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Eccentric Tech - Core
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Jul 20, 2021 @ 10:38am
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Eccentric Tech - Core

In 2 collections by Aelanna
Eccentric Tech
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The Eccentric's Angels [1.4]
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This is the core mod for Eccentric Tech and contains shared research, buildings, and materials used by several other mods in this series.

Mod Contents

Core adds the following content:

Research Projects:

  • Aurora Core - Enables construction of the Aurora Core, which unlocks the rest of the technologies for Eccentric Tech.
  • Nanofabrication - Enables construction of Nanofabricators and Nanoassemblers, precision nano-scale facilities that are capable of producing advanced Second Wave materials, components, and equipment.
  • High-Density Hex Cells - Enables production of High-Density Hex Cells at the Nanofabricator. HD Hex Cells are advanced power storage devices used in Second Wave weapons and equipment.


  • Aurora Core - An advanced AI mainframe hosting a reconstruction of The Eccentric's military-grade starship persona, AP-0176 "Aurora". Attaching this to a Hi-Tech Research Bench allows the decryption of Aurora's database and the use of her hoarded technologies.
  • Nanofabricator - A precision nano-scale production facility capable of manufacturing advanced Second Wave materials such as Nanoweave and High-Density Hex-Cells.
  • Nanoassembler - A precision nano-scale production facility capable of building Second Wave weapons, equipment, and smart apparel.


  • High-Density Hex Cells - A compact energy storage device capable of extremely high energy density while remaining remarkably stable. Used in Second Wave weapons and smart apparel.
  • Nanoweave - A smart fabric comprised of layers of synthetic threads, microscopic plasteel reinforcements, and artificial muscle fibers. On its own it is unremarkable and barely stronger than synthread, but it can be used to produced advanced Second Wave smart apparel and bionic implants at the Nanoassembler.

Dependent Mods

The following mods require Eccentric Tech - Core as a dependency:

Eccentric Tech - Foxy's Armory 2.0

Eccentric Tech - Angel Apparel

Eccentric Tech - Advanced Shields

Eccentric Tech - Cosmetic Modifications

Optional Dependents

The following mods do not strictly require Eccentric Tech - Core, but have additional content unlocked if it is loaded:

Eccentric Tech - Defense Grid: allows for the fabrication of high-energy shield cores from the Nanoassembler.

Eccentric Tech - Fusion Power: allows for the fabrication of TFG modules from the Nanofabricator.


Eccentric Tech mods were created to accompany The Eccentric's Angels, a Rimworld-inspired webcomic on Reddit.
luis.vette Jun 24 @ 5:05am 
i can't interact with the buildings (persona core; nanoassembler; nanofabricator).
the persona core does what it is meant to be doing (it connects to research-benches)
but i can't interact with the produktion building (i can't select it, like it is not even there)
Tsunatus Jun 21 @ 5:46pm 
so i have tested it further and it seems that if i force rotate it the animation gets moved to the forefront. I am using similar mods from my previous play through with the exception of SoS2.

I don't believe it's a game breaking bug but rather just a graphical one.
Aelanna  [author] Jun 20 @ 5:50am 
@Tsunatus - The only gameplay issue I've heard about is an issue with the refrigerators in Spacer Furniture, which I'm still waiting on someone to give me a log to diagnose. This is the first I've heard about an issue with the Aurora Core.
Tsunatus Jun 20 @ 12:40am 
@Aelanna - Are your mods compatible with SoS2? The Aurora core animation seems to be bugged as the projection is being displayed behind the core when i build it in my space station.
I tried placing a floor on top of the ship hull plating but it doesn't change anything.
Riffy May 13 @ 3:53pm 
You were correct, thank you. I've never had it be an issue before so I never thought to check it, thanks again.
Riffy May 13 @ 2:50pm 
@Aelanna I do have it running but honestly I can pull it without a care. Let me go give that a try and see cause I want your mods back in. As for logs I can upload one with and without them loaded. I was trying to pull the log apart but I am getting errors I've never seen before.

Either way let me go pull NFA out and see if things go back to normal.
Aelanna  [author] May 13 @ 7:42am 
@Riffy - Are you using any animation mods such as Nal's Facial Animations? I've heard recently that it is causing severe issues alongside Humanoid Alien Races, which Cosmetic Modifications uses for its implants. Outside of that, I can't think of anything else in Eccentric Tech that would affect pawn rendering; are you getting any errors and/or can you provide a log that illustrates this issue?
Riffy May 12 @ 8:18pm 
Hey, love the mod but I hit an issue. Since the 1.5 update I noticed a weird thing and I am still working it out but when all your eccentric tech mods are loading FPS over even a single pawn will drop to near 15fps give or take. The moment I move off any pawn it goes back to 200+. I pulled the mods and it works normal but when I readd them it again loses fps.

I am sure it's likely a conflict or something, can you suggest a place or tool to help pin it down? The error log isn't being helpful this time.
Zeues May 10 @ 4:52am 
@Aelanna, thank you for the reply, don't worry about it.
Aelanna  [author] May 9 @ 12:14pm 
@Zeues - For a lot of the individual mods in this series, there is no way for me to please everyone with regards as to where to put each individual item. If you would like to customize it for yourself, I would definitely look into mods like Cherry Picker and/or RIMMSqol that can customizations to mod content such as the ones you're suggesting. :)