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Beyond Decor: Rustic Edition
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Feb 13, 2022 @ 2:08pm
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Beyond Decor: Rustic Edition

In 3 collections by Cateyes
Beyond the Ashes WIP
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Beyond Mods Server Modlist
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Beyond the Veil-Private
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Welcome to the Beyond Rustic mod. This mod has been created for my dear friend Nyx and her love for rustic style furniture. It also contains a lot of ethnic inspired decorations to help create unique environments. You will also find many items that allow for much use of creativity to achieve very immersive markets.
As with all Beyond mods, items have been implemented with the highest quality possible within the limits of the Conan Exiles modding capabilities. All items are optimized to help maintain server stability as well.

I want to give a special thanks to Henry Bloodworth, as usual, for his immense help in the creation of this mod with the continuous additions of new systems, new technology and custom assets.
A big thanks also goes to Nyx, who has devoted her time, money and love to this mod as much as I have.
And last but not least, to Aidan, who has taken his time to create amazing artwork for our logos and banners and more often than not, at my last minute requests.

I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we do!

This mod contains over 2000 items and is divided into several feats.
Each feat costs 1 Feat point and requires the Furniture Maker feat.
The following feats can be found under the decoration tab:
  • Beyond Bedroom
  • Beyond Props
  • Beyond Living Room
  • Beyond Kitchen and Dining Room
  • Beyond Market and Shops
  • Beyond Gardening
  • Beyond Fantasy
    Take note that Beyond Fantasy only has 1 item at the moment. This feat is admin locked. More items will be added in the future.

    Many items will be added, and as we work through creating new, custom setups for you, the mod size should not increase much anymore. We work in a way where we utilize the existing assets to create new setups for you without taking much more space.

    Admin Locking Beyond Feats
    All of the Beyond Rustic feats are duplicated.
    The duplicates have been locked behind admin spawned journals.
    All you need to do is block the original feats in your server and distribute those journals instead. Here are the feats to be blocked:
  • Beyond Bedroom 505070001
  • Beyond Props 505070002
  • Beyond Living Room 505070003
  • Beyond Kitchen and Dining Room 505070004
  • Beyond Market and Shops 505070005
  • Beyond Gardening 505070006

    Beyond Rustic uses a custom system that allows for changeable objects as well as colors.
    With this new system, you will be able to change a much greater amount of colors for almost every object, creating very unique looks to your homes.

    In order to use this system:
  • Hold your interact key on the decoration and select the Beyond Rustic logo on the menu wheel.
  • To your right, you will be able to see all the different variations that this item has to offer. Select a variation in order to choose it.
  • Next, right underneath, you will be able to cycle through numbers ( 0,1,2,3,4..) and each of these numbers will allow you to change the color of a different part on the object.
  • Some have none available, while others have many. Make sure to take a look!

  • This mod contains no overwrites.
  • This mod needs to be placed before other mods that do contain overwrites.
  • This mod uses the ID range of: 505070000

    This mod is compatible with all mods as long as they do not overwrite any vanilla files. If other mods overwrite files, I cannot guarantee its stability.[/]

  • Many suggestions made by mod users are taken into consideration and more often than not, are implemented.
  • Join our discord server, leave some suggestions or report bugs!

    If you want to support our mods, please use the following link to donate through Ko-Fi. Every dollar given is spent on our mods, always. Thank you!

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