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A beginner's guide to MICROVOLTS: Recharged
By Eglaios
A guide made for new players to understand all the kinda-hidden mechanics of the game
When I tried this game on Steam release, it was pure hell. If you're a beginner, I highly advice to get through this guide as early as possible.

Microvolts has absolutely no mercy for newbies. It comes from a time where it was common for games to let player find out about the content by themselves, and this paired with the high amount of current skilled players might easily lead to an atrocious experience.

In this guide, I'll mainly cover the stuff I missed when I started. I might omit things, and maybe even say wrong stuff, but at the very least, this should be a big help for clueless beginners.

There's apparently some deeper stuff to remove the anticheat, I think this review sums it up pretty well : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198099168905/recommended/1426440/
Coupon codes
I don't plan to update this section, but might as well show the current ones :

- Lucky Charm (melee) - EXFF-ORCJ-GB1L-ICBL
- Watson (rifle) - MHQU-FSEO-JCKM-9IJR

Since the player will need to choose one variant for each item, I suggest first going through the Weapons section.

...no, there's currently no paste support in the game...
In this game, higher price tag does not increase stats; only appearance changes : a 10.000mp sniper will be as good as a 100mp one with the same attributes (but the dude who's using it probably got some skill).

Any bought weapon can be tuned (upgraded), which can't be done on the starting loadout.
Thus, it's likely best to focus firstly on buying a couple cheap weapons (those at 100mp), and upgrade them as soon as possible, even though they look no different.

CAREFUL : right-clicking a weapon is a shortcut for selling it. Even though it then asks for confirmation, trouble happened to some.

A weapon's variant affects its stats.
It is bound to the item, thus cannot be changed, requiring to buy another one with the desired variant if needed.

Sniper variant D is the same as B, excepted B has 2 levels of zoom.

Tuning a weapon specializes it even more towards certains stats, a sub-variant in a way.
This action can be accessed by selecting a weapon in the inventory, and usually costs 10mp and 400 energy (acquired through matches)

Contrary to variants, tuning can be changed (the process still costs ressources).

These are only newbie tips from newbie me. Once new players get the hang of it, their choice will depend on their playstyle.

As a starter myself, this was my go-to to try and steal a couple kills despite getting stomped on in every lobby.

I'd suggest to first go for the C variant for damage, then tune it into power.

Pretty much everyone uses max damage sniper, mostly D variant because the B's double scope gets in the way in such fast-paced game (can still unscope by switching weapon).

D variant can oneshot a player even on body hit. Since default sniper cannot do that, it's easy for new players to feel like everyone only hit heads on them.

A good weapon to work on early, but definitely less important than gatling for starters.

I got told most players rebind their explosives to keys easier to access, like E and C.

Bazooka and Grenade are especially annoying and require some thinking, so I think it's good to start in lobbies in which these are disabled to get used to the game first.
Parts & accessories
Even though they don't increase stats at first, these can be tuned just like weapons.

Tuned parts affect running speed and / or max health, while accessories provide additional ammunition to specific weapons.
In a similar way, higher price only modifies appearance, and the default outfit cannot be tuned.

Since lobbies are often pure chaos, I rarely need to walk far to find a fight, so I think it's better to put all in hp for a first set. Plus it will help tanking better, and surviving body shots from max-damage snipers.

Different parts types provide different amounts of stats, so might as well prioritize the highest ones (shirt and pants). Not as urgent as getting good weapons, though.
The gacha system is pretty straightforward : pay either premium or free currency, and get something random from a pool of items.

The Capsule tab is for RT, while Limited Capsule is for MP. I will focus on the later one.

Freebie gacha
At first, the tab is empty. What I thought first was "It says limited capsule, probably only spawns on events", and forgot about it.
Turns out the player has to click the Search Capsule button

The gacha system is a little weird in this game, but long story short, people throw boxes containing a set amount of items of each rarities, then anyone can come and pull from it. The more people pull, the greater chance to get the remaining items.

For 2300mp per pull, this is definitely a luxury, and even though the first 10.000mp comes pretty fast, I think it's better to ignore gacha as long as newcomers still don't have a first solid loadout, and resist the urge to pull beforehands [which I didn't].
Various tips
These are just random tips I found out and can be useful for newcomers, because the game sure won't tell them.

Shotgun quick shoot
Right after shooting any shotgun and holding left click down, quickly tapping the swap key twice (swap to previous weapon, then back to shotgun) reduces the time between shots, thus when choosing a shotgun, might as well get max damage.
I swear older games have a problem with shotguns... GunZ and Devil May Cry feature similar exploits

Sniper facts
  • Swapping into another weapon while scoped cancels the scope state
  • Despite dynamic crosshair not reacting, jumping does reduce accuracy
  • Hipfire deals low damage

Third-person cam angles
Due to the camera position, players can hide near a corner and watch without being seen. Very handy for sniping.

Make sure to check the comments for tips other people share, and thanks to whoever shares them!
Well I hope I didn't say too much wrong stuff.

Even though skill comes with time, knowing the above is definitely very handy, especially since the game doesn't clearly mention them, which can leave newcomers clueless and prone to uninstall before even understanding half of the game.
🌺꧁SaoriAra꧂🌺 Feb 2 @ 10:01pm 
Hello, I need help with microvolt when I started using capsule and suddenly the game froze and an error appeared and I lost 3000 rt, is there a solution to recover? :steamsad:
Gameroreocookie32 Sep 13, 2023 @ 10:41pm 
please answer when u can |?
ktiffany405 Sep 13, 2023 @ 4:42pm 
thanks for the info
Ter_epta Sep 13, 2023 @ 3:47pm 
how use coupon code? idk
LuizFrL Sep 11, 2023 @ 6:25pm 
For new players who want to evolve in the game, there is a quick change mechanic called swap and wavestep. This mechanic is essential to improve in the game!
If you want more details on how it works and how to start training, watch this video:


This mechanic is complicated to learn, therefore, I suggest that for beginners, you create a match with AI, this feature is available by clicking on Create Room and selecting AI Battle.

There, everything you do will not be counted (XP, MP and Kills) it is a mode used precisely for training! Here's my tip to improve beginners' skills!