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Golf It!

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Diddy Golf Racing
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Apr 27, 2021 @ 7:28am
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Diddy Golf Racing

Welcome to Diddy Golf Racing!
This is a racing map, which means it is not a classic golf course! You race against your friends on 4 tracks, completing 3 laps on each one.
There are also a few hidden shortcuts, so good luck finding them!

Make sure to turn on your ingame volume, because this map uses custom music and sound effects!

- W to accelerate
- A & D (and your mouse) to steer left and right
- F to reset (if necessary)
- Spacebar to jump (only possible at marked spots)

Recommended Settings:
- Gamemode: Race
- Time limit: 5:00 minutes
- Collision: Off
- Auto scoreboard: On

This is a map to play with your friends, so do not use any exploits to cheat. This means that you should never press R to reset, use F instead.
Also, I know that you can exploit the controls to fly across the map, but that only ruins the fun, so don't do that.

Have fun!
Sir.AfroKnight Feb 26, 2022 @ 8:55pm 
Boostes didnt seem to work 100% of the time. Several spots that were just unable to advance
_R0KiT_ Apr 28, 2021 @ 1:59pm 
Some more screenshot can make it also more attractive for the players to play the map ;D
_R0KiT_ Apr 28, 2021 @ 1:57pm 
Was a good race map :)
Track 1: has some few spots that kinda hard to reach after you get the boost.
Track 4: i like the idea to change it to dark on final lap, but it needs more lights in some areas (to dark)

Maybe some arrows can help to locate the way

Also you can automatic pre set the recommended settings if you press Esc in Editor, than go to save, now you can pre set the settings you want for you map (left corner)

Otheriwise a fun map, gj :D