classifications
Patrol Car: A very small and agile vehicle, perfect for quick area surveillance and security in. It’s equipped with light armor and a basic gatling gun for self-defense.

Recon Car: A stealthy and small vehicle designed for reconnaissance missions. It’s outfitted with light armor, a camera system for intelligence gathering, and a cloaking device to avoid detection.

Armored Car: A swift vehicle used for rapid response and escort missions. It’s armed with a gatling gun and a grenade launcher, and it’s built with light armor for fast movement.

Scout Tank: A light and fast vehicle for scouting operations. It’s equipped with a light cannon and a machine gun, and it’s constructed with thin armor for quick reconnaissance tasks.

Interior-Tank: A compact vehicle for covert operations within enemy facilities. It’s armed with a cannon and a machine gun, and it features a camouflage system for stealth infiltration.

Officer Car: A medium-sized vehicle for transporting high-ranking individuals. It’s equipped with moderate armor, a machine gun for protection, and a radio system for communication.

Infantry Fighting Tank: A robust vehicle for transporting and supporting infantry. It’s armed with a medium cannon and a machine gun, and it’s protected with moderate armor.

Urban-Tank: A versatile vehicle for urban combat. It’s equipped with a medium cannon and a machine gun, and it’s armored with reactive armor for enhanced protection in close-quarters battles.

Transport Car: A spacious vehicle for logistics and transport duties. It’s equipped with a machine gun and a cargo bay, and it’s built with light armor for carrying goods and materials.

Supply Car: An essential vehicle for resupplying forces. It’s equipped with a machine gun and a supply depot, and it’s constructed with light armor for resource distribution.

Main Battle Tank: The core of ground forces in. It’s heavily armed with a main cannon and a machine gun, and it’s protected with thick armor for engaging enemy tanks and armored vehicles.
Extra Things
If you want another guide on ship classification, watch The Lunar Kolony's series on ship classifications
Dreadnaught by Maj. Problem. and deboy
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