Dominions 5

Dominions 5

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By Shinuyama
A MP guide for MA Mictlan.
Hello welcome to very fast talk guide of how mictlan.

You get two.

Snakelad. This weak of the men. He make zap zap.


Both men exact same. They are the same.

BIG HAMMER NO CHANGE, do not change them. You need hammer. All hammer. You need also the orbs. Do not change orbs.

Mictlan has many trupp. Also many trap.

This is your boy. The eagle warbler. He fight real good stab man lots of times he fly, he also die. He think armour for weaklings what cannot fly and stab man many times. He is correc.

He work when he have bless that make him punch stronker, and when he attack from unexpected direction while enemy busy with eating cheese. IF HIM ALONE HE DIE. Do not into. Having own man die is bad dominin, bad god, no throne. BOTH BLESS ABOVE ARE MAKE PUNCH STRONKER, BUT IN DIFFERENT.

Shock resist man ignore thunderwep, marble warrior man ignore punch. Eagle warblers need be split with other man and mage to be multithreat, not use alone or giant horde. Do not horde.

This your other boy. Moon wobbler. He is wear armour, use good sword, have fight, come cheaps. He first wave. You may be think, but how be first wave, when eagle warbler fly? USE HOLD AND ATTACK. Not on moon man. On other man. Moon man charge!

Shout 'PRAISE MOON' when use not mandatory but should be.

Do not him alone. Moon man is distraction, him anvil. You take hammer to hit thing on anvil. Anvil alone SAD ANVIL.

Do not bring too! One hundred is most. Anvil just need cover length. Too much anvil drag you down!

This is feathered warbler. He sit on tree and SING. This GOOD. You take. Only ONE. Not more. Play drum.



He fly. He scry.

You make many of him. Fly to fight. And make AIR ELEMENTAL.



Snakelad (THE GOD) Storm Staff or cast STORM. This make air go fast. GIANT HEAD not make storm.

The high priest he also cast lightning. This ok. But small lightning better big lightning. Mostly only make AIR ELEMENTAL. Air boy good.

High priest also cast Mist. Mist good magic. Make shoot miss. Then eagle warbler come from mist, unexpect.


He cast magic that make the mans fall down. He also turkey. Is very important.

He make Wooden Warriors for men be wood. Eagle warbler have wooden if snakelad, but moon men need. He cast Enlarge to make Eagle bigger for punch harder. And stronk. Army of bigger version. He make swarm be distraction. He cast the cloud. Poison and sleep. He make eagle lucky and etherealish.

He make poison resist for when vapours. He join force with other turkey, make Soul Slay (with power of sphere). This kill big man. Or charm. Or make frog. Or magic duel.

He cast creeping doom and mass protection. He do many.

Wizard do all thing while fly in turkey mode. Turkey mode. Very good. Mean can go where he wants. Turkey bird is main mage of nation.

Go with army when fight. Raid when not fight. Come back for fight, then go raid again. Or go home early, when fight finish. Or go to different fight! Turkey good.

small snake lad is good wizard but HIGH PRIEST better. He good for make 2. Make hat for turkeys (STARSHINE SKULLCAP), cast Dispel, cast light of north star. Nice man, would like more. But can't have.

THIS IS THE PRIEST. He has a loincloth.

He does somethings. People make fun. Say useless. Not true. He make lightless, and is mini turkey. Very cheap. He good for water bracelet thing, water elelad, quickness. He freeze heart. Not fly. Not good with leaf magic.

You make him be do water and fire thing. Not many. Just enough. Also hold lantern. Do not make too many! Hard to fight. Make turkey instead. But make.


when HIGH PRIEST get S, you make lead nahualli in combine. Then he cast FOG WARRIORS, with mist, make eagle warblers out of mist

when mini snake lad make hat, give to turkey. Turkey take gem, cast ANTIMAGIC and BATTLE FORTUNE using HAT. mini snake lad also cast. But he safe at home, send hat.

Enemy come with lightning, thunder, fire, all thing. You kill!

Make many many group of moon men and eagle warbler. Give turkey help and send the HIGH PRIEST when fight hard. Force THEM counter YOU, not counter YOU with THEM.

You lose some warbler. Is fine. There is more. You lose some moon men. Is fine. There are more. You NOT lose HIGH PRIEST or turkey. Is NOT more. Keep safe. Sometime, get cornered, moon men and warbler cannot flee. Is fine to leave. Fly to safety.

Not forget mist when enemy use spell. Not forget buff, when fight. Not forget bring turkey paralyze when they have god, or elf. Then fight!

Cannot let small humans research. Have to fight. They will win. Elf hard to fight, before turkey ready. But can. Eagle warbler strong. Bring all warbler to fight, stab MANY time.

Watch out - big man with strong armour. Tough. HIGH PRIEST is best friend for fight. AIR BOY will help.

Miclan is nation of bird. Is about fly.

If you fly fast and strong, win. If you fly slow low, lose.

He who flap hard will understand bird. And bird is nation.

Karsk Feb 21 @ 3:16am 
Please don't the love 9f all the pretender gods write like this for EA and MA Dom6 Mictlan!
Derelict Mind Sep 3, 2023 @ 9:53am 
Much information. Thank.
Syzy May 6, 2023 @ 8:49pm 
I love this guide
TitledEel Feb 27, 2023 @ 12:44pm 
perfect guide for best bird nation
Brady Gunner Dec 8, 2021 @ 8:25am 
Misfortune 3 seems kinda bad especially with +15% and +17% event chances. I also don't really see the point of taking magic weapons bless. Also you would assume you're doing a rush build if you're taking misfortune since later on it will accumulate, so why are you taking growth while you have misfortune 3?
Bufo Sep 3, 2021 @ 8:40am 
Sy May 11, 2021 @ 2:13pm 
This guide transforms mining wins with Mictlan from something harsh and dangerous to a really uplifting experience
Bloaxanymous May 7, 2021 @ 3:50am 
guide very good
can fly high now
if have too many leaf gem (?how?), turkey can cast haste
run fast good