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Simple Utilities: Ceiling
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Simple Utilities: Ceiling

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Allows the building of ceiling-mounted light fixtures, firefoam poppers, and sun lamps. Also includes darklight variants for Ideology users. The lights come in a variety of styles, and can be placed above furniture.

  • Styles: In order to use styles, you must have Vanilla Expanded Framework. Without it, you just get the 1 main style.

  • 1x1 ceiling lights in 3 styles.
  • 1x2 long ceiling light in 3 styles.
  • 1x1 dark ceiling lights for ideology users, with a technist style as well.
  • Ceiling mounted sunlamps in 2 styles.
  • Ceiling mounted firefoam popper.
  • Being able to mount a salvaged gloomlight to the ceiling.
  • A 2x2 pre-industrial chandelier. If you have Perspective: Buildings, you can offset them a half-tile to center into odd-tiled spaces. They can also substitute a throneroom's brazier requirement.

  • As far as stats go, all buildings treat the vanilla equivalent as their parent definition... with two exceptions: Ceiling mounted fixtures take longer to build, and as they are affixed to the structure, they cannot be minified/moved.
  • Custom placement code restricting fixtures to roofed tiles.
  • Buildings are all grouped into a dropdown category to avoid cluttering your build menus.
  • Visibility toggle button.

Q. I can't find the lights.
A. They're all grouped together under a drop-down menu. Usually the mounted gloomlight is the first on the list.

Q. Can these be built over things like furniture?
A. Yes, unless the furniture supports roofs (like columns).

Q. I can't install a mounted gloomlight.
A. Mechnodes you acquired prior to installing this mod won't work immediately. Install them as normal, then uninstall them. Then you should be be able to mount them.

Q. Can the "change graphic" button be less random?
A. Yep. Go to mod options -> vanilla framework expanded -> and enable sequential graphics.


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maledin Dec 6 @ 6:02pm 
How about adding mounted orbital relays as well? I hate how they always get in the way when they could easily be mounted on the ceiling/roof?

I would just make it myself, but I feel like this mod is already the gold standard, all-in-one tool for ceiling stuff. Don't want to clutter up my/others mod lists anymore than they already are.
Toaster Dec 3 @ 5:45pm 
Ah, nice, it's vanilla framework expanded not vanilla expanded framework btw, so it's easier for people to search for
Owlchemist  [author] Dec 3 @ 4:44pm 
@Toaster - since a lot of people have asked the same, I added this to the FAQ just now.
Toaster Dec 3 @ 4:30pm 
Hey, can the "change graphic" button be made so that it cycles the available styles instead of picking a new one randomly? Or at least limit it so that it randomly picks out of styles other than the one it's in right now.

It's annoying having to click 5 times just to change the style of something because RNG hates you.

And/or can you perhaps make it so that when changing a style for something, that style gets remembered for all new items of that type? I believe many people are like me and keep everything in an consistent style
Geronimo Dec 2 @ 9:41pm 
Huh well Im full of myself nevermind! lol Thanks for the quick reply.

I found several of my stock piles like this missing a square under the poppers. Though I did not actually build over the zone to check it. Weird... :sefacepalm:
Owlchemist  [author] Dec 2 @ 9:28pm 
@Geronimo - are you sure? I just tested it now [cdn.discordapp.com] and all the ceiling mounted stuff, including the firefoam popppers, could be placed above stocking zones without changing it.
Geronimo Dec 2 @ 8:12pm 
Would it be possible for the mounted firefoam popper to not remove a square from stocking zones? Since it is intended to be on the ceiling.

Another mod already does this for columns
RedCell Nov 27 @ 5:03am 
Putting this here solely for me.

It's in Furniture. If you have the 'search' mod, it won't work if you type in 'ceiling' or 'chandelier'. You will have to type in "mounted gloomlight" like the author said above.
Prokuratura Piekarza Plagi Nov 26 @ 2:38am 
evoc Nov 18 @ 8:51am 
Hi Owlchemist,
love your mods.

Would you consider adding a roof mounted orbital trade beacon? They are always in my way...