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Project Russia 0.5.69 Alpha
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Project Russia 0.5.69 Alpha

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Project Russia is a mod that combines many cities of different authors into one big map.

3600 cells (each cell is 300 meters squared)
Entire map to scaleВ 324 square kilometers

At the moment, playable cities are shown in white on the map, whileВ redВ are unplayable cities.

  • Map size 324km^2
  • Large Russian cities
  • Typical Russian villages located all over the map
  • Rivers that traverse the whole map
  • Early 90s setting
  • The real ATMOSPHERE of Russia

- How to launch the map in Multiplayer?
A: Specify in the tab: Workshop: Project Russia
Check in the spawns tab for spawns.
Select in the mods tab the submods you will use
If it does not work, then set Muldro as the last city to be loaded, or delete it in the *spawn regions* tab

- Does this mod support (insert political issue)?
A: We are just a mod, it isn't about modern politics. If you want to leave a politically motivated comment you are in the wrong place.

- HELP! My save on project russia broke!
A: Updating map cells corrupts them, so if you plan on making a long-term playthrough on this map (or any other map mod that replaces kentucky) you should make a backup of the mod version you've started the save on and use it.
If your save broke after the 0.3.49 update, you can find a download for the previous version in ALT's discord server in the #info channel.

- What tilesets does this map use?
A: The map uses: throttlekitty's tiles, Dylan's Tile Pack, Daddy Dirkie dirks tiles, Fantasiado's More Street Details, ExtraNoise's Newburbs Tiles and PertsPartyTiles
You won't have to have all of them enabled, as they are included in the mod. All credit for these tilesets goes to their original authors.

- Is there a map of the project?
A: Yes, you can find it in ALT's discord server in the #info channel

- Where to report bugs?
A: Yes, you can report them in ALT's discord server in the #pr-bugs channel

- Where is the link to the discord server?
A: It's, or if steam removes the link it's JHuakWasYW.

- How can I put my map on Project Russia?
A: You have to message oI_ALT_Io#7954 on discord, if you do not have a map already, you need to create atleast 1 cell to place it on our map.

Dolgoprudny, Rybinsk - I_ALT_I
Nazarovo - ZUBLUDOK
Klin - UKG
Cherkesiha, Hohlovo - Yisdoge
Radio and TV - Yisdoge
All features submod - Yisdoge, Huel and Lemes
Kamenki - Yes Daddy
Bolotnoe - Tsikuta
Chernozyomsk - RomaPozitiv
Nagorye and other locations - Huel
PSA, PSIP, PR Clothes - Huel and Lemes
PARC - Lemes
Russian Garments, Hammer & Sickle Clothing - Fello
Playtesting - KeNTouKJlag4uK, Boris Barbudo
Tilesets - their creators

Workshop ID: 2639141128

Workshop ID: 2639141128
Mod ID: projectrussiaafn
Mod ID: projectrussiaafy
Mod ID: projectrussia
Map Folder: Bolotnoe
Map Folder: Cherkesiha
Map Folder: Chernozyomsk
Map Folder: DolgoprudnyPR
Map Folder: Hohlovo
Map Folder: Klin
Map Folder: Kumenki
Map Folder: Nagorye
Map Folder: Nazarovo
Map Folder: Project Russia
Map Folder: Rybinsk
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Skidi9001 11 minutes ago 
i used that mod with the russia thing and there still spawned vanilla vehicles with it
ALT  [author] 9 hours ago 
@Skidi9001 There is no fricking car settings in PZ use setting from PICTURE. All of this settings for car to spawn thanks to devs of pz
Skidi9001 9 hours ago 
thats just shows the mod not the car settings and it shows the spawn region:spiffo:
ALT  [author] 9 hours ago 
@Skidi9001 Use server setting from picture at mod page:deadrat:
Skidi9001 10 hours ago 
How do u make it so only the russian vehicles spawn
ALT  [author] May 26 @ 2:48pm 
@kod77 Любой город хоть вымышленный. Посмотри второе видео на странице нашего мода. Там инфа про набор в команду
kod77 May 26 @ 2:44pm 
(Или в Project Russia чисто Московская область только???)
kod77 May 26 @ 2:31pm 
@ALT А, хорошо тогда, попробую сначала сделать новый файл с картой, завтра-послезавтра напишу)
ALT  [author] May 26 @ 1:39pm 
@kod77 С нуля. Но я могу дать парочку как примеры