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Make Calradia Great Again
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Make Calradia Great Again

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With Make Calradia Great Again [MCGA] all factions and cultures finally get a new coat of paint offering a complete overhaul of toop trees and balancing. We have set ourselves the task of providing Calradia with more cultural immersion and diversity. All unit types were completely redesigned and present new opportunities for unique battlefield compositions.

No additional mods are required!
Compatible with v1.2.7/1.2.8/1.2.9

MCGA does not change the underlying lore of Bannerlord, however, the faction colors have been adjusted to give a coherent picture of the world map.

Empire factions all get red as the primary color and each have a slight variation in the secondary color to distinguish the three empires.

Battania are given the colors of the forest - a soft green as the primary color and a soft white as the secondary color.

Vlandia get the colour black to match their mighty war horses.

Sturgia is the only faction that keep their color.

Khuzait are given a color to match the steppe.

Aserai get sand colors to match their region.

The most important change is the elimination of the standard version's copy-paste units. Most standard units have 1 to a maximum of 3 equipment sets - far too little if we have our way. MCGA units have a large number of loadouts and body properties, this guarantees a very wide variety on the battlefield. Low level units are slightly thinner and look younger - experienced units, on the other hand, are better built, have scars or war paint, and tend to be of advanced age.

The Aserai resemble a prosperous and advanced culture. We also wanted to reflect this in their units. They wield deadly sabres, good shields and ride heavy camels and fast horses. Aserai troops are competent all-rounders.

As in Standard, the forest dwellers excel at archery. Their noble fighters are bowmen capable of inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy - not to be underestimated even in close combat. They also field decent cavalry and javelin units. Battania Tactics: Decimate the enemy from afar and let them come if they are still alive.

The Knights of Calradia - field above average and well armoured cavalry units. Their longbow and crossbowmen also ensure low enemy morale reaching far on the battlefield.

Fast soldiers who excel in martial arts, endurance and speed. Byalic Sea Warriors and Shieldmaids that make the enemy feel the ax from afar. Well-armored varyargs on foot or on horseback, ready to take on anyone.

Imperial armies have highly disciplined soldiers and foreign mercenaries. Fast archers, good cavalry and well armored foot soldiers.

Similar to Standard, the Khuzaits field a variety of mounted units capable of dealing significant damage at range or in close combat.

Minor Factions
Small factions, kingdom mercenaries or clans have also been revised, renamed, recolored and equipped with new default troops.

Rebels, bandits, deserters. These factions have also been reworked.

Standard Looters are now called Rebels and have more equipment (not just ax and rocks) - Can be upgraded to Imperial Troops at the moment. A new Bandit Trooptree will be created in the future. (WIP)

There are new subdivisions for Deserters (Bandits)
These are not ordinary bandits, but deserters who try to steal your hard-earned butter and gold. Teach them manners and put them back into service if you want.

5 new cultures with their new Deserter / Bandit factions.
  • Northlanders and their new Northland Deserters can be upgraded to Sturgians
  • Eastlanders and their new Eastland Deserters can be upgraded to Khuzaits
  • Midlanders and their new Midland Deserters can be upgraded to Vlandians
  • Highlanders and their new Highland Deserters can be upgraded to Battanians
  • Southlanders and their new Southland Deserters can be upgraded to Aserais

Arrows and Bolts
Flying arrows and bolts now look realistic - instead of flying straws.

All horses and camels have been enlarged to make them look a bit more powerful.
Also we done some adjustment to mount movement.

Additional Weapons
We also added a bunch of new weapons. For example spears, which some units can also throw.

Adjusted some shields to hang directly on characters' backs - no more floating shields. The physics of the shield carried on the back have also been adjusted. Stuck projectiles on shields are now displayed on the correct position.

In the standard version, all crossbows are displayed on the back near the neck when holstered. In MCGA, Crossbows are now worn on the left hip near the strap.

We made also some changes to combat. For example, depending on the level, archers now also shoot indirectly at the enemy from a greater distance and not only at 50 meters.

... and much more

Furthermore, balancing was an important point when creating the mod. Each faction has its strengths and weaknesses based on equipment, skills and levels. We have achieved a sufficiently good balancing for us with the help of calculations and of course through intensive testing in the game. Of course, this is an ongoing task because something can change at any time with future updates from Taleworlds and from us. We would be happy to receive constructive feedback.

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Ned May 27 @ 5:40am 
Is there a list of all the changes this mod makes somewhere?
Herlajis May 27 @ 1:23am 
Sadly its not interacting well with better pikes mods :(((( fak, i really love both, might as well just quite the game at this point
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Does this work with the Calradia At War mod?
dinomase May 17 @ 6:13pm 
Amazing Mod! The Changes really make the Calradia Factions stand out Amazingly!
Prime May 17 @ 11:11am 
Great mod, but I made the mistake of trying an all bandit playthrough with this mod and too late realized there arent any high level bandit troops yet :steamsad:
jinn in outer space May 8 @ 8:50am 
great mod! I would love for an option to turn the faction color change off
contactnovuspc May 7 @ 6:20pm 
Thanks so much for the update. Looking forward to the new tavern troop trees and new companions!
JustSomeEggsInAPot May 4 @ 2:08pm 
A very good mod to downright improve the game. Fits well into vanilla setting.
The5th Apr 26 @ 4:21am 
Mod works fine for me at 1.2.9.
I have turned off most my other Mods for my current run through.
Warlike Apr 25 @ 1:53pm 
In 1.2.9, the game constantly crashes as soon as you engage the battle. It is unfortunate that there is still no compatibility with the latest version of the game!