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Better Convoy
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Apr 29, 2022 @ 5:27am
May 14, 2022 @ 1:01pm
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Better Convoy

The main function of this mod is to compose a vehicle formation where the follower vehicles reproduce the same path of the lead vehicle, by means of the setDriveOnPath function. In this fashion, this mod seeks to avoid situations where the followers would become stuck or would simply refuse to follow, which usually arrise in a traditional column group formation.
A secondary function of the mod is to regulate the speed of the convoy. This is performed according to the vehicles' separation distances, relative speeds and the overall convoy curvature. The governing parameters are available for tuning.
The mod was tested for wheeled and tracked vehicles and it can be used on roads or off-road. This mod does not introduce any AI modifications and therefore the convoy's path and behavior may be further improved with AI driving mods.
Personally, I find that using the mod is a more robust option. However, if the lead vehicle is not able to properly pathfind it might still be necessary to adjust its waypoints.

In the editor, you can find the module in Systems/Modules/Effects/Convoy.
First, place the convoy vehicles, including the lead vehicle, in distinct groups.
Then, decide the order of the convoy and sync each vehicle with this module in the previously decided order (i.e. the lead vehicle must be synced first).
Finally, set the waypoints for the lead vehicle and run your mission.

Scripting Implementation
If the mission maker prefers to use the script directly, then the following example is instructive.

// create the logic (alternative to placing a synchronized module named Convoy_01)
logicCenter_01 = createCenter sideLogic;
logicGroup_01 = createGroup logicCenter_01;
Convoy_01 = logicGroup_01 createUnit ["Logic", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["maxSpeed", 40];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["convSeparation", 35];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["stiffnessCoeff", 0.2];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["dampingCoeff", 0.6];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["curvatureCoeff", 0.3];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["stiffnessLinkCoeff", 0.1];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["pathFrequecy", 0.05];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["speedFrequecy", 0.2];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["speedModeConv", "NORMAL"];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["behaviourConv", "pushThroughContact"];
Convoy_01 setVariable ["debug", false];

// create the convoy
call{ 0 = [Convoy_01,[vehicleLead,vehicle2,vehicle3]] execVM "\nagas_Convoy\functions\fn_initConvoy.sqf" };

// stop the convoy without erasing its waypoints
Convoy_01 setVariable ["maxSpeed", 0];
sleep 5; // wait for all vehicles to stop

// disband the convoy
vehicleLead setVariable ["convoy_terminate", true];
sleep .5; // wait for script to finish

// create a new convoy with only the first two vehicles
call{ 0 = [Convoy_01,[vehicleLead,vehicle2]] execVM "\nagas_Convoy\functions\fn_initConvoy.sqf" };

// resume
Convoy_01 setVariable ["maxSpeed", 40];
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Machine Gun Kelly Nov 4 @ 3:43am 
@KING - Good one! That missing space DOES make a difference! Thanks! :)

This mod is an 'update' to the original mod, who this dev did only the 'updates' and the core/base mod was done by someone else.

I have had/used both over the years. From what I REMEMBER, AT TIMES, the convoy's AI would go 'I will not follow orders mode' during/after an attack. This would end the convoy mission.

I do not know if THIS dev 'fixed' this or not, so it MIGHT be an issue. His mod does have some issues and I cannot remember what they were - Should be somewhere in some post section.

BUT, this mod, the original that this one is built on, and all others, ALL HAVE ISSUES.

If the convoy 'bugs out'; It could be either mod 'failing'.

THIS is why you see almost ZERO 'convoy missions' with 5+ vehicles in them. A REAL pain to 'making it to work'. :(
Machine Gun Kelly Nov 4 @ 3:43am 
So what MAY happen and I have seen this with other mods, is the convoy script says to take cover, while LAMBS is saying advance towards enemy. Or when things are clear, the convoy script says mount up and LAMBS is trying to have the men 'look around/perform a S&D' for a bit looking for enemies.

I have seen such before and there becomes a 'conflict' between two different "Combat AI"s.

One says 'Go left' and the other says 'Go right'.

And since both of these scripts DO use/perform different combat actions, it MIGHT conflict at times.

Sadly, as this mod and others are 'buggy', personally, I think I would be 'hard pressed' to say which mod fails in most cases.

...It is what it is...

Hope this helps a tad!

KING Nov 4 @ 1:20am 
He's talking about Lambs AI mod, and no, it shouldn't mess with it.
Machine Gun Kelly Nov 1 @ 10:12am 
@OperatorHenry - I will say this, as I am sure others are 'scratching their heads' as well....

Please define: lambai

Google does not even know what this is.

I tried:
arma lambai
arma lambai mod

Google found NOTHING on all 3 searches.

So, in order for most of us to help you, please define: lambai

OperatorHenry Nov 1 @ 3:10am 
will this effect ai mods like lambai?
Machine Gun Kelly Oct 17 @ 2:12pm 
@Mumus - It took a bit; here is the link to the ONE OF the original ones.

It MAY work with HC's, but some other features that are in the new one might NOT work/even be there.


The dev 'Norrin' also made a convoy script which was pretty good.

Machine Gun Kelly Oct 17 @ 2:06pm 
@Mumus - Just so you know, this dev is NOT the original author. This dev took the original work and 'changed' stuff.

This mod (old or new) has never worked 100% and the issue you have, may have been 'inherited' from the original work, which is almost 10 years old now.

As I do not use HC's, I can not say if this is the case or not.

All I know is this mod has never worked completely; in one way or another, something would not 'work' - This one or the original. OVERALL, both seemed to 'do the job', and this mod may do well for others.

For ME, there were just too many issues to be bothered with.

To my knowledge, there is no 'work-around' for your issue.

Mumus Oct 17 @ 9:36am 
Anyone using this mod with ACE Headless Client?
HC seems to break the Better Convoy mod...
Machine Gun Kelly Oct 13 @ 9:35am 
@[CYG] YeetsGrenade - You're more than welcome! :)

I can understand where you're coming from, sadly, this approach actually can make things worse. As stated, most people do not have an issue using mods, and for these folks, the majority pays a heavy price for the minority.

While I know 'new things' can be a challenge; selecting a mod in Steam, then clicking 'Subscribe', and then click 'Load Mod' in the ARMA launcher, is not that hard to do.

There are many tutorials on print/video that they can 'go learn from'.

There is another option you could do, which will require WORK to do:

You make 1 mission with '2 Parts' - 1 with the mod, and one WITHOUT THE MOD.

Of course, you will have to script for all of these and it could be 'interesting' to say the least.

* Mission starts

* Mod Installed Check:

- Mod Present - Run Code Routine 'A'
- Mod Not Present - Run Code Routine 'B'

Which ever way you go, good luck to ya!

[CYG] YeetsGrenade Oct 12 @ 4:12pm 
@Machine Gun Kelly
Thanks for the input! The only reason i wanted it included was to reduce the amount of mods required because I know that can be an issue for some people.