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Basic Remote Stand setup
By andycishere
Basic Setup guide for the usage of remote stands.
Part 1) Assign Bus Stop and Stand to Boarding Desk
First of all, you build any type of stand (small, medium or large). It can be somewhere at your airport.

In this example, there are two medium stands apart from the terminal building.

Then continue at the terminal building. Build your bus stops where you want that you passengers enter the busses.
Build Gate Desks (manned, automated or both) next to the bus stops.
Connect them with a door.

Make sure that the entire path is secured. Often it happens, that the door area is not marked as secure zone.

Same applies if you use sidewalks to your bus stops.

Now select the boarding desk(s) for each stand.
(You can select multiple objects by pressing the SHIFT-Key)

Choose the button "Connect airside shuttle bus stop" and attach it to your bus stop.

Choose the 2nd button "Connect stand" and attach the boarding desks to your new remote stand.

Now you have a successfull connection from boarding desk, bus stop and remote stand.

Oh, and don't forget to buy some Airside Shuttle Busses.
Park them close to the bus stop and the stands for the best efficiency.

Part 2) Assign Service Car Stop to Stand
To bring ramp agents for service rounds and baggage services to the new remote stand, you require a service car stop and of course some service cars.

You can buy the cars in the vehicles menu.
How many? Start with one, when you see that they can't cover all flights going on, buy more.

Build a service car stop at your terminal building. It's recommended to keep it close to a staff room where your Ramp Agents rest.

The Service Car Stop must be inside the secure area.

One service car stop can serve several remote stands. Buy more and split up your remote stands when you see that the service cars blocking eachother.

Select your remote stand.

Press the button "Connect Service Car Stop"

And connect it with your new service car stop.

Done. Ramp agents will now wait at the service car stop until a service car brings them to the remote stand.

You can actually now start scheduling flights.
Part 3) Large Remote Stands
Large Remote Stands will be served with two busses.

You can now assign two bus stops to the same Large Stand. This will allow, that both busses will perform the boarding at the same time.

If you use only one bus stop for Large Remote Stands, it can cause delays, because the 2nd bus cannot drive on the bus stop.


Be aware about the usage of International Zones. If it is an international remote stand, departure and arrival bus stops have to be within the international zone as well.
Part 4) Optional: Arrival Only Bus Stop (for passenger separation)
By default, arriving passengers will drop off at the same bus stop which is later used for the departing passengers.

If you prefer a separation of your passengers, you can for example drop off your passengers at a dedicated arrival bus stop nearby the security exits.


As soon as you have a functional remote stand, a button appears at the stand called "Connect arrival-only airside shuttle bus stop".

Select the designated bus stop.

And now passengers will be dropped off there.

The same drop off bus stop can be used for multiple remote stands.