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[GM] Cold War - Nogovan Armed Forces
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Mar 13, 2021 @ 11:41am
Jan 28 @ 12:36pm
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[GM] Cold War - Nogovan Armed Forces

[GM] Cold War - Nogovan Armed Forces

Cold War - Nogovan Armed Forces Mod is a fictional mod portraying a re-established armed forces on the islands of the Nogova Republic (Nogova, Everon and Malden) following the events of the OFP - Resistance campaign. This mod is a continuation of this theme, with similar mods released for OFP and Arma2.

Alot of the content is re-textures of GM content. Plus some non GM content. Over time I plan to other none GM content.


If you interested in seeing this mod progress, have a look at the BI Forums thread[] or for more frequent updates and discussion the Arma Cold Warriors Discord[] or my mods Discord[]

Known Issues:

- Magwells don't allow CUP AK magazines.
- Distance LOD issues on Fiat 6614 gunner.
- M2 Gunner sights on Fiat 6614 gunner need improving.


This mod requires GM - Global Mobilization[]


Nogovan Light Infantry Units
Nogovan Highland Rangers
Armoured Units - T55s, M113s, Fiat 6614s
Support Vehicles - Urals and M151
Air Corps - Mi2 Helicopters
Civilian Police Force
Civilian Police Mi2
Hk32 Rifle - using GM G3 rifle and magwells technology to allow for a HK32 looking rifle.
Insignia Patch, Vehicle Patches, Number plates.
Uniforms - multiple variations of Nogovan Oak camo.
Groups for Vehicles and Infantry.

Credits and Thanks

- Arma3 Cold War Discord for suggestions and feedback.
- Beachead for the olive and brown camo source files.
- BI for creating Arma3
- Borton hears a thot for textures for the GM Cap, OT64, 90s Infantry uniform, vests, Uaz Oak and Policie.
- Borton hears a thot for some screenshots for the workshop page.
- Grip for several uniform and vehicle textures,including somne for the Fiat 6614.
- GM for the texture templates and desert camo from their Takistan texture pack.
- GM Discord for suggestions and feedback.
- Northern Fronts and Jamie for providing the M/62 Helmet.
- Oxi for providing the config files for the HK32 and textures files for the Militia roundel.
- Slatts of Conflict 85 for donating the Fiat 6614 and M151 Models.
- StellaStrela for the Baltic Republic rank source files.
- Team 13 for suggestions and feedback.
- Whiplash for the excellent screenshots for the workshop page.
- W0lle for Fiat6614 and M151 icons.


This mod uses the following license Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND)[]


Following the wars that ravaged the islands in the 1980’s, it was decided that the old militia system of weekend warriors with a minimum of training was insufficient to ensure the defence of the Nogovan Republic. Permanent armed forces based on universal conscription were therefore established, built around a core of former FIA guerilla’s and returned expatriate officers.

The modest resources of the islands of Nogova, Everon and Malden preclude massive investment into modern armaments, leading to an emphasis on acquiring smart soldiers rather than smart weaponry. Rigorous and extensive training programs have been developed to ensure that raw recruits are brought to a high professional standard with a variety of military skills. In joint exercises with Western militaries Nogovan draftees have outperformed the foreign regular counterparts on multiple occasions. All soldiers must pass an extended basic training for a period of six months before entering advanced military training. Part of the soldiers are then enrolled in the combat arms, part in the supporting services. Due to the relatively long initial training all forces have a firm background in basic infantry skills regardless of their subsequent specialisation.

The main part of recruits enter the light infantry which provides soldiers with training for operations in both alpine and desert conditions. Nogovan light infantry doctrine places a high value on dispersed and independent operations by platoon sized units against numerically superior or more heavily armed forces, mimicking the resistance tactics developed in the wars against the Soviets.

Part of the troops are assigned to the armoured corps, which specialises in combined operations with tanks and armoured personnel carriers. The Nogovan Light Horse endorses fast aggressive tactics to quickly disrupt airborne or amphibuous invasions before initial assault forces are able to establish a firm bridgehead. Its reliance on brute force contrasts with the more fluid tactics of the rest of the army.

Little is reliably known about the ‘Troska Troop’ or the Nogovan Highland Rangers which does not even feature on the official Order of Battle. The existence of these special operations forces is not widely disputed however. No special insignia or other distinguishing marks are attested and it is thought that they usually operate in civilian or in the guise of airborne soldiers to prevent attracting attention. A series of incidents on Russian army bases on Kolgujev in the late eighties and early nineties is sometimes rumoured to have been the work of NHR operatives, allegedly including the theft of an attack helicopter later reported ‘lost at sea’ by Russian officials.
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selva73 Feb 4 @ 2:50pm 
Outstanding work !!! Thank you very much!:steamthumbsup:
R0adki11  [author] Feb 2 @ 4:19pm 
Update - 28-01-22

Fixed - MP beret, red was far too bright for Arma3.
Fixed - All armoured units so that camo netting can be used.
Fixed - All armoured units so extra camo textures work for Independent sided units.

Added - Addititional M113 Variants
Added - Carl Gustaf armed units for a heavier AT variant.
Added - extra statics weapons: Milan, Fagot and SPG9
Added - Arid Camo for 90s units, uniforms avaliable in the Arsenal - Thanks to "Borton hears a thot" for the textures.
Added - 90s era chest rig vests in Oak camo for extra variety.
Added - Icons for M151 and Fiat6614 from W0lle of CWR3.
Added - some arid scrim, oak and winter will be added in a future update.
Added - dust goggles to NV slot for extra variety.

Updated - Ranger units wearing Oak to have a camo faces.
R0adki11  [author] Feb 2 @ 4:19pm 
@Owl Czech language was available in Arma2, its not in Arma3. However it in one of RHS's mod packs. But I have no plan to add any further dependencies.
Owl Jan 22 @ 10:14am 
Im pretty sure the Czech language is in the base game but I could be wrong.
R0adki11  [author] Jan 22 @ 10:12am 
@Owl Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to see if 3CB is willing to share the Czech language. As I donated the Czech names config to them for their Nogovan themed units. With regards to any other mods, I am trying to only make this require GM for the moment.
Owl Jan 22 @ 9:50am 
I mean the only other language Ive seen within an implementation of Nogova was Czech, via 3cb Nogovian Freedom Alliance. however thats REALLY the only other mod that has Nogovia, so if thats the case I say split the difference and have them speak the Greek English. an Accented English would be better than them sounding British.

Truth be told I do wish there were more languages to work with. If anything you could *try* to use that new Finnish voices mod but, I dont know how well that would work.
R0adki11  [author] Jan 22 @ 9:32am 
@Owl Nogova is a fictional country. Back in Operation Flashpoint Resistance, the OFP community placed it in a more Nordic location along with Everon and Malden. So in my mind, they wouldn't be eastern European. Although Nogova is kind of based on events that happened in the Czechoslovakia during the cold war.

Also with regards to them speaking English, that is the language they spoke during the Operation Flashpoint Resistance Campaign. I may consider adding more variety of languages spoken, however we don’t have much choice on languages in Arma3. What language do you think they should speak?
Owl Jan 19 @ 8:22pm 
Or am I the idiot and they were never Slavic to begin with?
Owl Jan 19 @ 8:16pm 
Could you possibly change the voices of the soldiers? feels weird that a clearly eastern european inspired army speaks British English
Chief Zuma Jan 2 @ 11:12am 
I really love the way the HK works in this mod. Very satisfying to use!