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Electroids Species Pack (3.10)
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Oct 5, 2022 @ 5:04am
Nov 18, 2023 @ 4:06am
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Electroids Species Pack (3.10)

This is the unofficial species pack called Electroids. Its one of the largest species-packs in the workshop. Now you can finally play an energy based race that lives on stars!

Electroids Species (Basics)
  • They live on a colony type called "Aurora-Habitat" in the orbit of stars or black holes.
  • Aurora-Habitats have different districts & modifiers dependent on the star type.
  • Pops cost energy, but no food or consumer goods.
  • Note: Some jobs still cost a bit food or consumer goods, for mod compatibility.
    (otherwise I have to overwrite many Vanilla files)
  • Can not survive on other planets, when playing with one of the Electroid origins. When using this species without an Electroid origin, they can live on normal worlds as well.

5 Origins
Discover new unique origins! Colonize the orbit of stars or black holes, use a nebula for your advantage, or try to escape a dying star. Bring an Electroid multispecies empire to glory and prosperity or... maybe play as extradimensional invaders?
Details: Electroid Origins (Steam-Link)

10 Civics
Civics form your government, and the way how you change the galaxy. Use new bonuses & mechanics for your advantage - like devouring the galaxy, improve your ships, unlock new mechanics & more.
Details: Electroid Civics (Steam-Link)

11 Traits
Electroids are as unique as their traits. Modify this special species with very different traits to combine bonuses and new mechanics of civics & origins.
Details: Electroid Traits (Steam-Link)

3 Perks
  • Centrifugal Horror
    Lets you build a new kind of colossus. For each killed enemy pop you receive 0.25 pop of your own species on your capital (rounded). Generates also some unity.
  • Burnout
    Turn your pops into powerful beings, but expect a dangerous risk...
  • Artificial Quasar
    Create the brightest "star" and use it as home!

New Fallen Empire
If lucky, you will encounter a new fallen empire variant called Realm of Nova. Leave them alone and they will not harm you. However, their systems have a valuable prize - but be ready to face their extraordinary strong fleets.

If using ethic mods like BugBranch, use this compatibility mod (Steam Link) to ensure the FE receives the correct character.

3 Shipsets
The mod adds the 3 ship designs of the "Unbidden" crisis in the colors blue, orange & green. They are taken from Vanilla, so megastructures do not have any specific design right now. In the empire creation you can see them called as Unbidden (blue), Vehement (green) & Aberrant (orange). (Preview of them in the mod screenshot gallery.)

I added some basic portraits to the mod. I want to add more later because creating them is for me harder than creating the rest of the mod (& I didnt want to add some static PNG portraits).

The mod adds some new names for the empire creation & new leaders. Most of them are from the existing Extradimensionals.

Bugs & Mod info
  • Was made on/for WindowsOS. If Linux/Mac have a problem, tell me.
  • This mod is compatible with many mods and works in multiplayer.
  • Balancing is not perfect, because this species plays very different.

IMPORTANT: Some jobs still have consumer goods or food as upkeep - why?:
For mod compatibility. Changing all pops and jobs would require to overwrite a lot files.
This could break with other mods & would require a lot of time to repair after Stellaris updates.

Mod Showcase (Video)
The YouTuber Michael~ made a great video about this species pack. Leave him a like for his work! YouTube: Electroids Species Pack Mod Showcase

My other mods:
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Exakan  [author] Feb 15 @ 9:43am 
@LEMONS? This trait only counts for the pop upkeep, jobs still use CG. Otherwise I would have to overwrite A LOT in the game files, which is terrible for mod compatibility & updates.
LEMONS? Feb 15 @ 9:07am 
Awesome mod! One thing tho, the species Electroid trait says that it replaces all consumer goods and food upkeeps in exchange for energy, but I still have alot of consumer goods upkeep. I'm not sure why that is. Is it intended?
Exakan  [author] Jan 9 @ 9:36am 
@Bogos Binted Have fun :)
Bogos Binted Jan 8 @ 2:15pm 
Thank you for the amazing mod! I've always coveted the awesome ships the Vehement had.
Inerael Dec 30, 2023 @ 3:16am 
I understand, no problem and thanks you verry much <3
Exakan  [author] Dec 30, 2023 @ 2:05am 
@Inerael The portraits I am using are the same, I just left the aura away for better spacing. It counts as part of the body, so it can look weird in certain elements of the game where the portrait is used.

(I made the color variants myself.)
Inerael Dec 29, 2023 @ 5:36pm 
ok, thanks you for your quick reponse :)
Could you if you have time, one day, add the new unbidden portrait with the "magical" aura around him ?
Like those in this mod :
Exakan  [author] Dec 29, 2023 @ 12:05pm 
@Inerael Hello, right now there arent new technologies included which are related to ship weapons.
Inerael Dec 29, 2023 @ 12:03pm 
Hey, does this mod give special tech like unbidden desintegrator please ? If not, do you plan to add it ?
Thanks you in advance :)
Intertriarriiae Dec 15, 2023 @ 11:39am 
What an awesome mod! I hope you find a way to add the old unbidden portraits too!