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Ark Nucleus - Ver. 0.101.0
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Aug 4, 2021 @ 11:37pm
Nov 15, 2021 @ 1:55pm
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Ark Nucleus - Ver. 0.101.0

One Mod to configure them all, One Mod to find them, One Mod to localize them all, and with JSON bind them.

Mod ID: 2566418613

- Ark-Nucleus was accepted in the Sponsored Mod Program on the 1st of November 2021. - Thanks to the monetary support from Wildcard, I will be able to dedicate much more time to working on this mod, which means better quality of work as well as much quicker updates. - If no unforeseen things happen, the Sponsorship period will last 4 months. - I will be also allocating some of the funds to host some competitions for modders as an incentivise for them to add support for Ark-Nucleus in their mods (more on this in the future). - Thank you everyone for showing so much interest and support for this mod, I will do my best to repay that support in a high quality mod that will save you time and make your daily Ark life easier be it as a Ark Player, Ark Server Admin or Ark Modder.

Mod details
- Summary: This mod will add tools to help you manage installed mods as well as tools that help you manage your server while also offering utilities for the players itself.

- Status: WIP but stable and safe to use on populated server with weekly/biweekly updates (after passing tests on the Dev branch).

- Compatibility: Fully Stackable (should work with any combination of mods).

- Load order: Can be anywhere in the load order.

- Translation Status: As the mod is still in early development, only ENGLISH is provided with the mod. Built in translations for Chinese,German,Spanish and some other will be added at a later time when the mod is at a more complete state.
But nothing prevents the players to EXPORT the translation JSON in the "Localizations" tab, give it to someone who knows English and XX language that can translate it for them and then IMPORT it back into the mod and share a link to that translation with other players. (this are considered as User/Community Translations).

- How to access UI: "Server Info" and "Mods Hub" can be accessed from inside any of the base game UI pages (inventory, Tribe Manger, Engrams,...) by clicking on one of the added ORANGE buttons.

GUS.INI (GameUserSettings.ini)
- NO GUS changes are needed for Single-Player

- On DEDICATED/NON-DEDICATED servers, for you to be considered Master Admin and have full access to all features, add the following to your gus.ini

[Nucleus] MasterSteamIDs=YOUR_STEAM_ID

- Replace the YOUR_STEAM_ID with your Steam64 ID (If you don't know how to get it, visit this site Add more then one ID by separating them with a comma (",") like 111,222,333

Mod Hub features
  • Catalog [BASE COMPLETED - Extended features in WIP] - List all items and dinos that a mod adds to your game as well as vanilla game items/dinos. Offers a nice 3D preview of every item/dino, some basic information as well as SPAWN OPTIONS for admins. Mods can opt-in for some more advanced features like the ability to enable configuration of items individually using the previously mentioned Configuration system and JSON UI Builder. Instead of having the individual setting show in the main settings window, settings that are for a specific item/dino can be moved onto the item itself, making thing more organized.

  • JSON UI Builder [COMPLETED] - text based UI generator for creating UI on the fly at run-time. One of the places this is used is the Mod info page which allow mods to provide a custom layout (UI) and present their mod in a more appealing way to the users and admins that have it installed by providing helpful texts, links to change-logs and buttons to donation/support/social pages.

  • Configuration system [IN-PROGRESS(UI Part not finished)] - configure mods at run-time using a nice looking UI (based on the JSON UI Builder), no more searching for INI settings and what they do. This is also an opt-in feature that may be of interest to mod authors that don’t have the skills or time to create an advanced UI system for the settings of their mods and are using only INI settings. As with localization, making use of this feature doesn’t make the mod dependent on Nucleus. In the absence of Ark Nucleus the mods will default to pulling settings from INI files or other sources as they did previously.

  • Localization system [COMPLETED] - translate every mod that opts in without making the mod dependent on Nucleus to work (will show default language)

  • Log system [COMPLETED] - also an optional feature that mod authors can make use of and log the activity of their mods that will be easily accessible to players and admins in case of tracking down issues or detect misuse of mod features by other players. The system supports large ammounts of log items without affecting the stability of the server.

Utility features

  • Global Map [IN-PROGRESS] - Admins can enable a global map that will be accessible to all players in the "Server Info" section of Ark-Nuclues. On the map admins can put markers and color out regions that will be visible to all players showing them Points of interest, tribe claimed regions, pvp/pve zones and such with notes. Admins can use the map to show players and dino locations.

  • Server Info Page [TO-DO] - Using the (JSON UI Builder) Admins can fully edit the "Server Info" page by creating custom tabs with welcome messages, rulse and guids, server statistics and such.

- We are preparing a series of videos on YouTube that will explain each feature in details. - To get informed when such a videos get uploaded, join our discord where you can also get in person help by me or other community members.

- To make best use of the time I put into my mods, please use discord for reporting bugs. - Before reporting a bug, first do a quick search for similar bugs and possible solutions. - If you can't or don't want to use Discord, be respectful towards my time and report the bug by opening a new Discussion and write in as much information as possible. - Bug reports in comments, or bug reports that are like "I installed and XYZ is not working" without any useful information show that you didn't even take time to read the mod description before reporting a bug and is a good enough reason for me to ignore it and instead use my time to help people that are respectful towards my time.

- We are preparing a series of videos on YouTube that will showcase the needed steps to make your own mod(s) compatible with Ark-Nucleus - Documentation will be added as well at a later stage where the mod is in a near finished state. - All this will be accessible in our discord server. - Discord is the only place where you can get in person help by me or the community in setting up your mod when you get stuck on something.

- This is the fastes way to get my attention, be it a bug, request or some other type of question. - And even if you don't wish to share your feedback, we don't bother(ping) people without them expressing interest for it, so you can just stay quiet in the background and follow the development of the mod.
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