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3DMA - Western Dusk
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Sep 4, 2023 @ 7:23am
Nov 15, 2023 @ 12:00am
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3DMA - Western Dusk

Western Dusk is a mod that aims to bring high-quality and authentic US SOF gear to Arma 3.
Having been a collaboration between Karmakut and 3DMA[] the mod adds several vests, backpacks, uniforms and helmets to your game!

  • 5 Helmets
  • 2 NVGs
  • 14 Uniforms
  • 16 Vests
  • 6 Backpacks

You have questions, suggestions or feedback?
Feel free to check out the 3DMA Discord![]

Notes on performance:
The models are made to be as high-quality as possible and not solely for the arma engine, as such you may encounter performance drops using the gear in high number, disabling shadows may help.
We are also still in the process of improving performance wherever we can!

3DMA[] - Asset creation
Karmakut - Asset funding/support
exer - Arma implementation
Luca - Arma implementaion
Mamento - Workshop pictures
Vitya - Asset creation

Known Issues:
- Pants may deform slightly in certain poses
- Performance drops with lots of gear used at once

This addon is published under APL-ND[].
  • You may not reupload this addon.
  • You may not use this addon on monetized servers.
  • You may not change/rework any files of this addon.
If you want to do any of the above ask for permission first!
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Feb 5 @ 3:15am
JcYangtai Feb 18 @ 2:55am 
When wearing the Crye G3, the crotch looks strange when aiming while standing:steammocking:
Luca  [author] Feb 5 @ 6:15am 
@Jonny Cross
Check the description :)
Jonny Cross Feb 5 @ 5:48am 
Really like your mods, can I pick your brains about how you commissioned the models?
honger Feb 4 @ 4:28pm 
pop a dozen guys with full gear and FPS drop down by half at least. Mod definitely for making goon pics rather than actually playing with it but expected nothing less from karmakut's "collab".
HunchoChristian Jan 28 @ 2:55am 
3DMA models are the best, so glad to see them in Arma Reforger too
Predator14 Jan 26 @ 2:41pm 
omg nice really impressive, conccurence mod private goodjob
exer  [author] Jan 10 @ 2:25am 
the visual LOD poly count doesn't affect performance on modern GPUs. Units run ripped gear mods with 200+ polys and no res LODs, and their servers run just fine. The primary issue here are shadow LODs, which themselves shouldn't impact performance as heavily as you're suggesting.
Pek Jan 9 @ 5:47am 
Is there a update on reducing the poly-count so it can be used in a multiplayer environment with 15+ people running the gear?
FirelightGuy Dec 22, 2023 @ 8:03am 
Any chance we'll see these in additional colorways?
Steel [Democracy Rangers] Dec 19, 2023 @ 1:52pm 
Awesome thank you. That's tonight's activity sorted out.