Portal 2

Portal 2

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Trailer: https://diode.zone/w/gMEmshuepcHs76vCwxhkCV

Map/music by Kube.

Playtesters: ABP, Alchemist, Aly, Clonus, Kaia, KF, Mâché, Zimodo, and | \_/ ()

Solution video: https://diode.zone/w/bpU8LprrWhPLsMYxhGPgRj
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kube  [author] Jun 18 @ 10:09pm 
@a bunch of little spiders yeah I wish I could make the portal placement less hit-or-miss, unfortunately it's a Portal 2 quirk :(
mr internet (real) Jun 17 @ 9:45pm 
Oh, it's the move from Islands . Kind of frustrating since literally every other time I've tried to shoot at that portal surface from a different angle it failed to place the portal.
mr internet (real) Jun 17 @ 9:42pm 
Revisiting this map. Don't understand how I'm supposed to exit the second chamber. I've brought the light bridge into the starting room but there doesn't seem to be anything for me to do with it. I tried using it to gain height and fling up onto a roof but it's blocked by an invisible wall. Genuinely do not see where I'm supposed to go from this point.
kube  [author] Apr 3 @ 1:23am 
@a bunch of little spiders <3

hint if you want one: you're on the right path re: blocking the lift. just using the light bridge won't help tho
mr internet (real) Apr 3 @ 1:14am 
Stuck on the first test and genuinely don't know what I'm missing. There seems to be no way to interact with the cube from inside the "airlock" and the only creative solution I was able to come up with blocking the elevator using the light bridge isn't actually a game mechanic.

Gorgeous map, though.
kube  [author] Jan 16 @ 12:50am 
@SmashedFinger <3 thx for trying even if you're big dumb
SmashedFinger Jan 15 @ 9:11pm 
Expert level stuff. Even after watching the solution video I didn't complete it.
kube  [author] Jan 14 @ 7:02pm 
@Sockman <3
Sockman Jan 14 @ 6:38pm 
Did it without looking it up - felt a bit like I was cheating at points but overall very good map.
kube  [author] Jan 13 @ 9:18pm 
@Aneonen :) Yep, I wish I could've de-janked that carry. There's some reliable carry methods if you really fiddle around with the cube.

@Sockman :B1: (The second solution is made out of a few distinct steps. You won't spoil yourself on the whole puzzle if you watch part of the solution video)