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Liberation RX Mod Template

extend the factions that can be played

"3AS_KF" - "3AS Project Knightfall",
"3CB_BAF_D" - "3CB British Army Desert",
"3CB_BAF_W" - "3CB British Army Woodland",
"3CB_ChDKZ" - "3CB Chernarussian Red Star",
"3CB_ION_IND","3CB ION Services - Urban",
"3CB_LDF_OPF","3CB Livonia Defence Force",
"3CB_MDF_OPF","3CB Malden Defence Force",
"3CB_TNA_OPF","3CB Takistan National Army",
"ASZ_ITALY" - "Italy",
"BW_MOD" - "Bundenswehr Tropentarn",
"CFP_B_ILIDF","CFP Israeli Defence Force",
"CFP_O_HAMAS" - "CFP Hamas",
"CFP_O_HEZBOLLAH" - "CFP Hezbollah",
"CFP_O_IQARMY" - "CFP Iraq Army",
"CFP_O_NKARMY","CFP North Korea Army" -
"CFP_O_SYARMY" - "CFP Syrian Army",
"CFP_Sudan" - "Sudan",
"CP_AFRF" - "CUP AFRF Modern MSV",
"CP_BAF_DES" - "CUP BAF Desert",
"CP_ION_WI" - "CUP ION PMC Winter",
"CP_MAF" - "CUP Mexican Armed Forces",
"CP_SAHRA_D" - "CUP Royal Army Corps",
"CP_TA" - "CUP Takistan",
"CP_USMC_D" - "CUP USMC Desert",
"CP_USMC_W" - "CUP USMC Woodland",
"CWR3_BAF" - "Cold War Rearmed - BAF",
"CWR3_FIA" - "Cold War Rearmed - FIA",
"CWR3_SOV" - "Cold War Rearmed - SOVIET",
"CWR3_TDF" - "Cold War Rearmed - TONALI",
"CWR3_USA" - "Cold War Rearmed USA",
"DEV_TAF" - "Turkish Army Force",
"DKOK" - "Death Korps Of Kreig",
"EAW_IJA" - "Imperial Japanese Army",
"EAW_NRA" - "NRA",
"EJW_TA" - "EJW Taliban",
"EJW_TF" - "EJW Task Force",
"GM_EAST_WINT" - "Global Mob. EAST Winter",
"GM_EAST" - "Global Mob. EAST",
"GM_WEST_WINT" - "Global Mob. WEST Winter",
"GM_WEST" - "Global Mob. WEST",
"GX_Cartel","GX Blanco Cartel",
"IFA_REDARMY_W" - "IFA Red Army Winter",
"IFA_REDARMY" - "IFA Red Army",
"IFA_USARMY" - "IFA US Army ",
"IFA_WEHRM_W" - "IFA Wehrmacht Winter",
"IFA_WEHRM" - "IFA Wehrmacht",
"IRI_IRAN" - "Iran",
"ML700_Imperials" - "Imperials",
"NF_FINNISH" - "Finnish",
"OPTRE" - "Operation Trebuchet",
"OPTRE_COV" - "Covenant",
"PO_SA" - "Project Opfor Sahrani Army",
"PO_TA" - "Project Opfor Takistani Army",
"PO_UAF" - "Project Opfor Ukrainian Army",
"R3F_WEST_D" - "R3F WEST Desert",
"R3F_WEST_W" - "R3F WEST Woodland",
"RHS_AFRF" - "RHS AF Russian Fed.",
"RHS_RACS" - "RHS RACS (Royal Army Corps Sahrani)",
"RHS_SLA" - "RHS SLA (Sahrani Liberation Army)",
"RHS_USAF" - "RHS US Armed Force",
"Ryan_ZD" - "Ryan Zombies and Demons",
"SAF2035" - "South African Armed Forces",
"SFP_SAF" - "Swedish armed Forces",
"SOG_USA" - "SoG Prairie Fire USA",
"SPE_GER" - "SPE - GER",
"SPE_US" - "SPE - USA",
"SW_TOR" - "Star Wars The Old Republic",
"TFM_MMSLI_W" - "Milsim Light Infantry - Woodland",
"TFM_MSCA_D" - "Milsim Combined Arms - Desert",
"TFM_MSCA_W" - "Milsim Combined Arms - Woodland",
"TFM_MSLI_D" - "Milsim Light Infantry - Desert",
"TFM_SOG_CA" - "SOG US for Combined Arms",
"TFM_SOG_LI" - "SOG US for Light Infantry",
"TIOW_CSP" - "Chaos Space Marines",
"TIOW_TAU" - "Tau Alliance",
"UFP_BLU" - "RHS UFP (Ukrainian Factions Project)",
"UFP_BLU" - "Ukraine Forces (RHS)",
"UNS_NVA" - "Unsung NVA",
"UNS_US" - "Unsung USA",
"VME_CHINA" - "VME China Army",
"VTF_KDF" - "Korsac Defense Force",
"VTF_KI","Korsac Insurgents",
"WBK_ORKS" - "Orks",
"WS_FIA" - "West Sahara FIA",
"WS_UNA" - "West Sahara UNA"
Wilky May 23 @ 1:50pm 
You should add the CUP People's Liberation Army (China). The VME PLA doesn't mix well with any other mods. I want to do a China vs Generic Tropical Island country playthrough.
Steve May 21 @ 6:18am 
Say, I tried using the Ryan zombies and demons faction as opfor and no matter what I do it doesn't seem to spawn anything
Is there a particular setting I need to set or is that particular faction currently unavailable?
Dark Demon May 9 @ 11:02am 
One uses the Ukraine faction project mod as there blufor in it, rhs Ukraine is project opfor which is an opfor faction, reason why there's both is so that you could play as either Russia and Ukraine and fight each other as it was not possible at the time with out mission to do same side fights, it is now though if you use a version from github
Jäger Apr 13 @ 6:07am 
mainly the differences between "UFP_BLU" - "RHS UFP (Ukrainian Factions Project)",
"UFP_BLU" - "Ukraine Forces (RHS)",
Jäger Apr 13 @ 6:00am 
what is the specific mods need for RHS UFP (Ukrainian Factions Project)
Your Pappa Apr 2 @ 11:03am 
thx a lot pSiKO!
pSiKO  [author] Apr 2 @ 8:40am 
Official LRX Discord

(never expire invitation)
Your Pappa Mar 26 @ 7:19pm 
Hi pSiKO. Your discord link expired. Can you post your new discord link or github link?
Willow~! Mar 16 @ 10:15am 
The mod gives me an error on my dedicated saying I lack the required mods, despite the required mods being active and installed on the dedicated
pSiKO  [author] Mar 15 @ 1:29am 
come on our Discord, you'll find link to the github repo