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【ZP】Rice cultivating civilization【1.4】
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Oct 6, 2023 @ 2:36pm
Mar 22 @ 10:23pm
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【ZP】Rice cultivating civilization【1.4】

※Rice cultivating civilization is a mod created by Toosenbo.
 Currently, Udon has taken over the mod management and release of the mod.
 I have received permission from Tosenbo to release this mod.
 If you have any bug reports or requests about this mod, please contact Udon.

2023/10/21 Corrections/Changes.
・Implemented a dictionary function for farm products in this mod.
 We plan to add tabs for food and buildings in the future.
・Fixed a problem where the water mill was outputting incorrect logs.
 Also, the description of the water mill has been corrected.
・The "hardet" effect of the meal effect was incorrect.

========================= Google Translation. =========================

-Precautions when using this Mod-
>Vanilla rice cannot be threshing and polishing.
>By colonizing the waterside, you can enjoy all the contents of this Mod.
>Difficulty is very high because it incorporates more serious elements than other agricultural mods.
>It is important to manage inventory, set work priorities, and restrict zones so that settlers do not die from overwork.
>Because of a very large amount of work, there is a shortage of labor.
>When rice cultivation is stable, a large amount of rice can be harvested.

-Regarding translation-
>This mod is written in Japanese.
>The translation at the time of vr1.0 can still be used by introducing the translation mod.
(Some translations are broken due to system restructuring.)
>This is to make the translation update smoother.
>The author doesn't make English translation because he wants to create another Mod.
>We welcome volunteers who can translate from Japanese into various languages !!
>GitHub is available for translation work.
>Give credit to those who participate.
>All translations are left to the translator.
>If you have any questions about the translation, ask the translator.

-Rice cultivation-
>Mod that pursues realistic rice production.
>You can start rice cultivation by completing the "稲(Japonica rice)" research.
>We aim to produce white rice from rice ears by implementing realistic rice cultivation processes.
>Please refer to the threshing and rice polishing in the image chart above for details.
>By-products such as "straw, rice husk, rice bran" during threshing and milling can be processed into crafts and animal feed.
>Completing the research will allow you to use agricultural machines suitable for each era.
>Various special products that can make money are added. (meals, crafts, straw rice bag, etc.)

> A total of 28 crops are added.
> There are 22 kinds of vegetables, 3 kinds of fruit trees, and 3 kinds of other crops.
> When growing a crop, be sure to press the "i button" and check the information window.
> There are no naturally occurring crops like VGP or RimCuisine2.
> Vegetable types are subdivided into 6 types, giving variety to recipes.
→ Rice, Been and fungsu, Fruits veg, Leef veg, Root veg, Fruit

> There are a total of 69 additional dishes.
> There are 53 kinds of dishes, 16 kinds of luxury goods, and 4 kinds of sake.
> Japanese bread Mod is integrated so you can enjoy bread together.
> The types of dishes are mainly Japanese foods or foods that originated in Japan.
> When pawns eat meal, their abilities and emotions are improved.
  (Some have added mischief elements.)
> Adds RPG-like elements that become stronger when eaten.
  (A lot of dishes are needed to be effective. Test stage)
> Unlike vanilla recipes, cooking requires a variety of ingredients and seasonings.
> The type of food used increases, but the nutrients required are the same as vanilla.
> For more information, please refer to Cooking, Seasoning, Ingredient Processing, Classification of Ingredients in the image chart above.
> "Expandable Fermenting and Processing" is newly introduced. (Test stage)
> This is a great mod that makes it easy to make a brewing system.
> Sake and miso, soy sauce, and vinegar turn into a brewing system.



About Translation

The translation policy for this mod is as follows

We do not translate from Japanese to other languages.
Please feel free to create translation mods.
Please give the utmost respect to the creators of translation mods.
Please do not demand early completion of translation mods.





We thank everyone who cooperated! !

This mod prohibits redistribution.


dvdmcwilliams May 1 @ 10:27am 
Paddy field not working, it can be placed over mountains, but it only mines the mountains, wont place the field at all. Cant find the way to use it.
5_kilo_watt May 1 @ 7:17am 
dvdmcwilliams Apr 29 @ 2:36pm 
Having vegetable garden and ZP, sugarcane becomes unusable, now replaced by mizuame, there is any possible fix or a way to change this?
オーミヤ Apr 27 @ 12:57am 
1.5対応ありがとうございます。 設置した流水 初期からある水場でも養殖網が、設置できないのですが、ご確認お願いします。
YHK Apr 21 @ 1:28am 
Zairya Apr 18 @ 12:29am 
thank you very much for the update to 1.5 Udon!
I'm already in and first rice is harvested... I'm just struggling to find the crafting straw recipe >.<
I usually use a wiki-mod to look it up but well, you know...

Could you give me a hint please?
So far I haven't encountered bugs or the like. I was just having a hard time with owlchemist Seeds Please: Lite in 1.4 as inaho would only result in the first rice species. It probably needs a fix on owlchemist's side but I thought, I could mentioned it here anyway.

Sending lots of hugs <3
Panda Apr 16 @ 12:17pm 
Thank you very much for the update. otsukaresama desu
BIBIDUCRACKOKLM Mar 24 @ 6:28am 
Udon さん、バージョン 1.5 での作業に感謝します。

私がダウンロードした MOD の翻訳を誰かが提供してくれましたが、後で削除されました。
この人のことを知っていますか?また、バージョン 1.5 で英語翻訳を機能させる方法を知っていますか?

Udon  [author] Mar 16 @ 6:57am 
KEN Mar 15 @ 6:55pm