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Total Conquest 2.0
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Dec 3, 2021 @ 4:49am
Dec 29, 2021 @ 9:27am
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Total Conquest 2.0


ATTENTION! SWITCH OFF LOGGING IF YOU HAVE IT ENABLED! A bug was discovered which causes crashes when logging is enabled. Only turn logging on if you get a repeatable crash again!

Mod will work in ENGLISH ONLY! In other languages you're bound to get a start up crash.

This mod is in beta. Please report any bugs and problems in the discussion.

If you'd rather play older version (which has less crashes) please download it here:
TC 2.01[]

You can read about the major features HERE[]
Discord Link![]

We are back and better than ever! After a long delay, Total Conquest returns with a vengeance. Experience Rome Total War like never before: with brand new mechanics, factions and features which Total War games had not seen in the past.

TC utilises the engine's various new features: from lifted faction limits, through combined gameplay features of Rome's original expansions, to heavily scripted events.

Total Conquest features 51 factions on its campaign map. Spartans, Athenians, Ptolemaic Kingdom, Brennus' Horde and various others have joined the fray.

In addition to vanilla factions, there are nine new playable factions. Others will be made playable as time goes on and their roasters are fleshed out! At the moment, many are copies of existing factions, but we want to provide a unique experience to many of these. Sadly, we didn't have the time to do everything... yet!

In addition, some factions can only appear if specific conditions had been met. It's all for you to find out!

The mod makes use of various features from the game's original expansions. On top of that, completely new mechanics had been built, utilising expanded scripting functionality Feral has built into the latest patch. Total Conquest has completely custom scripts allowing us to depict things like Roman Civil War, Senate system, Garrison spawning, Recent Conquest penalties, Civilisation Mechanic, Area of Recruitment system and many others.

As time goes on, new mechanics will be added, and existing ones improved. Total Conquest is here to stay!

Rome was not built in a day, and nor will your new Empire! TC has increased costs and build times for buildings, meaning you'll have to think carefully about what choices you make. No longer will your settlements sit idly because everything has been built already. Ability of a settlement to reach a higher level depends on its Civilisation Status, which grows slowly over time. Different factions have different growth rates, meaning Barbarians are far less likely to achieve sprawling cities in the same time frame as the Romans or Greeks.

Razing and enslaving a settlement will now hinder its ability to grow for many turns, meaning mindless extermination will cost you in the long run. When a settlement is captured, if it's not considered a core of your nation, you'll receive severe economic and public order penalties for a number of turns - until the situation stabilises. You can always go in heavy handed and establish brutal oppression of the local populace, but that will cost you - both in coin, and in flight of the people who live there. You're also only able to recruit your faction's troops in core settlements - otherwise you'll have to rely on local levies, meaning you armies will need to march out on campaigns, and eventually return to their homelands to resupply.

New units for both new and existing factions supplement an already rich roster. These units have been carefully balanced in mind with existing vanilla troops. Recruit local levies of various cultures, discover a new Roman military reform and find new ways to play!

Special thanks to:
  • My amazing wife Liia for being really supportive of my hobby, even though it takes up so much of my time :)
  • Feral for making all this possible and putting up with our whining
  • Ahowl and Makanyane for their work on MM and modding research
  • wilddog for his work on IWTE and short but funny remarks
  • Agugus, Pinarius, Lusted, KLA, Algaman, Milner and Ferresfor for their awesome unit models
  • KurdishNomad, Ardwin22, Swagger, Aradan and all the others not named here for their Remastered modding research
  • Melkor for contributing his awesome and refreshing ideas
  • Lanjane for running the RTW Modding Community discord, which is a great resource
  • Warlock Engineer, Senor Kuchen and Engel for their contribution to TC
  • Main theme: Legionnaire" by Scott Buckley

    Total Conquest is my pet project, and has consumed hundreds of hours since its conception. Time spent on it even hindered the development of my other work. If you appreciate the mod, please consider wishlisting my upcoming game, Citizens, on Steam. It would mean the world to me! Demo is also available, so please have a play! You could also get a me a coffee through paypal[] :) I'm going through a lot of caffeine!

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TinTin Mar 13 @ 2:51pm 
Really exciting mod and impressive work so far! Sadly I'm gonna put it on a hold for now cause of enough "issues" that made me unsure about investing much more time than 25 turns.

Feedback / thoughts:
- Marian reform automatically retrains every unit, free of charge. While I found the original reform annoying when you can't retrain old units at all, this was a bit too convenient for me. There's also a bug in this as certain hastati units went from ~60 manpower to 0-1 manpower after the reform, they could still be retrained, and move on the map as long as there was a unit with atleast 1 manpower in the army.
- It seems like the AI aren't aware at all of the trading nodes on the map.
- Early game you are tasked with sending a diplomat to ? faction after weakening them enough, to make them your vassal. But there was never an option for this in the diplomacy overview.
TinTin Mar 13 @ 2:51pm 
- AI seems to break. Chartage made no units for atleast 10 turns and didn't make any movements as I landed and laid siege on them, even when they had other troops nearby. Macedon froze with 2 stacks of units outside my town for 9 turns after I made a ceasefire and alliance with them, while their neighbours are taking their towns.
- The "extra garrison" after 1 turn under siege for AI removed about 6 decent units in chartage, and replaced them with 2 bad garrison units.
- Values for merchants seems to be the same when overall costs and income are increased. Makes merchants even less worth to spend time on, for those who actually spend time on that.
- Values to gain traits "Poor trader/farmer" should be tweaked, it is hard to avoid getting these traits in vanilla(imo poor design), but with increased build times you pretty much can't avoid these traits even if you build/upgrade marked/farm asap.
Svaor Feb 28 @ 6:32am 
I wanted to ask you. Will your Total Conquest 2.0 mod be adapted and translated into russian language?!
Notorious C.A.T. Feb 23 @ 12:57pm 
Sounds and looks amazing. For someone new to the mod do you recommend 2.01 (the more stable) version? this current one? or waiting a while for a new version? I'm still enjoying Roma Surrectum, however it's a bit 'much' for me - everything takes so much time and I like to play weaker factions (i.e. not Roman or Greek) and at least for me, those have become too hard/unwinnable. I'm sensing/hoping this mod strikes an even better balance with playability.
Price Feb 23 @ 11:29am 
Can anyone get this to work with original textures up-scaled? the models are old so it works better with it otherwise we've got hyper detailed dude crossing swords with ps2 graphics lad
YakuzaUnderlord Feb 21 @ 6:17pm 
im guessing not but does this work with the 4k textures?
redhelmet71 Feb 9 @ 2:02am 
Guys please, can anyone explain how to stop logging in? There's no info on hot to do that.
Your favourite noob
qgmo2009 Feb 8 @ 3:44pm 
so how does the civ level increase?
PogChampius_7 Feb 2 @ 12:56am 
where can i see what cities have gained a legion eagle after battle with romans, anywhere else besides the events tab?
jd.2000 Jan 24 @ 1:50am 
Silly question but how do you actually turn off "logging" to access this mod haha