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Squad Masters - Mod [v2.16]
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Jun 1, 2021 @ 1:09am
May 29 @ 3:19am
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Squad Masters - Mod [v2.16]

This mod is not fully supported anymore. Just updated - not checked for bugs!

Welcome to Squad Masters Mod !

Version: v2.5.4 - 2022-05-29

Squad Masters Discord:

Caster Admin Cam
- Kill feed (Player and vehicles)
- Radio built and proxy ranges
- Radio health info
- HAB Siege Status, sphere and ranges
- Rallypoint siege ranges
- Rallypoint spawn timer
- Flag Info with capture status
- Kill/Death/Downed info
- Vehicle health info
- Player health/weapon info
- Add/Change team logo (128x128px)
- Add/Change event logo (64x64px)
- Add/Change team names
- Add/Change pre round tickets
- Dot to aim easily for the vehicle info
- Teleport by double clicking with "MMB" on the Spawnmap
- Stick on players/vehicles by pressing "E" (On the eye indicator)
- Change the stick height by pressing Page Up/Down
- Change the stick range by scrolling with the mouse wheel
- Info to the Server who is using AdminCam to avoid missuse

Squad Masters Vanilla Improved
Improved versions disabled the forced shadow update by removing shadows.
No change in gameplay settings. Admin cam has special caster features.

Improved AAS Versions:
SMV_Anvil_AAS_v1_Improved (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Anvil_AAS_v2_Improved (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Albasrah_AAS_v1_Improved (US vs. MEA)
SMV_AlBasrah_AAS_v2_Improved (US vs. INS)
SMV_Belaya_AAS_v1_Improved (RUS vs. MIL)
SMV_Belaya_AAS_v2_Improved (GB vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_Belaya_AAS_v1_Improved (CAF vs. RUS)
SMV_Chora_AAS_v1_Improved (US vs. MEA)
SMV_Chora_AAS_v2_Improved (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Chora_AAS_v3_Improved (US vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_Chora_AAS_v1_Improved (CAF vs. RUS)

Improved RAAS Versions:
SMV_Chora_RAAS_v1_Improved (US vs. RUS)

Squad Masters Vanilla
Squad Masters Vanilla are the normal maps with normal settings.
No change in all vanilla settings.
Only the admin cam has special caster features.

AAS Versions:
SMV_Anvil_AAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Anvil_AAS_v2 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Albasrah_AAS_v1 (US vs. MEA)
SMV_AlBasrah_AAS_v2 (US vs. INS)
SMV_Belaya_AAS_v1 (RUS vs. MIL)
SMV_Belaya_AAS_v2 (GB vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_Belaya_AAS_v1 (CAF vs. RUS)
SMV_Chora_AAS_v1 (US vs. MEA)
SMV_Chora_AAS_v2 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Chora_AAS_v3 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_Chora_AAS_v1 (CAF vs. RUS)
SMV_Fallujah_AAS_v1 (MEA vs. INS)
SMV_Fallujah_AAS_v2 (US vs. MEA)
SMV_FoolsRoad_AAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_FoolsRoad_AAS_v2 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_GooseBay_AAS_v1 (CAF vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_GooseBay_AAS_v2 (CAF vs. RUS)
SMV_Gorodok_AAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Gorodok_AAS_v2 (GB vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_Gorodok_AAS_v1 (CAF vs. RUS)
SMV_Kamdesh_AAS_v1 (GB vs. RUS)
SMV_Kohat_AAS_v1 (US vs. MEA)
SMV_Kohat_AAS_v2 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Kokan_AAS_v1 (RU vs. MEA)
SMV_Kokan_AAS_v2 (GB vs. MEA)
SMV_LashkarValley_AAS_v1 (GB vs. RUS)
SMV_LashkarValley_AAS_v2 (US vs. MEA)
SMV_Logar_AAS_v1 (RUS vs. MEA)
SMV_Logar_AAS_v2 (US vs. MEA)
SMV_CAF_Manic_AAS_v1 (CAF vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_Manic_AAS_v2 (CAF vs. RUS)
SMV_Mestia_AAS_V1 (RU vs. MIL)
SMV_Mutaha_AAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Mutaha_AAS_v2 (GB vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_Mutaha_AAS_v1 (CAF vs RUS)
SMV_Narva_AAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Narva_AAS_v2 (GB vs. RUS)
SMV_Narva_AAS_v3 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Skorpo_AAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Sumari_AAS_v1 (GB vs. MEA)
SMV_Sumari_AAS_v2 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_Sumari_AAS_v1 (CAF vs. MEA)
SMV_Tallil_AAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Tallil_AAS_v2 (US vs. MEA)
SMV_Yehorivka_AAS_v1 (GB vs. RUS)
SMV_Yehorivka_AAS_v2 (US vs. RUS)

SMV_Anvil_Skirmish_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_AlBasrah_Skirmish_v1 (GB vs MEA)
SMV_AlBasrah_Skirmish_v2 (MIL vs. INS)
SMV_Belaya_Skirmish_v1 (GB vs. RUS)
SMV_Chora_Skirmish_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Fallujah_Skirmish_v1 (US vs. MEA)
SMV_Fallujah_Skirmish_v2 (US vs. INS)
SMV_FoolsRoad_Skirmish_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_FoolsRoad_Skirmish_v2 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_GooseBay_Skirmish_v1 (CAF vs. RUS)
SMV_CAF_Manic_Skirmish_v1 (CAF vs. MIL)
SMV_CAF_Manic_Skirmish_v2 (CAF vs. US)

RAAS Versions:
SMV_Chora_RAAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Narva_RAAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Yehorivka_RAAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Yehorivka_RAAS_v2 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Yehorivka_RAAS_v4 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Yehorivka_RAAS_v5 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Gorodok_RAAS_v1 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Gorodok_RAAS_v3 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Gorodok_RAAS_v4 (US vs. RUS)
SMV_Gorodok_RAAS_v5 (US vs. RUS)

Squad Masters Map Pack:
- Layers with changes on it.
- Changes are added as info.
SM_SOT_Gorodok_AAS_v2 (GB vs. RUS) - LPPV OpenTop switched to LPPV CROWS

Squad Masters Tournament - BLITZ 2022

SM Tournament BLITZ 2022 Info:
- Light/Shadow/Fog changes
- Different Flag and vehicle setup
- No Mortars
- Different ticket setup
- Different flag capture setup


Old Squad Masters Tournament - BLITZ 2021

SM Tournament BLITZ 2021 Info:
- Changed FOB Radio exclusion range back to 300m
- Changed FOB HAB siege back to 2 players on 30m

For the Killfeed and Stickycam System
ProMod Team
- DevilsD
- Arkanoid
- Steez
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[MA] Mjölnir Husky  [author] May 29 @ 3:22am 
Version: v2.5.4 - 2022-05-29
Update to v2.16
This mod is not fully supported anymore. Just updated - not checked for bugs!
LthL Apr 7 @ 11:03am 
Mod is nuked after Squad Masters?
forex Mar 13 @ 1:48pm 
How to open menu? map from the list.
Oc_® Feb 7 @ 8:25am 
Dieser Kommentar gehört der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
Jetzt wird hier nur noch Deutsch pfostiert.
Ohh Gotti Nov 13, 2021 @ 2:25pm 
How can i join the server? says it requires a password
[MA] Mjölnir Husky  [author] Aug 22, 2021 @ 12:06pm 
It works only (fully) as mod running on a server, with the Mod Layers I posted above
Foso Aug 22, 2021 @ 11:54am 
I have a small question
I can't activate the mod do I have to play specifically on custom server or how can I activate it?😅
Walkman Jul 29, 2021 @ 2:53pm 
Definitely the best modder in the squad community. He's doing great work.
✪ SK1LLIUS™ Jul 6, 2021 @ 10:48am 
Huskies are cool
AK | Titaniuman112 Jul 5, 2021 @ 5:43am 
give that Man a Cookie ! best Modder :steamthumbsup: