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MX-E Ark Shop UI
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MX-E Ark Shop UI

MOD ID: 2693727499
Clean & Stackable

MX-E Ark Shop UI
This mod implements an easy to use interface for the most popular and free shop plugin "Shop, Currency & Kits" also known simply as ArkShop. ArkShop is a free, officially supported, shop plugin by the ArkServerAPI team. You must have a working ArkShop plugin before using this UI addon. Please see the requirements section for full details.

A full list of the current implemented features can be found below.

  • Search through all available Kits and Items
  • Purchase and redeem Kits
  • Purchase and redeem Items
  • Sell Items for shop points
  • Trade shop points to other players
  • See what the Kit or Item contains
  • Current points
  • Claim your votes (requires Vote Rewards[]
  • Costumizable Buttons
    • Discord
    • Website
  • Costumizable shop name
  • Customizable Hotkey to open the UI (F1-F12)

In order to use the UI you need a few things:

The UI can be further modified by modifying the ArkShopUI Plugin config. They are all optional. For a full list of options visit the ArkShopUI Plugin website.
{ "UiKey": "F3", //Key to open the shop "ShopName": "Fancy Warehouse", //Shop Name label at the top of the shop window "WebsiteUrl": "url", //web url "DiscordUrl": "url", //web url "VoteRewards": false, //Enable if using the Vote Rewards plugin "DisableSellButton": false, //true will hide the sell option "DisableTradeButton": false, //true will hide the trade option "HideBuffIcon": false, //true will hide the Shop buff icon "OverrideCurrencyIcon": "/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/Icons/Narcotic_Icon", //changes the default currency icon "UseSteamOverlay": false, //true will use ingame steam overly browser //false will use external web browser "OverrideLabels": [ // override text on the UI elements { "ItemsTabLabel": "Stuff" }, //Buy Items Tab { "KitsTabLabel": "Packs" }, //Buy Kits Tab { "StashTabLabel": "Yours" }, //Buy Stash Tab { "SellTabLabel": "Sell" }, //Sell Items tab { "TradeTabLabel": "Trade" }, //Trade Points tab { "WebsiteLabel": "Website" }, //Website button text { "DiscordLabel": "Discord" }, //Discord button text { "ClaimVotesLabel": "Claim Votes" } //Vote Rewards button text ] }

If you still have questions, suggestions or even found a bug, feel free to join Lethals Discord Server[] and tell us about it.
Discord is the only plattform we will provide support.

If you like this mod and want to support us, you can do this over Lethals PayPal[] and MyrcXs Paypal[]

If you are searching a serverhost with awesome features which allow you to easily manage your community, virtual & dedicated servers or even connect your existing server over RCON with awesome features like a Website builder, Plugin Manager and many more - GameServerApp is the way to go. For more information click on the banner below!

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]

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