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A Game of Thrones
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A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones: Beta 0.2.7 for CK3 Version 1.12.5
CK3AGOT is a total conversion mod set in the world of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy saga, where lords great and small vie for control over the lands of Ice and Fire. The mod takes its name from the first book in the series, as well as the “game” of plots and politics the ambitious and hopeful are said to be playing in their struggles for supremacy.

Bookmark: Robert's Rebellion
  • Experience the tumultuous events of Robert's Rebellion, take command of one of the major houses of Westeros, including Stark, Baratheon, Targaryen, and Lannister, or find yourself as one of the hundreds of smaller houses as you navigate the greatest threat to the Aegon the Conqueror’s legacy since the Dance of the Dragons. Forge alliances, arranges betrayals and betrothals, and lead your armies into battle to determine the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. Will you stay loyal to Aerys II Targaryen, the “Mad King”, or Robert Baratheon, the “Usurper”?

Bookmark: Crowned Stag
  • With the Mad King slain and King’s Landing sacked by Lord Tywin Lannister, Targaryen rule over Westeros has ended, the remnants of the once-proud dynasty exiled to the Free Cities of Essos. On the Iron Throne sits Robert Baratheon, the task of restoring the peace shattered by his rebellion looming large. Please note: This bookmark contains no canonical storyline beyond its starting conditions.

  • Mega Wars: Experience immersive, realm-wide wars like never before. The Mega Wars system expands opportunities for lesser vassals to take what is rightfully theirs. Players whose lieges go to war can take sides or remain neutral. Rebels who fail in their aspirations can face punishments ranging from losing their titles or watching their dynasty vanish before their very eyes. Chaos is a ladder, its rungs wrought by the complicated system of alliances and sympathies to lords high and low.

  • Kingsguard: As the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, your safety is paramount. Recruit the most elite knights in Westeros to join your Kingsguard. The Knights of the Kingsguard serve for life, protecting the King’s family and leading his armies in war.

  • Expanded Councilors: The Hand of the King, or the Castellan for lesser lords, is one of the most powerful councillors at your disposal. Assigning them to a variety of tasks based on their aptitude across all lifestyles. When Ruling the Iron Throne, if your Lords Paramount are not competent enough for the complexities of the Small Council, you may borrow their vassals to serve the realm dutifully instead.

  • Knights and Squires: As a ruler, you have the option to offer budding young men, and exceptional women, a chance to squire for you with the chances of becoming a knight. Along the way, you'll experience plenty of opportunities to train your squire and track their progress.

  • The Night’s Watch & Beyond the Wall: Take the Black as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, with the goal of antagonizing the wildling kingdoms far beyond the shadow of the Wall. As a Wildling, participate in the Struggle Beyond the Wall, uniting the fracturous free folk by sword or song.

  • Deeper Roleplay: For custom characters, there are new opportunities to blend seamlessly into the world of Ice and Fire. Use the House Customizer to join an existing House or revive a long-dead dynasty, or forge your backstory with the help your maester, who will preserve your glorious history for generations to come.

  • Armors, Crowns, and Swords: Included are armors for each of the Seven Kingdoms, as well as many new ancestral valyrian steel swords and so many crowns for every conceivable kingdom.

  • More Cultures & Religions: 8,000 years of history have resulted in 40 distinct, playable cultures in Westeros, each with unique traditions and Men-at-Arms suited to their homelands. Each religion, from the Faith of the Seven to the Cold Gods, brings new unique doctrines and holy sites for you to worship as your desire.

  • Spy Networks: Build a network of little birds throughout the realm, spying on rival lords, collecting their secrets at a pace worthy of the excessive subterfuge in Westeros.

  • An Enormous Map: Experience Westeros in a size never before seen. The continent contains over 6,100 baronies, with over 1,000 playable counties. In future releases, this will expand to include the Free Cities, Valyria, the Great Dothraki Sea, and beyond.

  • A Meticulously Detailed Map: From the Frozen Shore to the Red Mountains of Dorne, our map portrays Westeros as if it were an extension of the real world. Each kingdoms’ capital has its own custom model, as well as most of the major cities on the continent and some minor castles. Our focus on canonical and ecological accuracy will fulfil all of your map-staring needs.

  • Roads, Roads, Roads: Guide your doomstacks along roads that are more than eye-candy- with two different tiers imparting higher supply limits and movement speeds to facilitate the most dangerous of doomstacks.

  • And so much more… This list is not complete- there’s so much new stuff, from game-changing mechanics to the smaller details. You’ll just have to play to see the rest of what is included!

Why is this released as a beta?
Though CK3AGOT has been in development for a long time, we stand on the shoulders of CK2AGOT, which was developed over a decade. Some features may be incomplete, like localization or a need for a breastplate stretcher for some armors. We wanted to focus on bringing a stable, enjoyable AGOT experience to CK3, and build out the content loved in CK2AGOT in future releases.

Will Essos be added? What about future bookmarks?
In time, we will add Essos and expand bookmarks to include more of the world’s history. Essos is likely to be released in phases, and our plan is to release new bookmarks alongside expansions of the map and new mechanics relevant to the timeline.

Do I need DLC to play this?
No DLC are required to play CK3AGOT, but we certainly recommend the Royal Court DLC. Owning this DLC will give you access to the Red Keep’s court room, as well as the court at Pyke and all future custom court models. You do not need Fate of Iberia to play Beyond the Wall, as the underlying Struggle mechanic was included in the accompanying free update.

How stable is multiplayer?
While our closed beta testers and content creator partners have played many multiplayer games, we cannot guarantee absolute stability and compatibility in multiplayer. This largely depends on your connect and computer specifications, as well as the size of your lobby. Additionally, some mechanics may be less optimized for multiplayer.

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