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Slime Girls
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Jan 8, 2023 @ 5:20pm
Jan 17, 2023 @ 4:14pm
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Slime Girls

Adds slime creatures to Dwarf Fortress. Slimes are a collectible pet that come in a variety of colours and shapes.
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lolmanor Nov 1, 2023 @ 12:01am 
Slimes are still way too tough to kill. I had a kobold cave and the kobolds keep fighting the slimes, but the slimes never die. I even sent my own troops in armor (not trained, but full steel plate and steel weapons) and they failed to kill a small slime in a week.

Maybe its because I'm using blunt weapons, so I'll try something else, but axes weren't doing much earlier too.
Star-Demon May 16, 2023 @ 7:19am 
This is a great idea and the sprites are adorable - but it's too difficult for anyone that comes to the fortress to hunt monsters to kill them. Definitely work on this one!
Amara Dreamer Feb 15, 2023 @ 3:14pm 
curiously lashers have a huge difficulty killing slimes 1 on 1. a monster hunter of mine fought with a slime for 3 days straight, as with his armor and shield the slime maden could do no damage, and he could not reach its core before (either before exhausting himself, or being unable to in the first place.)

I now have a master fighter, who is a legendary lasher. I sent my dwarfs to free the monster hunter from his eternal training, and my axe dwarfs make quick work of the slime maden. im quite curious what my lasher will do next, maybe snap a forgotten beast in half. thatd be neat

9/10 mod, no slime boobies :(
Tulkas Feb 5, 2023 @ 9:13pm 
tried it, got an invasion while there were wild slimes around, they bleed so much garbage and useless slime that now i can't save due to offloading too many units.
Teto_Lover2008 Jan 26, 2023 @ 11:18pm 
fuck yessssssssss
Ophem Jan 26, 2023 @ 6:04am 
Being reminded of this mod via a comment notification actually broke my artblock so I’ve gotta thank you for that tbh. Turns out I’ve been ignoring the stylistic “blob” part of moe blobs, but I have been enlightened by the power of slime girls. My sickeningly adorable glassy-eyed pincushions need to be squishy and round-headed I shouldn’t use them to practice realism they’re meant to be stylistic and mixing practicing stuff I suck at into what I’m actually pretty good at just makes me feel horrible and untalented. Practicing that stuff should go separate, my shitty self esteem needs to be kept somewhat balanced.
Ophem Jan 26, 2023 @ 5:16am 
Yes my ryona fort needs some more flavour
D42z Jan 26, 2023 @ 4:40am 
We need more Monsters girls🥺
Fatar12 Jan 18, 2023 @ 7:24pm 
:steamthumbsup: all good the dwarf fortress updaters doesn't seem to have problems with it
Einhart  [author] Jan 17, 2023 @ 4:23pm 
Apologies for the constant changes, the update today should fix the issue of slimes being way too difficult to kill in combat.