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Lethal Darter (Drone with grenade)
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Jun 2, 2022 @ 3:30am
Jun 24, 2022 @ 11:31pm
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Lethal Darter (Drone with grenade)

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any grenade can be attached to the drone now, even modded ones, smoke grenades, chemlights, flares....

This mod allows you to attach grenades to the AR-2 drone and the AL-6, moreover it adds 2 new drones, an AR-2 with a grenade and the AR-4 Colibri, a smaller drone which can be carried in your backpack rather than relying on a specific one.
You can resupply the drone with RGO/RGN any grenade (Chemlights, smokebombs, IR...).

If you don't want a mod and want 100% vanilla then use the following composition:
If you want a version with a mine dispenser use:

You can add a grenade to any drone by using the following code:
[drone name, number of grenades] spawn D37_fnc_makeGrenadeDrone;
Place a AR-2 via editor (make sure it's not the one with (Grenade)), the paste:
[this, 4] spawn D37_fnc_makeGrenadeDrone;
in the init field and you will be able to attach 4 (or 5 grenades)
Note: The menu might appear a bit crowded if you use too many grenades!
Note: Some drones are already initialized meaning you will add an extra grenade, to fix this simply remove one from your quantity.

Known issues
The grenade may disappear after 20ish seconds, The script still works but you won't see the grenade hanging under the drone.
Custom grenades appear as the default one, this is not a bug but a workaround of an issue with the Darter drone.

Custom payloads
More grenades per drone
AI usable drones?

Update notes
-Added the AR-4 Colibri drone, this drone can be placed in your backpack, you can find it in the "Explosives" tab. (The model and images are placeholders)
-AL 6 can now carry up to 4 different grenades

Code can be found here:
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I have better mod then this (check in profile)
Low-Bronze James Mar 31 @ 12:30pm 
is the ar4 colibri supposed to be incredibly slow? The controls are really unresponsive, and when telling it to climb to 500m, it took about an hour to get there, not exaggerating
bushrat Mar 30 @ 3:39pm 
Does the ar2 darter need to be hovering to place grenade on it? I’ve only gotten the al6 to work with this mod
Kyrasdad02 Mar 17 @ 10:10am 
Does not work, not a single uav terminal will connect to
Arthur Morgan Mar 3 @ 6:49pm 
This mod is awesome, thank you for your hard work.
Stank Fart Feb 5 @ 4:09pm 
when i switch to turret gun view while auto hovering the drone automatically starts flying back to my character any fix?
RegiQuaza02 Jan 23 @ 8:49pm 
mod doesnt work. Drones still just say i dont have any lethal ammo no matter what grenade i have
kirik1222v2 Jan 13 @ 4:19am 
Как сделать свободную камеру в дроне?
Dogma Jan 12 @ 11:26am 
Or for a tayran version
Dogma Jan 12 @ 11:23am 
How do I give this to opfor without it needing a NATO Terminal?! ty for the mod