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Lucky Crate [ENTITY]
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Addon Type: Entity
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Nov 18 @ 12:04pm
Nov 24 @ 10:09am
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Lucky Crate [ENTITY]

A crate that drops random perks when broken, those can be entities, weapons or NPCs, it can spawn 242 objects from various mods and games (if you got HL1 Source and HL2 EP2 installed, its NPCs can also spawn)
Contains no custom assets!

Findable under Entities Tab-->Fun + Games-->Lucky Crate

Can spawn things from;
BME Entities
BME Weaponry
Ep2 Radar SENT
Funny Barrel
Half-Life 1
Half-Life 2
Half-Life Ep2
Heavy machine gun
Microwave rifle
OMNI Cutter
Uno Reverse
007 Golden gun
Penetrating cluster charge
Girls' Frontline Sangvis Ferri sweps
Brutal DOOM SWEP Pack
MGS4 railgun
Fixed Prey 2006 sweps
Soldier 76 pulse rifle
Murder Drones sweps
Half-Life sweps
HLWE 1507 sweps
Max Payne 2 sweps
Underhell sweps
JMod Legacy

-Saito | Code & Idea
-NextKurome76 | Code improvements

Tags: Minecraft, Lucky Block, Luckyblock, Chance Cube

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Nov 23 @ 12:46pm
PINNED: Entity suggestions to add
Nov 19 @ 11:48pm
I thought about making this EXACT addon like a few months ago
< >
mxwxll Nov 27 @ 6:25am 
Ok dude. You can add something from mods. Im agree with you about huge entities.
NextKuromeThe76Soldier  [author] Nov 26 @ 5:01am 
i cant add things like striders or helicopters as they are too large
mxwxll Nov 26 @ 4:57am 
pls add more hostile entities
Mando37 Nov 22 @ 5:56pm 
Do you know what would be super funny? Being able to global edit what the lucky crate can spawn in some sort of list.
SgtChickenFrizi Nov 21 @ 8:26pm 
I enjoy lucky blocks in minecraft, I'll give this a try to see what it does. I do love me some lucky blocks- err, crates.
TinyRetro Nov 21 @ 8:08pm 
ngl i wish it just spawned something random from ur spawnmenu, but its incredible fun to play with currently anyway
Thomas Lightbearer Nov 21 @ 7:34pm 
My immediate reaction upon seeing this was simply saying, "Oh no.. OH NO." Knowing the chaos that this holds XD
Cat_Spy540002 Nov 20 @ 6:34am 
Mc lucky box but gmod i remember it
AwesomeGraczGie47 Nov 20 @ 6:23am 
@Moonshoes47 I can do it, please text me
NextKuromeThe76Soldier  [author] Nov 20 @ 4:20am 
Idk what to add