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DCO Tool Box is a collection of smaller mods we created along side our AI suite that will significantly affect immersion and realism.

1. DCO Craters:
We know: This has already been released; however we improved it in several ways.
Smaller explosions will now create small craters, but will not terraform.
Medium explosions will create medium craters, will not terraform, but will destroy foliage.
Heavy explosions will create large craters, will destroy foliage, will terraform and destroy foliage.
All explosions should make a dust cloud.

2. High command markers toggle.
Found seeing where the enemy is when playing High command annoying?
This script will make you disable 3D markers or map markers for High command modules.

3. Toggle Ambient life:
Ever found all the rabbits and snakes creeping around sucking CPU and only appearing client side?
This CBA option enables you to get rid of them for good.

4. Advanced Defecation:
Feature is depreciated and is not a stand alone mod called ACE D.U.M.P!

1. Disable MP death messages
The fun of using Task Force Radio or ACRE is that you don't know when someone is unconscious or dead.
That little "name was killed" - ruins the joy of not knowing. This one enables you to get rid of it.

2. Vehicle unstuck:
Tired of watching vanilla vehicle AI run into obstacles and get stuck everywhere?
This simple fix will make the vehicle get unstuck before the crew bails because it ran into a house wall or tree somewhere. Warning! This is not a smooth fix. It just pushes the vehicle back and turns it, but it gets the job done.
This script will later be put into Vehicle FSM 2.0.

3. Ammo selection
Enables AI launchers or vehicle gunners to switch ammo based on target type.
Also enable AI launchers to prioritize HE to infantry and AP to armoured vehicles.
This script will be merged with Vehicle FSM 2.0 and Squad.FSM later.

4. DCO Impact
Similar to the already existing impact mod - however: DCO Impact enables rag-dolling on players when they get hit in the chest, head or upper thighs. And not only will players and AI be knocked down, if unit is not killed, it black out for a short moment before they come back into action.
The mod does not trigger if hit in legs or arms.
Currently we are having some issues with locality on this mod - and hopefully we will have that fixed ASAP.

7. Civilian interaction Lite
A simple civilian interaction script that allow you to make conversations with multiple answers, reveal enemy positions, barter and other functions.

8. Improved weapon resting
Ever been annoyed when trying to deploy your bipod on a canting surface?
This one will make your weapon stay horizontal when deployed. Not pretty, but very functional.

9. AI Check point
Idle AI sentries positioned idle at a road will set up traffic check points.
In order to pass through you need user defined papers or you can bribe the sentries with money.
Guards will engage you if you try to pass through or around it.
If you have contrabands or weapons they will also become hostile.
Guard can get suspicious if you wear unnatural clothing or behave weirdly.

There will be many more features to come!

Tell us if there is any small features you would like to see that we should add to the collection!

How can I help fund DCO Chain of Command?

Any sum is greatly appreciated!
We've currently invested 1500 USD for Soldier FSM, Vehicle FSM and Unit scanner.

If you want to invest into a specific feature that you wish to see in our mod - please contact us.
All ideas are welcome <3

You can deposit to the following link: