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[OFFICIAL] The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls (+ Requiem)
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May 29, 2021 @ 2:17pm
Apr 25 @ 5:41pm
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[OFFICIAL] The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls (+ Requiem)


The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a multiplayer card game about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding. Inspired by the hit video game Binding of Isaac, the official card game was launched on Kickstarter in June 2018, and received a new Kickstarter in June 2021 for a new expansion, Four Souls Requiem.

In the game, 2-4 players take turns playing loot cards and using items to kill monsters that yield more items, loot, and sometimes souls. The first player to end their turn with 4 souls is the winner. Cooperation, barter and betrayal is encouraged. Once players have a better understanding of the games mechanics, you are encouraged to add the bonus souls and rooms to the game.

This is the official board for the card game, developed by me and Maths (yax2bxc) using my original board as a base, and developed in collaboration with Edmund McMillen and Maestro Media.

Be sure to check out the Four Souls website for more information!
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Apr 28 @ 10:11am
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Jun 7, 2021 @ 7:08am
A couple of small issues
< >
jerb  [author] May 1 @ 8:02am 
The game has official and optional specifications that define each deck as being 100 cards big, with a certain amount of each type of card. The Deck Ratios option complies with those specifications and makes each deck 100 random cards with the proper amount of each type of card.

It's a bit slow, though, due to TTS limitations- it's not really designed to do anything this advanced.
Dexinity May 1 @ 4:10am 
First of I just wanna say thanks a bunch for making such a good mod <3
Secondly... what is the "Deck Ratio" option suppose to do?
jerb  [author] Apr 25 @ 5:41pm 
Yes, just got them a few minutes ago- they've been added to the table.
Speed1013 Apr 25 @ 4:48pm 
Will the Unboxing of Isaac promos be added in?
Bootleg Sara Apr 24 @ 3:47pm 
Hi can I get some help please? Whenever I boot up the game all I get are a bunch of place holder cards. Is there some text box I'm missing or action I need to do to start the game? Is it maybe because I'm playing single player? I think there's supposed to be a pop-up but I don't see one. I tried looking around the board and seems I can only do everything manually. Any help is appreciated
yyflame Apr 20 @ 10:49pm 
I got it to work, sorry about the previous comment, not sure why it did that, after closing and reloading TTS a few times it started working
jerb  [author] Apr 20 @ 8:45pm 
Then your game has not fully loaded all of the required assets. This happens for some people, and it is out of my control. it's something with Steam, TTS, or your network connection.

You should see the normal card backs and an options menu if the game is fully loaded. If you see "Loading" at the top, then it's still fetching assets.
DevilsDescendant Apr 6 @ 4:43am 
Ive already mentioned this on Bug Reports but the mod is not loading for me...
Stuck on 8% and my connection is more than fine. Tried reinstalling TTS and the mod both, without effect.
jerb  [author] Apr 1 @ 5:57pm 
Unintentional and known issue, working on it right now.
JJZ Apr 1 @ 5:41pm 
Recent update bugged auto-distributing characters and loot cards at the beginning, not sure if that was intentional but figured it was worth commenting.