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How to Upload Long Images for Showcases
By ash and 3 collaborators
A simple guide to uploading images (or gifs) on Steam with infinite height. Useful for Artwork or Screenshot showcases.

These are the console commands, please read the guide first before using these.

Chrome Extension
The team over at Steam.Design (including Oddball) have created a chrome extension which automates almost everything artwork creating!

                 Download Chrome Extension[]

It features a button which will automatically upload as a long artwork. Simply select the artwork and give it a name then click the button which appears.

Video guides use an outdated version of this code which causes more bugs. They use the right steps but have an outdated codes in descriptions. Please avoid that code unless they are the same as this guide.

You must be at least Level 10 on Steam to show an artwork/screenshot showcase.

We recommend you DO NOT upload images with a width of SMALLER than 506px for the center of the showcase.

Steam.Design[] will automatically crop your steam background properly. Find more help about the site on their Steam.Design Discord[].

Please carefully read each step to avoid errors. DO THEM IN ORDER

Step 1

Open this link in your browser (firefox or chrome).

Step 2

Select your artwork under Choose File. Your artwork should appear on right side of the page.

؜Step 3

Right click anywhere on the page, click inspect/inspect element then go to the 'Console'.

Or use Shortcuts
Chrome shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+J
FireFox Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+K

Chrome (and maybe Opera)

Firefox only: after opening the console, MANUALLY type in "allow pasting " without quotation marks and then remove it (you do not need to press enter).


Firefox by default does not let you paste in code (from the next step) unless you type this in. You will only need to do it once and the console should allow pasting forever. []

؜Step 4

Only one of these codes need to be used, not both.

Enter this line of code into the console to upload as an Artwork:

Enter this line of code into the console to upload as an Screenshot:

Hit enter after pasting it
The code must be entered every time a different image is selected.

Now simply give it a title and a description, tick that "I certify that I created this artwork" box, then "Save and Continue".

IMPORTANT: On the artwork selector, your artwork will appear to be a single black line. That is perfectly fine and it means the code worked.

  • MightyG3 for the amazing exploit <3
  • ash for putting the code together, designing and creating the guide
  • Oddball for working on, improving guide clarity, and shortening code

And a special thanks to Tithen-Firion who is no longer with us.

Find more help on on the Steam.Design Discord[] or discuss artworks or your profile at the Steam Artwork Discord[]

Please remember: Check you copy and pasted the code correctly and DO STEPS IN ORDER
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Kaneki 17 hours ago 
ash  [author] Nov 13 @ 9:23pm 
@Blast da' Lizard, around maintenance days I notice that long artwork uploading goes weird. Try again another day or the day after maybe.

@69 you type allow pasting then don't need it enter it, just put in the code. 'allow pasting' just enables copy and pasting.

@zzombo what do you mean reset?
➏➒ Nov 13 @ 7:26pm 
i cannot do that allow pasting
it says ' SyntaxError: unexpected token: identifier[Learn More] '
someone please help !!
Blast da' Lizard Nov 13 @ 10:15am 
I've been trying to make a new long image for my profile. For some reason, I got it to be a single black line on the artwork selector, size 1000x1, but doesn't show up in the end. I still have an old long image but that one still works. Anyone can help me with this problem?
zzombomax Nov 13 @ 9:50am 
how to reset it HELP?!
it works guys ... and its amazing .. thnx 4 this:steamhappy:
@ritsuka Type "allow pasting" in console at first
Ritsuka Nov 10 @ 5:38am 
my firefox doesnt let me allow the pasting of the console... help
Toxic Fuel Nov 9 @ 9:13pm 
Can't remember if I ever commented on here, but thanks for this guide! I'll never go back to having a regular profile again.