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Triumph! - Ancient and Medieval Battles
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Triumph! - Ancient and Medieval Battles

Triumph! is a set of rules for tabletop gaming created by the Washington Grand Company. The game intends to recreate historical battles in the ancient and medieval periods, roughly 3000BC to 1500AD. Triumph! is designed as a fun, quick-play game. From setup to finish, a typical game only takes 45 - 60 minutes to play.

The game mechanisms are simple and consistent, making them easy to learn and remember. But simple doesn’t mean boring. We think that you’ll find that Triumph! provides enough depth and challenge to keep you coming back to play again and again.

Triumph! is designed for armies made up of fewer figures than most other miniatures rules. A typical army will require anywhere from 50 to 60 figures usually on 12 to 17 stands.

This mod allows you to play with many of the over 650 army lists detailed on Meshwesh, our Army List Explorer available here: and the mod armies will have actual miniatures. At release, the mod will offer a selection of armies across several themes and we will continue to add more. The mod will help guide you to set up the game, measure accurately and snap the stands together into formation as you play!

This mod will continue to actively evolve as we enhance it and make more and more army lists available for play. Leagues, tournaments, and campaigns are being planned. Please join the Triumph! online community on our forum here:

Any questions or feedback can be left here, on the forum, or even on our Facebook group. Please see for more information about Triumph! and other assets available to help play the game, initiate campaigns and even build historical scenarios.


Credits for Triumph! mod

- Triumph! version 1.1 rules : (November 2019) : Washington Grand Company

- Triumph! Draft Battle Card rules : Washington Grand Company

- Grand Triumph! Draft rules : Washington Grand Company

- Karolina Kabata “KabatArt” for much of the art on cards, tokens, etc.


Features: Game Setup

- Create tables/battlefields with different topographies, like grass fields, steppe or deserts. The battlefield can be fixed in place, as can the terrain pieces, so they do not shift or move during game play.

- Automatic army creation based on the Triumph! Meshwesh Army Explorer database. The models have been adapted and lists are as easy as selecting the army in a dropdown. Once spawned all possible stands for the army are available and the player can build/select troops to get to 48 points for a standard Triumph! game.

- Spawned army bases have a flocking ground theme synchronized with the topography of the table created. Additionally, open order and close order troops spawn accordingly, and there are often variations between models and textures for added visual appeal.

- The mod will display the mandatory stands for the army to form your minimum point cost. Then you can build from there!

- Use the control panel checkbox to enable terrain/deployment rulers which make the placement of terrain pieces and the deployment of troops easy.

- The armies, including bases, are color coded, to avoid confusion.

- The models have a specific minimal collider to avoid problems with pikes, cavalry, trees, etc.

Features: Gameplay

- Snapping system: When you drop a stand close to another stand they will snap together into formation, as long as they are in close proximity and the angle is similar. Snapping will also happen when charging an enemy stand and even during the "close the door" maneuver on an enemy’s flank. Snapping can be toggled off for particular stand placement.

- Single movement: If you grab a base and move it, small text will appear on the display recording in real time exactly how many MU you are moving. This includes the front corner that moves the furthest, so it's useful for rotations, wheeling and other complex maneuvers. Once the stand is placed, the total movement will be shown.

- Reset movement: When moving a single stand, if snapping is active and you move less than 0.2 MUs, resets the base to its original position which can be useful to evaluate future movements.

- Group movement: Select multiple bases and with one click move them all as a group forward! Or wheel them forward as a group too! You can select how much to move with a slider.

- Preview movement: Using the slider, you also have a highlighted display in front of the troops that shows where the stand(s) will end up after selecting the move button.

- Preview Bow/Artillery range: Like the movement, the range is also projected from the future movement position (which you can also set to check the current missile range).

- Show ZOC: Like the artillery range, this is an option that can be toggled that shows how far the stand’s ZOC extends.

- Push back Column: Moves a column back, by the depth of the front stand.

- All movements can be undone and redone with the use of the undo and redo control panel buttons.

- Dead counter: Drop your lost stands in your casualty counter area and the stands’ point total will be calculated and will show quickly how close your army is to breaking.

- Automatic roller: Especially useful if you are playing "Grand Triumph!" with 144 points and three commands.


Credits for the mod and Special Thanks:

- LeberechtReinhold (Main programmer, developer, 3D, textures, editor and co-creator of the original DBA mod)

- Arkein (Scripting adaptation for Triumph!, 3D models, textures, and co-creator of the original DBA mod)

- Eric Delemer (Photogrammetry contributor)

- Throt (3D contributor)

- Vokuhila (Photogrammetry contributor)

- Marc (programmer)

- Helveticus (3D contributor)

- DCB47 (Photogammetry contributor)

Thank you to all the modders that allow the rest of us to create this amazing stuff. Thank you in particular to Jin.choung for his DBA original mod, Vess for the Empire models and Vokuhila for his Carthaginian done with photogammetry, who has inspired us to follow that way.

There are several spawnable armies available for the mod release and we will gradually add more!

All the code of the mod is open source! With MIT Licensing too, so you can grab it without any issue. The original scripting for DBA mod can be found here:

And the actual scripting for this Triumph! mod can be found here:

All feedback is welcome. Enjoy the game!
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Comrix Mar 9, 2023 @ 8:16pm 
Thanks Arkein. Will try again when next I fire TTS up.
Arkein  [author] Mar 7, 2023 @ 8:26pm 
You have a wizard on the right side of the screen. You follow the steps and it will allow you to load the game board, by selecting the topography first. Let me know if you cannot accomplish it.
Comrix Mar 6, 2023 @ 10:59pm 
Arkein. When I load Triumph! in TTS everything is there except the actual table board. How/where do I get/make that?
Comrix Jan 12, 2022 @ 6:32am 
Such good work. Am looking forward to trying this "work of art!"
tkchurm Mar 10, 2021 @ 8:34am 
awesome thank you
Luka Feb 21, 2021 @ 1:58pm 
thank you , :) :praisesun:
Arkein  [author] Feb 21, 2021 @ 1:26pm 
You do have models luka - cured, you have to spawn the army first ^^