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Posted: Sep 11, 2023 @ 2:11am

Ok, first things first, I want to get out of the picture is Xingcode 3. By that I mean I want to show you how to remove it from the computer. Therefore this won't be just a review but also a small tutorial. Without further of due here it is


First step: Uninstall Microvolts Recharged from the steam library (you don't have to necessarily remove it from your steam library; JUST UNINSTALL )

Second step: Go to the folder where Microvolts is stored, for instance:
Local Disk (D)->Program files (86)->Steam->Steamapps->Common->Microvolts->bin
In the folder ''bin'' you will find another folder called XINGCODE, you have to delete it (YOU could delete this folder or you can delete the microvolts folder itself, I deleted the entire microvolts folder).

Third step: Go to the windows folder, It's usually located in the C drive, there you should find a something called: xhunter1.sys, you have to delete it as well, it will probably ask you for admin permission then confirm.
(You may also find a notepad called Xhunter in the folder, it's not required to remove it but I did, inside there is a record of entries or when it was active and what it found. It will not ask you for permission).

Fourth step: Now before I tell you the final steps in removing xingcode, I have to advise you on this, the last step consists of removing something from "regedit" OR RegistryEditor. Removing something from this and not knowing what it is may result in damaging your COMPUTER, therefore only remove what I am stating right now and nothing else. Also if you don't feel comfortable working in it either don't do it or make a copy of "regedit". There is not a a lot to remove so it should be easy to do.

First things first, open "regedit" as admin, a new window will appear after you confirmed being the admin.
Then press the "ctrl" "f" keys simultaneously on your keyboard, a box will appear where you have to search for xhunter
(It will take a bit before it finds it)
After it has found xhunter you have to delete it, in order to do so right click on it. Then press delete, it will ask you:
(if you are sure you want to delete the xhunter key and all of its sub keys click yes.)
Don't delete anything but what I told you to.
After deleting xhunter close "regedit", other windows that may be open and restart your computer.


This should be all the places where XINGCODE/XHUNTER was, I myself searched through the computer and couldn't find any other known location, if any of you guys have extra information on the subject or other places where it could be found, please post it in the comment section.
Like wise if you found this review helpful please recommend this post as useful so that other players who are wondering how to remove the XINGCODE can do so. Thank you for your attention.
The next part will be my mini review, if you decide that you won't read the next part, I understand. I hope I was of help!


{{Main positive point}}
I had played this game for tens if not hundreds of hours when I was little, I really enjoyed the idea of toys fighting one another, the art style was captivating and I think this is one positive point going for it, playing in the backyard or in a pool with toy boats, or between apartments, or the living room, on the desk map etc. It had a unique idea that could make it distinct itself from many other games, especially "free to play".

Sadly there are so many problems with this game that it cannot make it out of the gutter.
I cannot recommend this game on the simple fact that it uses XINGCODE 3. This "anticheat" can't even protect the game from hackers, it is very invasive, it does scans of the entire system, it leaves the system vulnerable to other hackers outside the game. Those can exploit the weaknesses of XINGCODE to scan for your entire system. Now I am not sure if whether or not it stops scanning after the game closes, but I am not taking any chances.
XINGCODE 3 was also used with the original Microvolts though I don't know of any breaches in the security of any player, caused by the "anticheat". In reality which kid would be interested in not having their data stolen or their computer at risk, more probably being their parents computer as well. Most saw a fun concept, download it and played, not looking in the terms of service either.

{{Lack of content}}
There is definitely a lack of content, even compared to the original release. There are maps lacking, game modes lacking, player customization options, especially for the free to play players, there is also nothing new from themselves, the company who bought the IP. I haven't looked in the items that are paid with real world money if whether or not were made by them as well. I think a good amount of those were made previously not by them.

{{Game-play and game problems in general}}
I am just going to list them:
-Zombies have too much HP
-The sniper zoom is atrocious, either the maps are too small for the large zoom, or the zoom is too large for the maps
-Clunky feeling when you have to drag your character's view across the screen.
-Easy to bypass the anti-cheat, hackers have no problem getting by
-The anti-cheat makes the game run slower because of the active scans that it does on the entire system as mentioned before.
-When you select your character, the UI doesn't even respond properly, for some characters you have to press on another part of the screen altogether, this may be caused by poor scaling, the fact that they didn't update the game for modern resolutions, I tried playing in 1080p.
-High entry level, there are not only those who took part in the beta tests, but also those who played the previous iterations of Microvolts, ohhh I also forgot about the people who played a game called Toy Heroes.
You may think the you play against entry level players but you'd be mistaken, one person may be sus and instead of being a level 4 as you, he/she may as well be level 80 in Toy Heroes.

There is so much so to be told, but I won't take my time to write all of this because of several reasons.
1. The review is already quite long, including the tutorial as well, it can get boring for me and you, the reader, as well.
2. The devs didn't take their time to make this IP great, and give it the recognition that it deserves, so I won't take mine.
3. Many other who tried the game already stated a good amount of problems and I don't want to sound like a broken record.
I think it got launched in this state because the ones, usually the old players, waited for so long to appear again officially that to delay it, would mean the death of the project.
So not only was it released in a bad state, it was released in a worse state than it was left, in many aspects.
There was no progress done, more so of a regression.
All of those problems are quite telling of professionalism of the company and most importantly the greediness of it.
I saw more text messages of players opening capsules then talking with each other.

It's quite sad honestly, I hope it could make a turnaround and be successful but it will most probably won't.
Thank you for listening to my TED talk! I wish you all happy gaming and stay safe!
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White Wolf Sep 23, 2023 @ 10:39pm 
@csysm.csy That is really odd, because at the very least you should have the microvolts folder if you installed it. Even if you uninstalled the game from steam, the Microvolts folder should still exist if you don't manually delete it.

If you hadn't uninstalled already, can you go to your steam library, right click on the game and then click on "browse local files"?

Perhaps the game is installed somewhere else, because otherwise I cannot explain how and why this happens.

As for the registry editor "regedit", I don't think it created an entry in it because you didn't run the game itself. So on that part you might actually be good.
csysm.csy Sep 23, 2023 @ 9:53pm 
Hi Whitewolf, I have check there is no microvolts folder at all, regedit also don't have xhunter/ xhunter1
MrMars Sep 22, 2023 @ 12:32pm 
okay thanks you white wolf ! I searched a bit but no info except hacking forums who talks about bypassing XIGNCODE3 you're probably right. Anyway have a good day ^-^
White Wolf Sep 21, 2023 @ 9:39pm 
@MrMars I think it does as well, it's easier than implementing another.
I haven't looked into it that much because I played only a bit and that was a while ago.
Thank you for your kind words, have a great day!
MrMars Sep 21, 2023 @ 9:10pm 
thanks you dude i didn't know this game as a anti cheat really intrusive, Toy Heroes has the same thing ?
White Wolf Sep 21, 2023 @ 12:55am 
@Csysm.csy, can you check your "Microvolts" folder then go to the "bin" folder and see if there is a folder called XINGCODE?
Can you also check "regedit" for xhunter or xhunter1?
csysm.csy Sep 21, 2023 @ 12:32am 
I have install the game, but before I runs it I read your comment. I tried to follow your steps but can't found any file that you've mention in the comment. Is this meant that I do not have to worried about XIGNCODE3 as long as I never runs it? Thanks for answering in advance!
Subyan Sep 17, 2023 @ 9:03pm 
This is a damn shame. I remember playing this as a kid and wanted to try it out again, thanks for the warning!
Basilllisk Sep 17, 2023 @ 1:05pm 
The fact that something like this was still in my system after uninstalling is pretty concerning. Thanks for posting this.
White Wolf Sep 17, 2023 @ 7:16am 
@Nine to five you will have to do all the steps.