A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time

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HKSTDOI: Golden Eye of the Shapeshifters
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Jul 4, 2021 @ 9:45am
Jul 23, 2021 @ 5:40pm
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HKSTDOI: Golden Eye of the Shapeshifters

Warning: This mod may not run as intended on lower graphics settings, or lower hardware.
Warning: Please do not use any custom playables, they are likely to cause graphical glitches in this mod. Please use regular Hat Kid.

Disclaimer: This mod assumes you've played Hat Kid Steals the Declaration of Independence.

All copyrighted content belongs to their respective owners and is used under fair use.

The long-anticipated action-packed sequel to the hit mod, Hat Kid Steals the Declaration of Indendence...
Hat Kid Stole the Declaration of Independence: The Golden Eye of the Shapeshifters!
Earth has been invaded by the race of the Shapeshifters, slowly implementing themselves into society, and taking out lives left and right! The problem has spread too much, it would be impossible to stop them in time! So Hat Kid must travel to the core of The Planet of the Shapeshifters. Where she will then destroy The Void, an unlimited source of energy. Once it's been destroyed using the power of The Declaration of Indepence, all the Shapeshifters will fizzle out permanantly! It's a near impossible mission...but Hat Kid never cared about the odds, as long as they aren't zero. Take the fight to them, and finish it today in this exciting and thrill-filled chapter mod, featuring 5 acts.

Requires: Hookshot, All Hats.

Estimated Length: 4 Hours.


- 5 exciting full acts!
- 4 original radical boss fights!
- State of the art advanced kismet!
- Cinematics like you've never seen before!
- Innovative mini-games and puzzles!
- Hootowl from the Hoot May Cry series!


Elsie (LCL) - Writing, Programming, Concept Design, Terrain Modelling, Level Design.
TheGreatAndPowerfulWeegee - Gun Barrel Model
Bonicle - Materials, Particles, Modelling
JerseyXS97 - Terrain Modelling
Abelix - Boss Kismet, Minigame Kismet
Ultra Boo - Crucible Model, Materials, Modelling
Starblaster64 - Scriptings
SamiSha - Scripting
SuperInkLink - Act 5 Boss
Classytimes - Custom Animations
HappyAlm - Act 3 Transition Animation
Elsie Lovelock - Snake Eater Cover

Spitfaucet - Painting Art
Kid Whom Has Hat - Painting Art, and Custom Radio Icon
Lena Maniac (@lenamaniac) - Thumbnail Art

DedSecPony - Voice Actor: The Almighty
Failboat - Voice Actor: The Chameleon
Elsie (LCL) - Voice Actor: The Pilot, Misc NPCs
Hootowl - Voice Actor: The Gatekeeper
Doodrun - Voice Actor: The Commander

Wanna listen to a song in this mod? Here's every song used in the mod (spoilers in-bound!): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nu_qDmXlC-dKUZlr9OGOLHJ0zdGSH-448_03bqbsq8s/edit?usp=sharing

Wanna mess with the source code of this mod? Download the uncooked files here, please ask permission before using something from this mod in your mod: https://twitter.com/TheOneLCL/status/1411756167630442497

Like my mods? Wanna support me so I can continue making great mods? Support me at: https://ko-fi.com/elsielcl
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Fanatic May 15 @ 10:21pm 
It's hard to take the claim that there's 4 original bosses seriously since the bosses are a remix of other boss attacks, a sonic boss, a kirby boss, and mustache girl... Twice

Overall it seemed to lose that 007/MGS vibe and by the halfway point turned mostly into an annoying stealth section which I managed to break the last part of with the time stop hat so. Then came act 4, with an astonishing lack of checkpoints and a timed segment.

4/10 imo, it had a strong start and shows a remarkable amount of modding skill but I can't get around the annoying level of references, not homages and not parodies, references. I wish I could have seen what this team could have done were it not so seemingly obsessed with doing other games' concepts ala New Vegas: The Frontier. If you want to take this critique as me hating or something like that feel free to I guess
Fanatic May 15 @ 10:21pm 
If you foam at the mouth in the face of opposing opinions I advise you don't read below.

I find it disingenuous to say this mod is "Perfect" as several comments have. The first mod didn't overstay its welcome and was based pretty much around 1 joke. The sequel mod however seems to have started to take itself way too seriously. Or it doesn't and I can't tell because the tone is as focused as a grade school kid. Referential humor also isn't really my thing, so that lost something for me. It was everywhere, just to list some of the ones I remember immediately:

- Mithrix (Like... All of Mithrix, down to some of the lines outright)
- Eggman
- Taboo (From smash bros brawl but could be wrong about that one)
- Zero 2 from Kirby
- Metal gear at minimum twice

Treightr Mar 23 @ 4:38pm 
This mod is really amazing. The amount of passion and work put into it is stunning. Probably the best A Hat in Time mod out there!

Unfortunately, there are some things which makes playing it very tedious and reduces the fun significantly. The biggest problem:
- So many softlocks. I probably got stuck in every single act. In act 3, the boss got stuck in a chase sequence which required me to play the entire act again (where are the checkpoints?) :/

I know the mod should not be easy but please put a ton of checkpoints in it. It is neccessarry if you get stuck to reset yourself!
The Loch Fess Monster Mar 5 @ 5:38am 
Loved the opening of this mod, but it got very laggy as soon as the gameplay began :( I had to quit. Can you improve that somehow?
Johnnysaurus04 Feb 6 @ 11:35am 
This is the greatest mod ever. It only goes downhill from here.
Aminushki Jan 29 @ 3:58pm 
This is great! Act 3 is by far my favourite but the lack of checkpoints in act 4 was a let down. The void was very cool tho so it made up for it quickly. Thanks for such a great mod! :)
Astra Jan 28 @ 11:42am 
yeah when i played, my timmy got stuck on a wall and i had to clip into the boss room to continue
FoSP Jan 21 @ 5:25pm 
I'm surprised there isn't a bug fix discussion thread of sorts. The only really egregious bugs I've been having is in the second and third acts. There was a minor one in Act 2 where the Rumbi mine section wouldn't change camera angles, leading to confusion and a reset, but the biggest one is with the Timmy fight in Act 3. Sometimes he just gets stuck in his pathing, I hit him, then he snaps to the next position in his pathing and becomes invincible, subsequently softlocking me. He did it after the first hit, he just did it after the second hit, and I don't want to keep going European Extreme with the cameras or the one CAW agent sitting in the corner just to move the chase one path point at a time after replaying through the entire level again.

Beyond that, this mod's been going great. The Gatekeeper Ocelot duel was a big highlight for me - I love that fight in MGS3.
genericvillagerone Jan 3 @ 11:58am 
Holy peck, this was an awesome mod! I enjoyed every second of it. I did get softlocked a few times in a couple boss battles (Acts 2, 3) as well as in Act 1 where I jumped on one of the rocks and ended up in a GameGirl(tm) minigame and had to restart the level. Also, the amount of checkpoints in Act 5/the finale is abhorrent and lackluster; the act could have benefited from more checkpoints as restarting the whole level just to fall again is deeply disheartening.

However, I did enjoy the mod; I sure hope there's more coming soon! Thank you for making such a great mod (and its predecessor)!
Krosp Dec 30, 2021 @ 6:47pm 
This game very good so far which is why it is sad that there are some game-breaking glitches I have uncovered. In one of the Game Girl minigames, I somehow managed to clip out of bounds and could not return. Similarly, I had also managed to get out of bounds and fall forever in the room where you try to press a button and the gravity changes. (Both of these glitches I found in Act 2). It would also be nice if there was some hint you had to ground-pound the pilot guy, as it took me lots of tries to figure out that was what you have to do.