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Steam.Design - Create Background Showcases
By SloWolfe and 4 collaborators
Automatically crop your desired background to be showcased as an artwork, screenshot, avatar, or workshop.

⠀Steam.Design is an online tool that allows you to automatically crop parts of any profile⠀      
⠀background for the purposes of using in your art, screenshot and workshop showcases.

The first step is deciding on a background you want to use. Since the background will be cropped near the center, it's ideal to find a background that has imagery in the center. If you're having trouble finding a background you want to use, you can visit this large collection of popular backgrounds, or search for one using Steam Tool's background gallery.[]

Copy your background's direct URL. This can be found by clicking the "View Full Size" button in your inventory or the background's market page. Once it's copied, visit Steam.Design and paste it in the area provided. Click "Change Background" and your background will be cropped.

If you want to simplify this process and instantly crop the backgrounds in your inventory, you can sign into your Steam account using the button in the top right corner of Steam.Design. Once you're logged in, Steam.Design will display all of the backgrounds you own above the virtual profile and clicking one will automatically crop it.

If you want to crop for more showcases than just artwork, simply click the "Customize Cropping" button. This will open a menu of customization options. They're pretty self-explanatory.

Once your desired showcases are selected, you can simply drag the bottom of each showcase to crop your desired length.

When you're ready to use the cropped parts of your background, click the shiny "Download Images" button. This will download all of the cropped areas of your background as a ZIP file. Unzip this file wherever you want. If you want to add your own text or art to these cropped areas of your background before you upload them, now is the time.

When you're ready to upload and showcase your images on Steam, follow these short guides:
Once your artwork is uploaded and showcased, rate or comment on it. This will correct the alignment.

Steam.Design has a Chrome extension. Download it here.[]
⠀•⠀Steam.Design was made with love by TrueCarry and The Oddball.
⠀•⠀This guide was written and designed by Aevoa.
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vEry_Cool Jun 3 @ 9:14am 
additionally, if I put the URL from the page i.e:
the website does nothing
vEry_Cool Jun 3 @ 9:10am 
My steam inventory is public but the website says either I do not own any backgrounds or my inventory is private it also says that URLs I paste aren't image URLs even though they are and it displays an image preview, so good job.
Super Nova Jun 2 @ 10:29am 
Anyone wanna do +rep for +rep? :)
Bosnian degenerate Jun 2 @ 3:44am 
i cant refresh my fucking inventory
׺EliTº× May 29 @ 9:32am 
why i cant refresh my inventory?
[X]tяеme May 28 @ 8:30pm 
Very Nice Name May 28 @ 5:28am 
@shaderVI your inventory is private and it finds the backround from there
ItzGone May 24 @ 1:24pm 
The downloads button just says {"error":true}
shaderVI May 23 @ 11:48am 
hi, i signed in and it says my account is private even tho it isnt so i cant get to my backgrounds.
TKT May 19 @ 6:45pm 
it works perfectly