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Hidden Achievements
By Rydin
I almost forgot some sidequests, so here's a guide to remind those like me when you get to the end
So i reached the end of the spelltower but realized there's some unfinished business i forgot to take care of, and it took me around 2 and a half hours running around just to find them, not counting the at least 30+ min fights i had to do. Incidentally they award the 7 hidden achievements i was missing. So whether you're learning about them now or just looking for a reminder, here they are:
There are 2 achievements related to gems: Bought all gem acc & Upgraded all gem acc.

There's a really good guide already with all the gems' locations so just go to it:


If it is not clear, the last gem will be near Allcat's room, and to enter it you need one character with 100 power to open the passage in Dueling Hall.

You need to spend all those rare and shiny gems to get all the items the Gem Trader 'sells' to get the achievements.
So, with all sparkly gems collected, you can get the Allcat key from the gem lady's chest. It allows you to open those cat doors you found throughout the game, and in case you forgot where they are like i did, here's their location:

Stoc & Barrol

Northern Dorms

The Roost

Great Hall


Now that you have all kitty gear, you can go talk to the Allcat and start a very very long fight.
After defeating him, you'll get the 'Defeat Allcat' achievement and the Allcat clan's insignia accessory, which you'll need to equip before defeating the last boss to get the achievement 'Allcat watches over you'.
Find Alchemy Book & Defeat Codexus
These are actually easy to get, and most will get them by playing normally and paying attention, but just in case you need it there's already a guide and even a strategy to make the fight faster:


Finding the Alchemy Book also allows you to buy the best pots in the game from the Alchemy teacher.
Gwenora's quest
This one is kind of easy. Basically, in the cemetery you'll find the face in the wall again, and it'll make you go through most of the locations in the game for these pictures. Even the spelltower.
I won't be posting locations because the game is wonderfully done in a way that you can tell which place it is by the color palette alone.

When you do finish all of them, our kind face in the wall will give you the Echo Heart and a last place to find. It is in Oval's bathroom:

Once there, you'll have to fight a boss, so be prepared! Defeating them will award the "Defeat the echoes" achievement.
That's it. Now all you gotta do is fight the last boss(again?) with Allclan's insignia equipped.

There'll be a slight change to the epilogue and last scene.

See ya.
Dbkibas Jun 22, 2021 @ 3:28am 
Hi for the echoes fight i got some bombs and threw at them until only 1 was left then just rushed the last one, hope this helps someone