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Customize your airport!
Upload and download new airlines and liveries, businesses and products. Share your best airport layouts and experience other airport CEOs save games!
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Steam Workshop Launched!
Customize your airport!

The new UI update, Alpha 27.6 does not only bring a new user interface but also support for Steam Workshop! With this first release of the game’s Steam Workshop support, we are supporting businesses, i.e. anything from an airline with custom liveries to a construction company, as well as airport sharing via save uploads. Saves can easily be shared via the start menu by clicking on the Steam icon in the saves list and business and airlines are installed by subscribing to a mod in the Airport CEO Steam Workshop portal. Once subscribed, the Steam client will download the mod and you’ll be able to see it in the in-game mod panel via the main menu – and enable it to have it show up in the game.

We’re currently in the process of developing an external mod tool to democratize modding, and eventually enable aircraft modding, but in the meanwhile you can read more here[] on how to mod Airport CEO.

Happy modding!

Fredrik & Olof - Apoapsis Studios