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Crowd Control for Terraria
Mod Features: Utilities, Gameplay Tweaks
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tModLoader Version: 1.4.3, 1.4.4
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Jul 9, 2022 @ 10:17pm
Dec 13, 2023 @ 12:03am
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Crowd Control for Terraria


A mod, for streamers, which allows viewers to spend money on in-game effects via the Crowd Control extension. Supports all streaming platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Kick, TikTok and beyond.
  • Effects and prices can be customised through the Crowd Control application.
  • Built for Terraria 1.4.4: Labour of Love.
  • Supports single-player and multi-player.
  • Integrates with Calamity mod.
  • Friendly towards newer Terraria players - your viewers can provide helpful effects.
  • A fun way to earn revenue and grow your community!

The mod features a wide variety of effects. It's up to the viewers whether they want to help you on your Terraria quest, or try to set you back as much as possible.
Here is just a taste of the effects that this mod has to offer:
  • Explode the player
  • Spawn bosses
  • Enable 'god-mode'
  • Shuffle sound effects
  • Reforge weapons and tools
  • Drop the player's items
  • Drastically increase the spawn-rate
  • Provide buffs and de-buffs
  • Toggle "For the Worthy" and "Don't Starve" mode
  • Increase movement speed and jump-height
  • Flip the screen
  • Spawn traps
  • Provide weapons, armour & tools
  • Change the weather
  • Heal the player
  • Hurt the player
  • Summon a giant wall of fish
  • Challenge the player to complete a goal within a short time

Listed are just a few of the effects available. A full list can be viewed in the Crowd Control application where you can also edit the pricing per effect.

To begin playing, simply join a single-player or multi-player world (the server must also have the mod installed). Upon entering the world, the mod will begin attempting to connect to the Crowd Control application. Ensure that you have the application set up and running correctly by following this guide[].

You will be notified via the in-game chat when the mod successfully connects to the Crowd Control application. At this point, your viewers can begin affecting your game through the Crowd Control extension!

The effects and prices can be configured through the Crowd Control application, however the mod also offers additional options through the in-game configuration menu.
A few to highlight include:
  • Disable effect messages in chat. This is useful if you would like to use the Crowd Control Browser Source.
  • Display anonymous viewer names in chat.
  • Alter the respawn time, so that you can get back into the gameplay sooner after dying.
  • Enable spawn protection. Useful in stopping your spawn point from becoming a massive crater.
  • Disable tombstones, so that your world does not become one big graveyard.
  • Enable the ability to teleport to other players in multi-player freely (or with a cooldown).

Contact & Support
Source is available on GitHub here[].
For support with the Crowd Control application or extension, head over to the forums[] or join the Discord[] server.
Originally posted by tModLoader:
Developed By DavidFDev
David F Dev  [author] Mar 11 @ 6:15pm 
@Nova A few of the settings and features within Crowd Control require Crowd Control Pro. However, there are many settings that can be adjusted for free (including setting effect prices iirc).
Crowd Control Pro is completely optional. Just for clarity, no payment is required to access all of the settings and features of this mod. :steamthumbsup:
Nova Mar 11 @ 11:17am 
unfortunately you have to pay to adjust any of the settings, so this is not good for small streamers.
Cool concept though, probs would use it when i'm larger
MangoSpiceTTV Feb 25 @ 2:30pm 
David F Dev  [author] Oct 15, 2023 @ 6:03pm 
@swiftyswine Viewers of your stream use the Crowd Control Extension (on Twitch) to purchase effects that then occur in-game. These require Crowd Control Coins, which can be given for free at the start of a session, or every hour (with Crowd Control Pro), or purchased using money, Bits, or Channel Points. I hope that answers your question :steamthumbsup:
brockatron Oct 13, 2023 @ 8:14pm 
does it work when people say stuff in the chat or does it only do stuff when they spend money?
kyle_jack_walker Oct 4, 2023 @ 4:47pm 
great mod
David F Dev  [author] Aug 8, 2023 @ 1:41am 
The Crowd Control mod for Terraria 1.4.4 has officially released!
- Now supports ALL streaming platforms, not just Twitch!
- This update also comes with various new effects, such as shimmering the player and shuffling the in-game sound effects.
- The 1.4.3 version will no longer be updated, and will most likely be taken down at some point in the future.
- Enjoy!!! :steamhappy:
cyrusthehero Jul 21, 2023 @ 2:29pm 
streaming without streaming?
Calamity Mod Lover Jun 7, 2023 @ 4:45am 
Does someone know how to connect the mod to twitch stream? Cuz it's not connecting on my stream when i launched it
David F Dev  [author] Mar 12, 2023 @ 4:00pm 
@CapWap You have been heard. :steamthumbsup: