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Space Engineers

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Space Engineers Keen NA#2 Stations
By bobofthewind
A list of all NPC Trade Stations I have located thus far in Keen NA #2
Copy the entire gps into your clipboard from "GPS" to the final ":" following the color code.
All stations are in a gravity well unless the station name beings with a "_" (underscore for space)
NPC Stations
Mars Route
Get your ass to MARS! Find that obelisk, melt the ice, and terraform the planet.
GPS:Mars - _IGCT Station:1003773.92:35836.78:1654061.64:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars - _MTMA Station:1108143.66:192961.14:1655018.01:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars - _RVSH Station:1011382.66:229358.41:1613875.21:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars - _UVMC Station:1112314.54:133567.59:1569940.99:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars - MEEX Station:1046281.86:96899.28:1581072.59:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars - MTEG - Station:1026020.05:83893.08:1590273.9:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars - MTMA Station:1092371.62:143340.86:1630639.06:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars - RLAL Station:1071494.54:86321.86:1646909.37:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Mars - RTMG - Station:1056673.13:176785.73:1662171.27:#FF75C9F1:

Europa Route
The unbroken, frigid landscape can play tricks with your eyes. Sensors freeze over and thermal variations create mirages. I thought I saw a shielded base out here. Smugglers and such; one cane hope.
GPS:Europa - _RLAL Station:912804.71047466:25284.7190854597:1624895.33131271:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Europa - _CLCS Station:923392.238803757:21915.222598796:1625591.33141664:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Europa - _SMSL Station:918968.424191979:4265.79570942843:1619766.3847027:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Europa - IGCT Station:917934.59:25805.43:1617559.25:#FF75C9F1:

Earth-like Route
There is no strange fungus down there. Just some leavings of an old corporation. I do feel awfully tired though. I just want to lie down for a bit somewhere warm.
GPS:Earth - _MTEG Station:-21629.92:62531.08:79254.79:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Earth - IGCT Station:13130.79:58368.03:15510.78:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Earth - RTMG Station:-42707.39:23943.89:-36645.57:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Earth - SMSL Station:59149.15:-9507.56:-6944.45:#FF75C9F1:

Luna Route
I have never seen such hostilities has I have here. No not the vacuum of space; the corporate waring over resources. It does make for a nice light show from Tours Station.
GPS:Luna - _MTMA - Station:7306.05:144313:-110440.25:#FF75C9F1:

Alien Planet Route
GPS:AP - _RVSH Station:113806.59:197378.2:5651962.08:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:AP - MTMA Station:91397.46:126122.13:5685938.5:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:AP - SADR - Station:107293.75:123436.83:5675174.8:#FF75C9F1:

Titan Route
Its an ugly planet; a bug planet! It ruins the amazing views of this peaceful moon.
GPS:Titan - _GCEG Station:39923.5415495665:223678.611988376:5808048.34046122:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Titan - RVSH Station:27125.3396786267:227040.366859063:5797066.27102813:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Titan - SADR Station:30855.5524911167:220431.094230506:5801165.52912754:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Titan - UVMC Station:45642.06:227819.69:5796866.28:#FF82F175:

Triton Route
I think I prefer to deal with pirates. They are a lot more reasonable than rogue AI and most of the time they wont kill you. They do want to collect from you in the future after all.
GPS:Triton - RVSH Station:-255851.75:-2417310.51:384040.15:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Triton - CLCS Station:-262278.99:-2460564.78:348812.29:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Triton - SMSL Station:-280823.69:-2461719.29:391937.3:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Triton - STPR Station:-247917.1:-2415767.57:369483.23:#FF75C9F1:

GPS:Pertam - _IGCT Station:-3973814.63:-17940.42:-721168.09:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Pertam - IGCT Station:-3950578.48:-30597.69:-742069.77:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Pertam - RTMG Station:-3955683.61:-58702.55:-759888.04:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Pertam - SMEX Station:-3974761.46:-36663.4:-795929.03:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Pertam - SMEX Station:-3975542.89:-18684.53:-741915.55:#FF75C9F1:

Have you ever plotted a jump beyond the red line before? Its not like dusting crops, kid. Without precise calculations, we could wind up flying through a star or right into a supernova and that’d end your trip real quick, wouldn’t it?
GPS:Way Out There - _CLCS Station:1331567.46:1350217.81:8035777.12:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _GCEG Station:1280230.17:4653701.16:697032.26:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _IGCT - Station:-3950578.48:-30597.69:-742069.77:#FF9975F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _MEEX Station:7840378.27:-601362.17:3320303.28:#FFA0F175:
GPS:Way Out There - _MTEG Station:2463994.2:-4877223.69:-3339068.51:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _MTMA Station 1:-738038.53:-8155920.46:-2584229.78:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _MTMA Station 2:-6305792.39:-3514296.34:2668424.89:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _RLAL Station 1:8870562.64:12972292.8:24792993.95:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _RLAL Station 2:-18285567.73:22967343.97:-2090464.19:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _RLAL Station 3:9788233.99:-7304677.43:23797229.62:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _ROWE Station:6976018.81:-3443939.37:-6175354.04:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _RTMG Station:42026.5:-110965.7:-8604462.55:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _RVSH Station 1:-5157477.32:-25195878.41:12090983.57:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _RVSH Station 2:-11990088.03:19055403.23:-18215802.73:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _RVSH Station 3:9034051.44:10492231.27:26282699.08:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _RVSH Station 4:-27168592.3:6270076.77:4904891.49:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _RVSH Station 5:28068018.56:5787725.01:-2790975.81:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _SADR Station:-2715870.58:5839153.01:-1379877.65:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _SMSL Station 1:18025751.03:-18325395.41:9045877.91:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _SMSL Station 1:18025751.03:-18325395.41:9045877.91:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _SMSL Station 2:-11074682.3:17028204.36:8033949.85:#FFF1C775:
GPS:Way Out There - _SMSL Station 3:2389666.59:-19967676.92:16920932.27:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _SMSL Station 4:6452267.48:1807889.14:-22565194.45:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _SMSL Station 5:-17788844.46:-16313679.96:-3386445.34:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _STPR Station:200621.82:-5398489.86:-7071249.01:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _UVMC Station 1:11320350.34:-19415425.09:1331075.09:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _UVMC Station 2:-14860293.7:21992228.44:6077032.57:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _UVMC Station 3:18051830.59:-23626494.86:-2555614.2:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _UVMC Station 4:24982273.54:11753199.24:1557085.64:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _UVMC Station 5:-18981884.31:-6332741.8:-10341794.34:#FF75C9F1:
GPS:Way Out There - _UVMC Station 6:-14860293.7:21992228.44:6077032.57:#FF75C9F1:

Saxmo Oct 21, 2022 @ 10:50am 
just lending a helping hand. I always put my GPS points in excel, use text to column, and highlight duplicates on the XYZ so i can see if i have duplicates. you have some here

GPS:Pertam - IGCT Station:-3950578.48:-30597.69:-742069.77:#FF75C9F1
GPS:Way Out There - _IGCT - Station:-3950578.48:-30597.69:-742069.77:#FF9975F1
GPS:Way Out There - _SMSL Station 1:18025751.03:-18325395.41:9045877.91:#FF75C9F1
GPS:Way Out There - _SMSL Station 1:18025751.03:-18325395.41:9045877.91:#FF75C9F1
GPS:Way Out There - _UVMC Station 2:-14860293.7:21992228.44:6077032.57:#FF75C9F1
GPS:Way Out There - _UVMC Station 6:-14860293.7:21992228.44:6077032.57:#FF75C9F1
Saxmo Oct 21, 2022 @ 10:22am 
I'm going to convert this to my convention, add them to the ones i have already collected, and repost on my own, if that is ok. I'll put -BOTW at the end of the names i get from here so i know which ones came from you (yes i've been burned by a fake data pad gps that lead to a trap before. so try to vet GPS points you don't get directly from the game itself.
Engi Mar 17, 2022 @ 11:34am 
You could also abbreviate the location to make the string even shorter.
ES = Earth Surface
EO = Earth Orbit
LS = Luna
MS = Mars
EuS = Europa
AS = Alien
TS = Titan
TrS = Triton
PS = Pertam
DS = Deep Space
Engi Mar 17, 2022 @ 11:29am 
Hi bob, I have a suggestion for a naming convention for you.
CLCS - Station Alien Surface (B)
IGCT - Station Mars Orbit (S)
MEPR - Station Deep Space (M)
Code - Station "Planet, Deep Space, Surface, Orbit" (Station type, B, S, M)
This way when you get data pad locations, the "Code - Station" text is unchanged and you just add the location and type after so less clicking and typing. Giving location helps you to sort when typing in gps menu for surface, or orbit or deep space and then type helps you sort for station type Builder, Supply or Mining stations so you know what you can buy and sell at each of the 3 types of stations.
bobofthewind  [author] Feb 9, 2022 @ 7:53pm 
Now updated with NPC faction station locations! There is a SPRT location on Earth I stumbled across but I lost the location in the recent GPS wipe. Let me know if yall find it again.
bobofthewind  [author] Feb 2, 2022 @ 8:28am 
This list was specifically for the Keen NA#2 server. But as of 1 FEB 2022 the server has be reset and this list is not longer valid. It will not be the same for other games.
Hauling missions can be a good way to find new station locations however, datapads from the stations is a better way.
avery_christy Jan 9, 2022 @ 6:50am 
Station positions randomly generate. You could fly and fly and fly and still run into stations. Do hauling missions, and they can give you coordinates for stations waaaay off from the planets.
Mojo450 Jan 5, 2022 @ 5:19pm 
Are station positions not randomized based on seed?