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Improved Infantry Combat Experience
Impact aims to address a simple yet overlooked feature in Arma 3 : hit reactions. The current vanilla system boils down to a weird twitching animation, with little to no "impact" to AI units. Combined with the rather solid ballistic protection the base game offers, this can lead to frustrating gunfights, with players unloading on AI hostiles that are barely affected by bullets... Non-fatal shots feel inconsequential as a result :  AI units remain able to return fire immediately, and feel overpowered or robotic.

The mod relies on a very simple approach. No over-complicated animation handling or scripted damage; the goal is to provide a reliable, efficient in-engine solution to this problem, without "impacting" (haha...) 3rd party addons. Whenever an infantry unit takes a hit, Impact analyses the characteristics of the projectile, and emulates kinetic energy when deemed necessary, eventually causing a brief "ragdoll" state. Even if a unit survives a high-caliber hit or a nearby explosion, it will have a good chance of being knocked down by the impact and falling to the ground. They will get back on their feet after a few seconds, buying players some time in tense situations and adding uncertainty to situational awareness (since the ragdoll state doesn't necessarily means the unit is actually dead), leading to a more "organic" experience. Impact operates where units are local and keeps network traffic to a minimum; works in all environments, with all types of ammo, including explosives.

How to use?
Just load the mod : Impact will work on any AI unit with proper Event Handlers inheritance. Several aspects of the script can be controlled with variables.
  • To enable Impact on players :
    missionNamespace setVariable ["impactForcedOn_player", true]
  • To disable Impact on a specific class :
    missionNamespace setVariable ["impactDisabledOn_" + typeOf bob, true] //bob & similar units are immune missionNamespace setVariable ["impactDisabledOn_O_Soldier_F", true] //'O_Soldier_F' type units are immune
  • To disable Impact on a specific unit :
    missionNamespace setVariable ["impactDisabledOn_" + str _unit, true] missionNamespace setVariable ["impactDisabledOn_bob", true]
  • To adjust how frequently Impact kicks in :
    missionNamespace setVariable ["impactCoef", 1.5] //default : 1

Known issues
  • Impact doesn't work on modded units that don't inherit base Event Handlers : that includes Zombies from Ravage, Phantoms from Remnant and Androids. Not actually an issue as this will prevent potential conflicts with 3rd party addons.

Special thanks to my long time supporters on Patreon, and to Johnnyboy for suggesting a better script approach for the project.

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tranasa1234 Jun 20 @ 5:16pm 
flying ragdolls. help please
The Shadowbroker Jun 5 @ 12:58pm 
everytime i see opfor get hit by a .300 winmag from 400m using blastcore murr, impact and PIR i get what can only be described as a wargasm lol
The Shadowbroker Jun 5 @ 12:57pm 
I just wanted to express my grattitude to you halek for this mod:) this is what arma really needed most. now caliber actually matters on the battlefield.
gman May 17 @ 4:55am 
anyone else getting ragdolled when walking into a squadmate? I think it has to do with walkable moving objects mod
Lykaia May 8 @ 9:54am 
nvm i figured it out i basically just put ["impactEnabledOn_unitclassname", true]; in the mission init haha
Lykaia May 8 @ 9:18am 
how can I add modded units to utilize impact? is it possible without breaking things?
Cursed Apr 27 @ 9:58am 
@I am black
No, it does not affect your performance and framerate, and it does pretty well with the AI can/cannot unconscious just like ace mod, But without ace. AND one last thing, it does unconscious your AI also.
Cursed Apr 27 @ 9:56am 
@Haleks, few issue with your mod...

If loaded with ragdoll mods e.g. (RHRM, Realistic Unit Ragdoll, Ragdoll Physics+ (but a better a lil bit, makes limbs heavier), etc.) the victim became helicopters/cartwheels for 1-3 meters,

If unload with ragdoll mods works fine like pristine. But all of the hits make my AI unconscious even fully healed by zeus (no ace btw).

its a cool mod and very useful for a bit of realism I suppose.
SSG Apr 26 @ 9:29am 
Regarding MP compatibility issue, this may be due to addForce being local...a possible intermediate treatment could be to add "setConscious true" right after addForce, then on client side ragdoll should fire, though the "momentum kick" might happen only on server side. Works fine in SP, but not tested in MP.
I am black Apr 25 @ 8:49am 
Does it affect the framerate?