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Empires Expanded (formerly Civics Expanded+)
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Jan 12 @ 11:47am
Jul 30 @ 1:22pm
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Empires Expanded (formerly Civics Expanded+)

Compatible with 3.4 Cepheus

This is updated from the old Civics Expanded+! New updates and information will be here.

Empires Expanded, previously known as Civics Expanded Plus, is a mod about revamping your Stellaris experience while still preserving that feeling of vanilla Stellaris to an extent. There is a great variety of options for the players and AI to choose from, from civics to ascension perks, scaling from minor to game-changing.

Your feedback is highly appreciated! Any balance suggestions, bug reports, ideas, and other assistance is very welcome!

ModDB version will be updated in the future.
Mod is currently not on Paradox Mods; it will be in the future.

This mod adds:
- 30 default civics
- 10 hive civics
- 5 machine civics
- 10 corporate civics
- 5 ascension perks
- 4 policies
- 6 edicts
- 3 origins
- 9 traits
- Relics, buildings, techs, federations and much more!

Add-ons & Variants
Some of the content of this mod, namely some of the new civics, might be stronger or more in-depth that some of the vanilla Stellaris civics. As such, it is recommended to use Empires Expanded: Vanilla Overhaul (Submod).

Want a version with just the new civics? Check out Empires Expanded: Civics Only (Variant).

It's recommended (but not necessary) to use a mod that adds an extra starting civic slot, like 3 Civic Slots.

Civics only version
Vanilla overhaul submod

There is inbuilt compatibility with a plethora of other mods, namely ones that alter certain basegame policies. These are:
*Ethics and Civics Classic
*Ethics and Civics Alternative - Redux
*Ethics and Civics: Bug Branch
*Stellaris Evolved
*Expanded Traits, Civics, Pops, and More
*More Authorities
*Most forks of Petruxa's Ethics and Civics
If you have any suggestions of other mods you'd like to see made compatible, drop a comment below.

This mod alters a few vanilla files, which can cause incompatibility with other mods altering the same files.
The main altered files are:
- 00_policies.txt
- 01_categories.txt

The mod is currently available in:
- English
- Russian
If you wish to translate the mod into another language, contact me either in the comments or friend me on Steam or Discord.

- Leave a comment below, I'll likely see and respond soon.
- Friend and message me on Steam.
- Friend and message me on Discord (Magyar#6794).
- Ping me in the Stellaris Discord or Stellaris Modding Den (MadeinCanada10), where there is a channel dedicated to my mods.

Credits & Contributors
- MadeinCanada10, creator and sole developer
- ElectroHelal, initial uploader to Steam and maintainer of variant mods
- MayhemX8, massive civic idea contributor and provider of other suggestions
- Dragon of Desire, assistance with increasing compatibility and balance
- Dexter Morgan and VeryOriginalName, translating the mod into Russian
- Sloppy Steak, translating the Civics Only version into Chinese
- All of you, who play this mod!


If you enjoy the mod, why not like and favourite it? It really helps us and also makes the mod more accessible to others. You can also leave a comment, whether good or bad. Try to use constructive criticism; If you think the mod deserves a negative review, please explain why and how it can be improved.
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MadeinCanada10  [author] Aug 5 @ 10:45am 
@珈佰璃(﹁‸﹁) ? It's a cancelled civic idea, does not show up at all in the game.
珈佰璃(﹁‸﹁) ? Aug 5 @ 8:13am 
And what about the civic "Holy Missionary Force"?
I knew it when I was translating,but i just haven't found this civic in game
MadeinCanada10  [author] Aug 3 @ 11:13am 
@WTID Yes, should have no problems with Starnet or other AI-altering mods
WTID Aug 3 @ 9:24am 
is it compatible with STARNET, probably asked earlier but i cant find past 10 pages of comments.
MadeinCanada10  [author] Aug 3 @ 6:25am 
@PCR_Anibal Heya, are you talking about the Defensive Policies policy and civic? If not, then I'm not sure if that is from this mod. Can you tell me more about what events occur and what policies/etc are ongoing?
MadeinCanada10  [author] Aug 3 @ 1:29am 
The next major update will include a lot of changes, but realistically that will take a while to finish.
I'll release an update changing the gestalt civics slightly in a day or earlier, but this update will be compatible, so you can start a new game.
Pilatian Aug 3 @ 1:19am 
Will the next update be compatible, or should I wait a few days to start a new run? I'd like to use these, just checking in advance!
MadeinCanada10  [author] Aug 3 @ 1:17am 
@Pilatian Yep you are correct, this is planned to be fixed in the next update. However I may change it sooner just to make sure it's all fine.

@NerdCuddles interesting indeed, may do some sort of origin like that
Pilatian Aug 2 @ 8:11pm 
The 'Research Driven' Gestalt civic has -10% administrative capacity, but as far as I know this is no longer a thing.
NerdCuddles (They/Them) Jul 31 @ 9:02pm 
would be nice to see a wartorn synth origin, so I can make the faction from my sci-fi setting. They are hardcore synth supremacists and glassed part of mars than bombarded it with nukes