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Queen and Country
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Sep 2, 2021 @ 11:23am
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Queen and Country

For Queen and Country!

What is Queen and Country?
  • Queen and Country is a mod which aims to add accurate and high quality British Military equipment period correct to the Invasion of Iraq (Operation Telic) all the way through the years to the recent end of combat operations in Afghanistan (Operation Herrick).

    Queen and Country currently brings a multitude of content to the game, including
  • S95 Pattern Barrack Uniforms and UBACS Uniforms in 3 camouflage patterns.
  • 95 Pattern PLCE webbing in various camouflage patterns.
  • ECBA body armour intertwined with PLCE.
  • Mk6 combat helmet with a huge variety of patterns, nets and accessories to choose from.
  • SWDG (1974) and ESS V12 Advancer combat goggles.

    Plenty of assets are currently work in progress and will be coming soon!

    Development Team Credits
  • Armography - Publishing and reference material.
  • Simcardo - Created/donated a plethora of models.
  • Ebyam - Incredible textures and materials.
  • Archie - Created multiple models, some of which are coming soon!
  • Stiindox - Bringing everything to life inside of Arma 3.
  • Komyeta - Patches Galore!
  • Fascrot - 3D Modelling.

    Artwork Credits
  • Armography

    Image credits:
  • Armography
  • WilsonTheIrish
  • Stiindox

    Discord Invite:

    By downloading this mod you agree to never redistribute this mod by any means.

    You also agree to never re-upload this mod publicly without using 'Queen and Country' as a dependency for your addon.

  • Rest in peace Your Majesty, your 70+ years of service is finished to this proud nation I'm proud to call home, thank you.

    (As a small tribute by the team here at QAC, this mods name will not be altered)
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BigminStone99  [author] Apr 5 @ 9:16pm 
@Paulie, Osprey/Kestrel/Rhino are planned but I can't promise anything at this stage.

@bobo_belqta, have you not read the description?
nodeslammer27ツ Mar 17 @ 11:29am 
rename to King And Country ? maybe, idk
Paulie Mar 9 @ 8:30am 
Will you add Osprey and Rhino armour?
suspected bomber  [author] Mar 6 @ 8:02pm 
@=BAD=DreadForce83 We originally did plan on the MK6A being added, but we dont currently have one 3D Modelled at all.

@LL COOL D Not currently, current TRF development is going into Herrick flashes.

@Swisstar100 We plan to add NODs themselves in the future, we decided not to add them to the NVG slot for now.

@insertcringeynamehere They're included in the optionals PBO inside the mod files, it must be manually loaded. There is a file inside the mod with instructions on doing so.
insertcringeynamehere Feb 26 @ 6:18am 
ddpm and od green plces please
Swisstar100 Feb 23 @ 8:43pm 
Any chance the goggles also be added to the nvg slots? I'd love to run them with glasses but that's currently not possible.
LL COOL D Feb 19 @ 9:38am 
do you have household division flashes ?
Sonnyd0613 Feb 4 @ 12:12pm 
Any chance of cba armour?
=BAD=DreadForce83 Feb 4 @ 7:43am 
Dear Developers,
would it be possible to add a British Mk 6A helmet (bare black variant without fabric cover) among the equipment roster of your mod? Kind regards.
Freddy M Feb 3 @ 11:46am 
Awesome! Really looking forward to that, appreciate the quick reply Bigmin! :)