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Big and Small - Races
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Big and Small - Races

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This mod adds a number of somewhat Norse-themed races. The mod could be considered the main mod of the Big and Small Genes mod. The mod adds various giants and small-folks.

Read the description in the above mod if you run into issues.

Main Features

• New Xenohumans
• 2 Optional Factions
• Access to a large number of genes which are otherwise rare or do not spawn in the Big and Small Genes main mod.


The mod contains a total of 14 xenotypes (as of writing), not all of which are listed or shown here. Some can be found randomly, others can be very rare and sent only by their respective factions.

Pictured above, from the upper-left clockwise: Fire Jotun, Jotun, Frost Jotun, Ogre, Dvergr, Nisse, and Svartalf. Center: Redcap.

They are lumbering large bone-headed creatures creatures primarily motivated by fighting and food. Rumor has it some of them are amazing cooks; shame they prefer cooking other humanoids. A some ogres are particularly large and bad temperered.

While troublesome Ogres can be a powerful asset to a colony, their size makes them competent haulers and miners. They are also surprisingly good cooks. Just don't ask where they found all that pork.

Ogres now have custom heads. Aren't they beautiful?


They are fairly elusive giants known to hide up in the mountains. Some have an extreme temperature tolerance, and are believed by many outlanders to have been created as a workforce on extreme worlds.

Jotun are often found hiding away in some mountain, sometimes with a number of slaves from smaller races. While they think themselves above the smaller races they are in fact rather slow on the intellectual uptake.

Fire Jotun and Frost Jotun are virtually immune to their respective elements. Half Jotun are much smaller than proper Jotun, but much smarter than their larger ancestors.

They are small elusive bearded people often seeked out for their craftsmanship which is said to be on par with that of the best glittertech factories. Some imperials speak about them likely being created to act as mechanics on spaceships where their small size would be advantageous.

Dvergr are asocial, rarely living with more than maybe a sibling or parent. Most would prefer to simply hide away in a hole with some mead crafting away. Unfortunately they are rather poor farmers, so they often find themselves forced to deal with other races to get said alcohol. Farming aside they are diligent students and will pick up the skills they lack passion in notably faster than baseliners.

Dvergr are neither good at taking hits or dishing them out. The main reason the easily angered Dvergrs should be taken seriously is because they tend to have armor and weapons of absolutely outstanding quality. Their cousins the Svartalfs however...

They are sometimes claimed to have been created for similar purposes to the Dverger, but their unremarkable affinity for machines and impressive rapport with animals indicate otherwise.

They don't particularly like company besides animals, but they rather struggle both weathering the elements and building homes of their own, which often leads them to retreat to the settlements of other races.

Nisse possess an unbelievable intuitive understanding for both how to handle plants and animals, and have been known to call wild animals to their defense. If displeased for any reason, and they are rather easy to displease, they have been known to be very very vengeful.

There are a large number of uncommon or and truly rare xenotypes, some of which only show up if you have specific other mods. Most have reduced probability of showing up as factionless characters, and some can only show up in raids from the mod's factions.

None known.

  • See "Read this first" section.

Patch Log
Logs are available in the Patch Log tab

Recommended & Compatible mods

Big and Small - Medieval Factions
Adds other factions to use instead/along with the three included in this mod.

Big and Small - Medieval Overhaul Factions
Similar to the above, but for Medieval Overhaul. If you're playing with Medieval Overhaul, go for this one.

Alpha Genes
Corrupted Titan xenotype sometimes shows up if you've got Alpha Genes.

Biotech Expansion
If you're using this mod you'll find that production genes from this mod (and Alpha genes) now scale with body size, especially upwards where you will see great increases in production if you decide to create fuzzy devil-strand ogres in your labs.

Vanilla Genes Rebalanced
Touches some of the genes used by the xenotypes.

A mod that fixes gene inheritance makes sure xenotype children get their parents genes if you want Jotun children to get all their parents genes. F.ex. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2881479142

If you are using Vanilla Expanded's Pirates or Heavy Weapons mods then these weapons can be equipped by very large pawns without needing a Warcasket, Exoskeleton suit, etc.

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Bug Reports, Troubleshooting, etc.
Sep 30, 2023 @ 11:52am
Feedback Thread
The Ghost Knife Mar 27 @ 2:40pm 
Ignore me T_T. It's a Simple Sidearms issue about them trying to use wood as a weapon and then bugging the inventory management
The Ghost Knife Mar 27 @ 2:39pm 
I saw you made a few changes. Is it normal for Dvergr to only be able to carry one/two wood at a time? No medical defects, just standard colonist
RedMattis  [author] Mar 25 @ 11:38am 
A cold-themed jotun being able to survive indefinitely cryosleep-style felt appropriate.

@Bungee Gum, @FailPail
Jotuns are very powerful in combat, but keeping them fed is a challenge, as noted. :)

Normally I'd advise just having one or two for combat. (Also prioritizing traits like "Kind" so they don't get into social fights with regular colonists.)
Samuel_Bucher Mar 23 @ 10:31am 
Why does the Heir of Aurgelmir xenotype have the Deathless gene while the Heir of Surtr doesn't?
Bungee Gum Mar 12 @ 10:32pm 
Jotuns are pain in the ass to feed. I use Light Sustence psycast from Vanilla Psycast Expanded + Alpha Genes. And even then you still need to cook a lot more with them.
My tribe of 30 people half of which are Jotuns/Hybrids/Half-Jotuns with light sustance have 2 non-stop working stoves 24/15
FailPail Mar 12 @ 5:46pm 
Got around to having some jotun colonists and by gods do they eat a ton. how much food do they need to feed them? My colony went from a large surplus with one fire jotun to starving with a frost jotun. for reference, I am feeding my colony fine meals with a 448 tiles of nutrifungus at 127% growth rate. probably should have given the jotun simple or large or something.
Tulxe Feb 29 @ 6:51am 
I subscribed again after the mod dissubscribed, so it came back to normal
RedMattis  [author] Feb 29 @ 12:40am 
Could you paste the actual error?

Also try redownloading mods. I recently updated most of my mods and Steam Workshop randomly forgets to update random mods on peoples computers sometimes.
Tulxe Feb 29 @ 12:32am 
Hello! VU_(race name).png I get an error saying there is no icon file. I think the folder name with that png is not "Xenotype", but "XenoType", so can I fix it
UntouchedWagons Feb 24 @ 10:08am 
I'm getting this in the error log:

>Could not load UnityEngine.Texture2D at Xenotypes/BS_Dvergr_2 in any active mod or in base resources.

I think this is causing an issue with the WVC Xenotypes And Genes serums where I can't retune the serum to a different xenotype.