Dominions 5

Dominions 5

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The Mammoth Introduction to Middle Age Caelum
By The Murderous Titanium Puffin
A guide to all things avian, in pachyderm proportions.
The Mammoth Introduction* to Caelum in the Middle Age.
Why Play Caelum?
The Air Strategy
The Spire Horn Wing
  • Spire Horn Militia
  • Spire Horn Warriors
  • Spire Horn Archers
  • Storm Guard


The Airya Wing
  • Light Airya Infantry
  • Airya Infantry
  • Iceclads

The Land Forces
  • Mammoths
  • Wingless
  • Blizzard Warriors
  • Temple Guard

The Deep, Deep Cold: Resources and War

High Seraphs of Air and Ice
  • Air, Frost, Death, and Astral Seraphs
  • General Spell Recommendations:
    • Lightning Bolt
    • Storm
    • Aim / Wind Guide
    • Air Shield
    • Mistform
    • Thunder Strike
    • Summon Lesser Air Elemental
    • Grip of Winter
    • Freezing Mist
    • Frozen Heart

Most Valued Leader
  • The Spire Horn Seraph
  • The Ice Crafter
  • The Caelian Seraph
  • The Seraphine

The Magical Liquorice Allsorts
  • The Celestial Yazad selection
  • The Yazad of the Earth
  • The Yata selection
  • The Pairika
  • The Amesha Spentas and Greater Daevas

Single-Flavour Summons
  • The Best Flying Soldiers
    • The Yazad
    • The Daeva
  • The Sneaky Jahi
  • The Ahurani; the perfect elemental?
  • The Second-Best Angel; the Ancestral Fravashi

The 'One True Strategy' - or not.

Sympathetic Allies
  • The Yeti
  • The Winter Wolf
  • Hot Fighters?
  • The Ice Drake
  • The Kokythiad

  • You can Script Fliers to defend - on the ground.
  • Thunder Strikes can kill your own
  • Frost 'fire' is very friendly
  • A 'Frost Weapon' Bless is Disappointing - and Redundant
  • Coral Blades are Great Sidearms
  • Don't Warm up to Cold 2
  • Conjurors should be Ominvorous

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Karsk Mar 10 @ 5:43am 
Hey would you be able to come up with a very basic pretender design for Dom6? I wanted to give EA and MA Caelum a try as well as MA Nazca but I haven't been able to find any ideas and I just wanted to learn the nations in singleplayer. It doesn't need to be meta since I know the game is new and it's just for learning since I am new to the game.
The Murderous Titanium Puffin  [author] Apr 24, 2022 @ 9:21am 
Very true, I did not really talk about them. The Storm Generals (in particular) are good, capable leaders, with reasonable personal defence. It was a conscious decision to neglect them, which is both a defence and a criticism of my approach. When playing, I use Storm Generals a lot.

I've struggled - a bit - using Airya Nobles. I've read suggestions saying they make good archers with a bow of war - 13 arrows paired with 13 native precision. I've also considered equipping them with a horror helmet and using them as a 'fear seed'.
I've had trouble using them as lone combatants, at least as semi-cheap ones. I stacked one to frost armour to 4 (added magical Ice Aegis and Rime Hauberk) and sent him against a fair amount of PD (AI, but nothing ridiculous).
Despite the cold, my Ultimate Flying Icicle died. 😥
There have been a few nay-sayers around Airya Nobles, and I ended my experiment there. However, that doesn't mean those commenters were correct...
sadoeconomist Apr 24, 2022 @ 2:37am 
Thanks for sharing this! How to get the most out of Caelum has always been a puzzle to me, they play so differently from most nations, and change a lot from age to age. I noticed there was no discussion of the non-mage commanders here though - IMO with MA Caelum in particular they're important, Airya Nobles come well-equipped to begin with and they're probably going to be your best recruitable chassis for holding all that light thug gear your crafters can make at a discount, and Storm Generals are nearly as strong but with 80 leadership, shock resist and stormflying.
The Murderous Titanium Puffin  [author] Apr 17, 2022 @ 6:03am 
'The Introduction...' has been updated to include some 5.57 changes to Dominions 5. Descriptions are more disciplined, some errors are corrected, pretender design is hinted at, and an additional acknowledgement is included. Due to editing, it is now 2 pages shorter.
Maerlande Apr 5, 2022 @ 6:43am 
There is a wiki discord, but also I talk with many of the wiki folks on my discord, Lucid's or clockwork. But wiki formatting is frustrating so I don't do it but some friends of mine did the format of my written guides for the wiki. If you need help with that, find me on discord and I'll connect you to the right people. I'm sure some will assist you in converting.
The Murderous Titanium Puffin  [author] Apr 5, 2022 @ 5:33am 
Thanks. I don't really know how the wiki is run, so I don't know where to look.I'll try to dig around.
As for formatting... Steam isn't exactly sensitive to Wordperfect codes, or even Microsoft Word documents. I wasn't about to redo my work(and get annoyed because my options/abilities were limited), so the most elegant solution was images.
Maerlande Apr 4, 2022 @ 1:29pm 
Heh, thanks for the referal. Not sure if you saw, but some wiki folks don't want to move it there and wreck your pretty style. I don't think the wiki will look as good as this does.
The Murderous Titanium Puffin  [author] Mar 30, 2022 @ 7:06pm 
Thankyou. Coming from a veteran that means something.
I'm still fussing over the guide, and just added a page on Yazad/Daevas that I somehow didn't post earlier. I've realised I could add a paragraph on the generally accepted raiding tactics, but it would be another redraft and reupload of 30 pages or so.
Later perhaps; no such thing as perfect.
disnegativ Mar 30, 2022 @ 1:58pm 
Nice and comprehensive. Always happy to meet other players appreciating spire horn seraphs. I wish it were on the wiki and would contain a section on your pretender preferences. Good winds.