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LOTR Maps - Helm's Deep
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Aug 28, 2022 @ 11:22am
Aug 28, 2022 @ 11:53am
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LOTR Maps - Helm's Deep

Helm's Deep, named for Helm Hammerhand, was a fortified gorge in the White Mountains located below the Thrihyrne. It lay near the Westfold and was the location of the Hornburg.It was later made famous by the Battle of the Hornburg, a major battle of the War of the Ring. Currently in a playable version but needs Work. (Alpha)

Hello Divinity Original Sin 2 Community,

I noticed there is no Lord of the Rings Helm's Deep Map for Divinity 2. The reason is that the Divinity Engine for Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition doesn't run unless you manually reconfigure its files. My skills for game engines aren't the best but I will try to make a playable version for Helm's Deep.
This one has no dependencies as it uses resources from Divinity 2 Original Sin only.
I really recommend getting a mod that helps with jumping across ramparts and small gateways. as the pathing map in Divinity 2 is only 2D. Nevertheless I will try adding access to all areas as soon as possible but it may cause the map to look different.

Please leave rating and comments so that I know that you are interested in seeing maps like these made.