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Red Bull Flick - Wing:5 Dex
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Red Bull Flick - Wing:5 Dex

Welcome to Red Bull Flick 2021

Red Bull Flick is a free-to-play 2vs2 amateur CS:GO tournament. Compete on 8 new custom-made Red Bull Flick maps and prove your skill.
In this gamemode you Fight for map control and use your environment and the special map mechanics.
Overcome your opponents by depleting your opponents Tickets.

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Wing:5 Dex
The Dex Arena requires you to take a step back into a more traditional CS experience. With no map-based movement you are left to your wits and the support of your ally. With more traditional choke points and angles, utility plays a larger role for re-taking and holding capture points.

The Gamemode
- The Gamemode is 2vs2 Deathmatch, Best of 5
- Each Team starts with 100 Ticket
- There are 3 Capture Points on each map with only one Capture Point being active at a time
- The active Capture Point will change to another random one every 60 seconds

- Ticket will slowly diminish over time
- While controlling the active Capture Point, your Team will not lose Tickets over time
- Each respawn costs 1 Ticket (this is unaffected by the Capture Points)
- There will be visual and auditive Indicators to help you determine both the current and next active Capture Points

- The first Team to reach 0 Tickets loses the round

Additional Mechanics
- Respawn Points are randomized using a certain algorythm
- Players spawn with a pistol and the type is determined by the map
- Weapons can be picked up from holograms scattered on the maps. As the game progresses, weapon spawns improve in quality
- Utility and Med-Shots can be picked up from holograms near Capture Points
- Every map introduces different map mechanics that you can use to gain strategic advantage over the opponent team
- Falling Damage is disabled and Decals have been limited

How to Play
  • Subscribe to this workshop item
  • Create a CS:GO lobby with at least 4 players
  • Select Play CS:GO from the main menu
  • Select Workshop Maps from the drop down
  • Select the Red Bull Flick map you want to play and hit Play
  • Type mp_warmup_end in the host console to start the game!

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Good Map
HarryPoter fucking spy XD May 30 @ 4:28am