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Super Spyglass Plus
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Sep 5, 2021 @ 2:10am
Sep 18, 2021 @ 2:37am
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Super Spyglass Plus

Spyglass Features
  • Shows detailt Info about the targeted creature.
  • Shows Wild and Tamed Stats and Mutation counts.
  • Shows the tame food and amount needed for a tame.
  • Shows creature colors and the region.
  • Shows Buffs and there timers.
  • Shows All information about fertilized Eggs.
  • Shows Lat and Lon and the Compass direction you are facing. ( Postion of the GPS can be chosen )
  • Shows info about supply drops.
  • Shows info about droped item bags.
  • Shows info on structures.
  • Has build in night vision, Predator vision and Outline mode.
  • UI Color , UI text color and UI size can be configured.
  • Has 6 crosshair styles to choose from. And the size and color of the crosshair can be configured.
  • Offers 4 different ways to use the Spyglass. One that is used like the vanilla one. A skin based on that can be equiped on the head armor. A remote to toggle it on or off and one that will just toggle it on or off when used.
  • 2 UI styles

Left Ctrl - Toggle Target Lock ( The Version were you hold the spyglass Toggles with primary fire button )
Alt+MWheel Toggle Scan
Alt+MWheel Zoom
Alt+Right Mouse Reset Zoom
Alt+Num+ Change UI Style
Alt+Num- Toggle Structure Info
Alt+Num* Toggle Dino Owner Info
Alt+Num/ Toggle UI Anims On/Off
Shift+F3 Predator Vision
Shift+F4 Night Vision
Shift+F5 Outline Mode
Alt+Home Opens the User Settings Menu

GUS.ini Settings
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Spawncodes and Engram names
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Catherine Jan 9 @ 9:47am 
Is there any way to activate this Spy glass for tamed dino all the time? I installed a skin on the hat, but when the ui disappears and I point the crosshair to other tamed dinos, the ui does not appear.
Antisolar Jan 5 @ 7:36am 
Okay if anyone has my issue below, which is unlikely, it's actually pretty simple. The spyglass skin activates whenever the helmet is put on. I think I had issues because I also had the spyglass item in my quickslots, so disabling the item disabled my helmet. Just had to remove helmet and put in on again.
GranDaddy69 Jan 2 @ 7:09am 
Is there a way to toggle gps on without holding spyglass?
Antisolar Jan 2 @ 1:25am 
Has anyone any idea how to toggle the spyglass skin on the helmet ? I tried E, R, N, long tap, double tap because that's apparently the sort of key that toggle the Tek helmet.
I'd like being able to free a shortcut spot.
Also, is there a reason tamed dino don't show taming food anymore ? I have to use another set of binocular just for that.
KAVAN  [author] Jan 1 @ 11:41pm 

That are the colors the creature has and the numbers are the the indexes of the colors.
GranDaddy69 Jan 1 @ 12:28pm 
What are the stats above the health bar and under the picture of the dino?
elias Jan 1 @ 9:49am 
Pat Dec 31, 2021 @ 10:11am 
Great mod nut can I change the Alt+Home key to something else? When I try to open the User Settings Menu it toggles the stupid ordering group instead.
Rektz Dec 31, 2021 @ 6:18am 
What are the numbers in the 6 small boxes
HeyBailey Dec 29, 2021 @ 7:33pm 
I found that the coordinates are half a point off from actual map. Tested with a delivery crate.