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Futara's Dragon Pixel Full Bright Shader

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Futara's Dragon Pixel Full Bright Shader

Render Pixel As Full Bright
Futara's Dragon Full Bright Shader
[Client Side Mod]
Current Version 1.0
This mod does not function when using Steam's subscribe function! This mod must be installed in [..\starbound\mods] for it to work! To install, subscribe to this mod and then find [..\2422986190<] in [..\steam\steamapps\workshop\content\211820\], and copy file "contents.pak" it to [..\steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\mods\] rename to something for enable it.

Have you ever felt disappointed that the lights on vanilla armors and cosmetic items have never worked? Have you ever been disheartened to learn that as a modder you couldn't put fancy lights onto your armors or cosmetics, or glowing parts on blocks or items dropped on the ground?

Well, With this simple lighting engine tweak, now you can! And it's surprisingly simple!
Once you have this lighting engine installed correctly, all armors, cosmetics, blocks, and dropped items that have made to function with this mod will appear fullbright! This mod is only the lighting engine adjustment, so you *will* need other mods to make the vanilla armors etc. function with this.

If you, as a modder, want to bring this brilliant functionality into your mod, you can, and it's surprisingly easy!! Simply set all pixels you want to appear as fully lit to *opacity 254*(hex code *FE*, so to make a pure red pixel appear fullbright via this method, change its hex code from 0xFF0000 to 0xFF0000FE)! No extra layer or JSON required like weapons and objects need, this works in an entirely unique way.

Many popular mods out there are adding this into their sprites, plus there are addons that are adjusting vanilla sprites to include this functionality as well! Try and find out if your favorite mods are including this!

Oh, and also: This mod is entirely client-sided!!

Special thanks to Lyrthras for helping optimize the code!
Special thanks to Tazerbot3000 for helping me about mod description detail

or use this pak link copy to mod folder
download link[]

for example armor check if it work
download link[]
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FutaraDragon  [author] Oct 16 @ 1:24am 
@Cheesey Wonder it ok we can sub this mod normally with out move to mod folder but for extra smooth frame it require to put to mod folder
FutaraDragon  [author] Oct 16 @ 1:23am 
@dagobertdu94 this mod include Dragon Engine it change some thing like game frame control, so if you do not care about have more smooth frame so you can just sub the mod on steam
dagobertdu94 Oct 15 @ 6:01pm 
Why is it only working in Starbound's mods directory? I mean other subscribed mods are working...
(I am just asking)
Cheesey Wonder Sep 10 @ 1:15am 
tried to get this mod to work manually (ie pop the files into proper place myself) but to no luck...
can anyone help a noob figure this out?
(sorry I know there are directions for this..)
Cupcakes-lover-BM Sep 3 @ 6:10pm 
ima keep trying! i reaaally want it for my angels <3
FutaraDragon  [author] Sep 3 @ 12:20pm 
@Cupcakes-lover-BM it can work XD
Cupcakes-lover-BM Sep 3 @ 11:38am 
very nice mod i wish i cloud make it work >.<
FutaraDragon  [author] Jul 31 @ 2:12pm 
@Vwallaby thank you for feed back yee I already changed description
FutaraDragon  [author] Jul 31 @ 2:12pm 
@Damien Nightmares thank you for feedback I already change description for clearly about it
Vwallaby Jul 31 @ 10:33am 
Thanks for making this wonderful mod! I was having trouble making it work until I looked at the comments and saw that you're supposed to take the Contents.pak file out of the folder.