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Simple Minimap (by Xevyr) v2.2.1
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Dec 5, 2022 @ 7:51pm
Dec 14, 2023 @ 11:32am
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Simple Minimap (by Xevyr) v2.2.1

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It's a standalone lightweight minimap mod with POI markers that works when using controllers too.

  • Adds game-screen mouse support, hold F1 to use mouse and interact with + / - buttons as well as hover over markers to read the label.
  • 5 zoom levels (zoom gets saved across sessions)
  • Adjustable scale (size) in settings
  • Users can hide the minimap completely so that servers where not everybody wants a minimap can use it as well (button is hidden in the very top right corner of the screen)
  • The minimap can be moved anywhere on the screen with the mouse by simply grabbing the player icon in the center and dragging
  • Shows guild members no matter how far they are (can disable guild tracking in settings or admins can disable functionality server-wide)
  • Shows nearby landmarks pinned to the edge even if they're slightly off the map to help with navigation (adjustable range in settings)
  • Shows corpse location from any distance allowing you to get back to your body easier.
  • Compass mode (rotate minimap instead of player, North marker will appear when switching to this mode)
  • Clock that can display Server / Client / Game time (option in settings), still displays local time on hover
  • Adds infinite range home marker (bed location) as well as a bedroll marker
  • Fully customizable border color and minimap opacity, even supports hex color codes for sharing presets.
  • Works on ALL maps!

Known Limitations:
Currently it is not possible to display custom markers that you can make with right-click on the map.
This is not a fault of the mod, I had/have every intention to add them, however it is currently not possible to do so as they are not available for mods to use.
I have put in a request to the Funcom devs to implement the necessary changes in the devkit and the game in order for that to be possible though, but that will take some time.

I am aware there are minimap mods out there that show them, however those simply create another instance of the entire basegame map module you have on the M key with all the icons already on them and just use that as the background.
That method obviously wouldn't allow for much customization, like the infinite range icons or pinning nearby landmarks to the edge, etc. since you're locked to the default Funcom UI, which also causes issues when using controllers.
This minimap however is completely custom-made, as such it allows for more freedom and we can have nice things. It's sad that this comes at the cost of custom markers, but in time we'll probably have those too :)

Workshop ID

Compatible with everything.

(Even other popular UI mods like Hosav's, in which case users on a server having both mods installed can pick which minimap to use and disable the other since both offer an option to disable it)

The mod uses the F1 hotkey though! So other mods could conflict with the hotkey itself.

Support and Donation:
Join discord for troubleshooting help, guides, news etc.


Should you wish to support me with a one-time tip, click here[]
Otherwise consider supporting me via Patreon

Some of my other mods:
  • Twin-Bar (Doubles the capacity of your shortcut bar by allowing you to place 2 items in each and individually swap between them with hotkeys)
  • Armor and Weapon Stats in Bench (shows you the stats of things in the bench before crafting)
  • Reliable Meteor Showers (tiny super-lightweight mod that makes meteors rain sooner if there are less than 5 nodes on the map, solving the issue of scarce star metal - also adds the smoke back to meteor nodes that was removed in Chapter 2)
  • The Damage Meter (measure yours and your followers damage done / taken and dps, can also track 3 additional players)
  • Inventory compactor (button that gets rid of empty slots in custom view inventory and benches)
  • Follower Remote (Lightweight mod that lets you instantly change your followers engagement settings (Passive / Guard Me / Aggressive) via hotkeys or the thrall radial menu without having to be close to them, also has a feature to make them switch to truncheons or use healing potions / bandages in their inventory)

Update policy
  • I will update my mods on my terms and my terms alone. If you don't like my update schedule, don't use the mods.

  • Mismatch errors are not the fault of mod creators. If you need help understanding this concept, visit the discord.

Legal Note: This mod contains assets (art, music, code, items, systems and/or designs that are the intellectual property of Funcom Oslo AS or their licensors.
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Dec 18, 2023 @ 1:12am
PINNED: Bug Reports
Aug 26, 2023 @ 5:56pm
second transparent one
BOT Bruno May 30 @ 3:30pm 
is it possible to change the F1 hotkey?
RBJ May 27 @ 7:47pm 
Awesome, should be in base game.
Marek Marucha May 18 @ 6:02am 
I can't find Simple Map and could you help me?
Xevyr  [author] May 16 @ 7:36am 
It's not enough to subscribe to mods, you have to also enable them.

There's a Mods tab in the launcher where you can do that before starting the game, you need to move mods from the left panel to the right one to enable them
idrees May 16 @ 7:23am 
just suscribed, playing local. not seethe minimap ui change
Xevyr  [author] Apr 24 @ 8:43am 
It's up to date, just ignore gportals idiotic warning
Rebul Apr 24 @ 8:32am 
Hey xevyr, wir spielen GPortal Miete und eigene Server online. Wir möchten diese minimap haben aber steht noch veraltet mods . Bitte aktualisieren sie, viele danke 🙏 sonst 5 Sternen
Xevyr  [author] Apr 10 @ 10:42am 
Typically this would be compatible even without updates unless something very drastic changes in the game, since it's mostly self-contained, so it didn't need an update for C4
Hexgirl39 Apr 10 @ 10:13am 
Well, I was going to ask if this had any problems after update but I can see it is still being updated. Cheers mate, love this mini map!! Great job!
Xevyr  [author] Apr 9 @ 10:51pm 
No worries :) Also, if you wish to re-add this one, it's very lightweight so it won't affect your game and it can be toggled off if you don't need it, that way you could just click on the screen and get it back without having to install it again. Up to you thou.