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Football Manager 2021

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Not So Super League (ESL Clubs Nuked)
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Apr 20 @ 7:00am
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Not So Super League (ESL Clubs Nuked)

Moved all the clubs of the new ESL to the Semi Pro level of their nation (Vanarama National League , Serie C and Second Divison B3), promoted teams to replace them based on merit from the 2019-2020 seasons final positions.
All 12 teams have lost 90% of their fanbase, all sponsorship income and are all £30M in debt to offset prize money from UCL and to ensure they dont recover quickly.
All players and Staff have been released and available as free agents.

Tested for 10 seasons, some interesting changes of dominant clubs throughout the leagues.
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kimvanrompay5 Apr 27 @ 11:01am 
I'm gonna try and win a title with Tottenham.. Even if it's the VNL, a trophy's a trophy :steammocking:
893078018 Apr 27 @ 3:35am 
I had also made a similar mod but the fxxking ESL collapsed only several hours later after I finish my work。。。。。。:steamthumbsup:
zafpetr77 Apr 26 @ 9:03am 
Totally Right
alexandervalder Apr 25 @ 8:29am 
I'm a Brighton fan and constantly on saves are the best of the rest but usually end forth or third, So looking forward to giving this a try. Nice idea.
Blanket53wc Apr 24 @ 10:11pm 
Ask Bolton fans how they feel about being punished.....
arsenal_rules_21879 Apr 24 @ 4:56am 
As much as I can see the smaller club fans wanting this. The reality is to punish the owners and not the clubs. The players and managers did nothing wrong. They had no idea what the owners were doing or thinking with the ESL. I think the money deduction makes sense. However, the clubs are not the problem, it is purely the greedy owners. Need I remind you Arsene Wenger stated about a future ESL in 2009. He must've fought hard but quietly in his last years against it.

Two years on from his sacking we see what he spoke about. I think in all fairness you leave them right where they should be but by all means, remove the owners. They have no place in the UK football community minimum. I just hope Fifa follow up on sanctions and ban them for life from all football activity going forward.
TheeHanK Apr 24 @ 3:11am 
I do like your idea, and please don't think i'm complaining, i'd like to have seen you left the fans and some money, released all the first team players and staff but kept on the under 23's/18's players ans staff. Also it would've been good if you'd deleted them from the European competitions. I've still subscribed though and thank you for doing this. FOOTBALL IS FOR THE FANS!!!!!
stevemurphy1  [author] Apr 21 @ 6:57am 
Hi, afraid I didnt set the ESL up alongside this. As the teams have no players I didnt see a point in doing that. I wanted them to fade into obscurity.
lorddurkaisawetwipe Apr 21 @ 4:25am 
Hi Steve, do they also have Super League status though? Would be call to have to play in Super League while in the conference