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[NOT UPDATED] End Game Crises - Beyond the Chaos Invasion [NOT UPDATED]
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[NOT UPDATED] End Game Crises - Beyond the Chaos Invasion [NOT UPDATED]


"The Twin Tailed Comet blazed across the sky, visible to every creature in the world, both living and unliving. Witnessing its passage is a once in a generation event. All who see it interpret its omens differently, but none deny its significance, for the passing of the Dragon With Two Tails always coincides with cataclysmic events.

What new, cruel tests do the gods have in store for the world?

Enter the END GAME CRISES mod! Heavily inspired by Stellaris' multiple end game crises, this mod adds in 4 new end game crises that each have a 50% chance to trigger (can force-enable them via MCT). There is also a failsafe to make sure that you always get at least 1 crisis. I used the vanilla Chaos Invasion as a benchmark to make all of these crises, so it should feel "seamless" with vanilla. Just like with the Chaos Invasion, you will get a 'warning' event around turn 15-25, letting you know which terrible crisis (or crises) you will be getting. These crises ensure that no area of the map is immune to experiencing existential end game danger!

I did my research to make sure that these crises were as lore friendly as possible, so don't worry about your immersion breaking :).

Currently, these are the 4 main crises:

  • Undead Invasion (Shifting Sands province in Nehekhara, near the Bowmen of Oreon)
  • The Great Ascendancy (Vermintide in Lustria and Estalia)
  • Da Big WAAAGH! (in the Wolf Lands, near Snikch and Malus)
  • Norscan Invasions of Lustria and the Badlands
  • Armada of the Damned (Vampire coast invasion of Ulthuan)
  • Dark Elf Blood Crusade

Additionally, there are a few "mid game" events as well:
  • Skaven Rising - a precursor to the Great Ascendancy
  • Drakwald Exodus - a forest goblin + spider migration in the Empire
  • Doom Tide - gives Chaos reinforcements after turn 170, if they're alive.
  • "Wild Hunt" between turns 40-60. Switches all Wood Elf factions' personalities (except Drycha and the Sisters) to Aggressive. Beware the knife-ear green tide!

Difficulty: Each crisis scales based on the difficulty you choose in the MCT, otherwise it defaults to 12-15 stack spawns. (3 = Default, 4 = Hard, 5 = Very Hard, 6 = Legendary) Legendary difficulty spawns up to 30 armies!

When do the crises happen?
  • Between turns 120-160, depending on the crisis.

Future plans: MOAR CRISES!

Compatibility: it's a script mod so it should be compatible with 99% of mods. You can add it to an existing save, but the events won't fire unless you add it before turn 15. The mod doesn't touch the Chaos script in any way, so mods affecting Chaos will work just fine. Works with Flamboyant's Event Compilation. No idea about SFO (reportedly doesn't work. Need more feedback on this).

This mod would not be possible without the following amazing people:
  • Scotty B for his big brained coding prowess and hand-holding of a programming novice like me
  • Lutcikaur also for his big brained coding prowess and putting up with my constant scripting questions when he's trying to work
  • Flamboyant, for his amazing event mods that were a huge inspiration and learning resource for this
  • Da Modding Den (specifically Vandy) for being available to help modders like me who are trying to learn. Seriously, check them out!
  • r/TotalWar for their overwhelmingly positive feedback on this mod

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Mecha Magos Oct 11 @ 1:54pm 
Gutted that I never got to try this mod, chaos invasion just isn't enough. Hope the update arrives eventually!
rips Oct 5 @ 1:17am 
Is this mod save game compatible? I.e. if I add it to an existing game that is way above turn 160 will the crises happen? And can I set what difficulty each should be or does it automatically scale up?
bruktrukruk Sep 25 @ 12:18pm 
been using it fine alongside all other event and invasion mods, with no issues. :steamthumbsup:
Rio Sep 25 @ 3:52am 
It works with latest update + new mct + sfo. unbalanced ofc
AIMA(R) Estalian Paymaster Sep 13 @ 6:49pm 
update news?
tongmaster Sep 1 @ 8:35am 
anyone using this?
Joe C Aug 25 @ 10:16am 
Anyone know if this still works?
Velykos Aug 16 @ 10:48am 
This is an incredible mod
Post some news please soon thanks :D
Dr. JOJO Aug 8 @ 4:15pm 
Please update this mod.
jacek.stasiak Aug 1 @ 12:41pm 
Will this be ever updated ?