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Ultimate Multiplayer Guide [b41]
By Aiteron and 2 collaborators
I will tell you how to go all the way from buying the game to meeting other players online
Have you bought the game on Steam and want to play Multiplayer with friends or random players? Then this guide is for you. I will tell you how to go all the way from buying the game to meeting other players online.

IMPORTANT: Before you read this guide make sure you DO NOT have any mods!

[QnA] Mod Helper - build 41 MP

If you are still struggling with getting your server work after going through this guide, check this guides:
[QnA] Admin Helper - build 41 MP
[QnA] Client Helper - build 41 MP

For request help in the comment section below answering the following questions:
• What is your game version?
• Are you using the "Host" function or is it a dedicated server?
• Do you have any mods enabled?
• What is the exact Error (can be a screenshot)
• Share the Console txt file.
(Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid > Open the console.txt > Copy everything from there to > Click “Create a new paste” > Share the website link of the new paste here)

You want to play on server
1. Open your Steam Library and find Project Zomboid in the list.
2. RMC (Right mouse click) the game, and open Properties.
3. Choose NONE (none is the latest stable build of the game)
4. Install (or update) the game.
5. Start the game.

Multiplayer options:
  • "Host" server - You can run a coop game. To join an existing one, you have to be invited by a Steam friend.
  • "Dedicated" server - Search in the "Internet" tab by its server name, or connect directly by using the server IP.

Filling the description.
  • Server name: Server name.
  • IP: Server IP if you are joining by one.
  • Local IP: Skip here.
  • Port: 16261 (This is the default Project Zomboid port)
  • Server password: Server password (Use if the server has one)
  • Description: Write or use the server description when adding to your Favorites.
  • Account Username: Write the nickname that you want to have on the server.
  • Account Password: Write your password that you will use for the server here.

How to find a public server:
Main menu > Join > Click the "Internet" tab and choose server you like. Or you can find region-based servers and coop servers in our Discord. TIS Discord[] in LFG chats!

7. Have fun!
- If you have issues with connect to server or problems with game - check this guide:
[QnA] Client Helper - build 41 MP

How to run a "Host" server.
1. Start the game
2. Main menu > Host
3. Manage settings > Create new settings > Tune your server > Save
4. Back > Start
5. To invite your friends: ESC > Invite. Or invite them via Steam
6. How to make yourself an admin: /setaccesslevel "username" admin
Where username is your in-game name (with space and capitalized letters if you have these) and with ".

Server Memory Advice:
For a bare minimum, have 2Gb set as your memory for the server, for a better experience have at least 2Gb, additionally, add ~500Mb per any planned player that will be on the server.
-- Example: 4Gb for 4 players (2Gb Starting + 4*500mb = 4Gb) --

Running a server is pretty demanding. You need an SSD drive, a stable internet connection, enough RAM for the server and your PC and players from your region !!!

- If you have issues with host server (for example Friends can't connect to server) - check this guide: [QnA] Admin Helper - build 41 MP
- For admin tools read this: Admin tools - build 41 MP
How to create a Steam dedicated server (on your PC)
If you want to host dedicated server on your PC, you will need to solve the following problems:
1. You need a public IP address for your PC, make sure your internet service provider has allocated one for you.
You can simply call your provider and ask if you have one.

How to Find Your Private and Public IP Addresses[]
!!! Your private and public IP must be same
-- You do not need a public IP address to host a coop "Host" server.

2. You need to open these ports:
UDP: 16261 and 16262

2.1. Open ports in windows firewall

2.2. Open ports in your antivirus: (skip if you don't have antivirus on your PC)
Check how to open ports in antivirus in Google
(Example Google Search: "Antivirus open ports")
A note: Some aggressive AV programs ignore the exceptions, and removing AV can be only way to have your server run.

2.3 Open ports in your router: (skip if you have direct connect)
You can find guides on how to open the ports on your specific router by simply looking up the router name and writing "port opening" after it.
Example Google Search: "Asus router port opening"

Otherwise - Other players will not be able to see and connect to your server!

1) Go to your Steam Library > On the top left, click the "Games" menu and check "Tools" to allow game tools to show up in your Steam Library
2) Find the “Project Zomboid Dedicated Server” in your Steam Library
3) Rightclick the Dedicated Server Tool > Properties > Betas > NONE to update the server to the latest MP version (If needed).

You will now have two new folders:
The main server files are located by default here
"SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Project Zomboid Dedicated Server"
The server settings are located here

4) Go to the servertest.ini and tune your settings.
Guide: Configure server - build 41 MP
5) Configure amount of RAM for you server
- Go to your "SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Project Zomboid Dedicated Server" folder
- Open StartServer64.bat in text editor
- Change next parameters:
Delete the -Xms16g parameter
Change the -Xmx to however much RAM you need for your server (Example: -Xmx6G)
Recommend amount of RAM: 2Gb as a start + 500Mb per player
So if you want play in team of 10 players, need (2 + 0.5*10)=7Gb of RAM
- Save and close this file.
5) Run the StartServer64.bat file
6) Wait until you see the successful "*** SERVER STARTED ****" message
7) Start your game > Click Join > Fill your server info on the right side of the screen
8) Click "Save" and now you can join your server from your "Favorites" tab.

Note: Launching a server will open a command console window that begins executing the server on your machine. On the first run, it will prompt you to set a password for the admin account it will create. Don't lose the password you create !!!
How to configure a dedicated 'rented' server (or VPS) (Windows)
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Lord Douchio Yeetus 114 Mar 10 @ 8:59pm 
just a server host offering free tips since this is a MP guide, if you use mods just install mod organizer and the server version of it, it shows you what is missing (if a dependency is not loaded) and whats conflicting, easy to setup a modded server and troubleshoot it to perfection after
Foxify Jan 30 @ 6:18pm 
Hi i have a problem. I create dedicated server on my pc, and one of my friend (A) could connect. But the other one (B) couldn't. Even if A is offline, B still cant logged into my server. It says server is not responding etc.
Baron Herzog von Graveland Dec 29, 2022 @ 6:22pm 
And is it possible to stop displaying the "admin"-tag next to my name but still be admin?
Baron Herzog von Graveland Dec 29, 2022 @ 6:18pm 
I set up a dedicated server on ubuntu linux according to this guide . Everything works so far. I start the server with "systemctl start zomboid.service". Am I supposed to start this as root or does it not matter because it is assoctiated to the user pzuser? If I do start it with systemctl I have the problem that I can't see the console to type in commands like "setaccesslevel USERME admin". How can I type in to do so? Thanks a lot!

Skooma Lord Dec 4, 2022 @ 4:24pm 
Quick question, is there a way to change the server it runs? When I run the "StartServer64.bat" file it keeps running "servertest" instead of the one I made. Deleted severtest from Zomboid/Server does nothing. Even if its gone it just comes back when you try to start the server through the bat file.
Rice Man Stan Nov 26, 2022 @ 9:39am 
Also, this guide is for Dedicated Servers, so for those who want to host a game 24 hours a day for more than a few people. If you're all playing at the same time each day, then the person with the best PC, and connection should just create a game, and invite via the game menu.
Rice Man Stan Nov 26, 2022 @ 9:37am 

I made the effort of finding this comment at a later time to reply to you. Turn the option of upnp off. You don't need Upnp if you're manually forwarding ports. Upnp is for automatic port forwarding, which is a stupid idea, and it doesn't work most of the time.
helagaking Oct 18, 2022 @ 4:20pm 
I have opened ports 16261 and 16262 udp as well as several other ports that I assume older guides tell me to open and every time I launch my dedicated server, it says:
"no upnp-enabled internet gateway found, you must configure port forwarding on your gateway manually in order to make your server accessible from the internet"
In the server command window and no one can join. I can only join thru my local return loop address. I'm losing my mind here. How is this so hard??
kabano Aug 11, 2022 @ 11:57am 
After many many hours struggling with port forwarding and handling the dedicated server shenanigans, I read this guide and find out that you can just host through the game and invite normally. Fuck man. Thank you for opening my eyes. I'm both pissed off and glad. Even more so that 1h after hosting the server, a zombie bit through my 3 layers of leather padding and reached my arm. Luckly enough I had enough bullets left in my shotgun to heal the wound :)
Ramenya Aug 11, 2022 @ 6:52am 
Legit was hosting a server fine yesterday

Today nobody can log in and they "Fail to download map"

There is of course no fix to be found online and logs lead to stack return which doesn't help at all.

Seriously you might wanna skip the pain of hosting or joining servers and just play singleplayer