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The East Empire Company commissions the Dragonborn to slay a dragon that is interrupting trade routes throughout Skyrim. But is the dragon stirring up trouble with a particular reason and what sinister motive does it have for its actions?

Wyrmstooth adds a new quest that takes the Dragonborn to the island of Wyrmstooth situated north of Solitude across the Sea of Ghosts. Battle across new landscapes and through new dungeons in this expansion-sized mod. The task may seem simple enough: slay a dragon that's stirring up trouble. But things never quite go that easily...

A New Land to Explore: Travel north across the Sea of Ghosts to the island of Wyrmstooth in pursuit of a dragon. Delve into one of the largest dungeons in Tamriel with a cadre of mercenaries at your disposal.

Your Home is Your Castle: Purchase an abandoned imperial fort from Lurius Liore, make it your own, hire new staff, and defend it from unwanted visitors.

New Weapons, Shields, Spells, and a new Shout: Treasures sequestered across the island reward those with a keen sense of exploration...and a keener ability to fend off danger lurking in the depths of the many dungeons found across the island.

An MCM is included that allows you to configure quest start requirements.

See the Readme File for more information:

Refer to the Wyrmstooth Official Guide for a full walkthrough of Wyrmstooth

For the MCM you will need SKSE[] and SkyUI[]. Without it, Wyrmstooth will, by default, start when you reach level 10 and have finished 'Way of the Voice'.
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Jonx0r  [author] Apr 19 @ 3:23pm 
@lionrampant99: Firstly, try sorting your load order with LOOT. If that doesn't fix anything, try the Animation Limit Crash Fix: .
lionrampant99 Apr 19 @ 7:37am 
Wow this mod is very unstable for me, crashes to the desktop or freezes all the time. Quite possibly a conflict with another mod but I had to spam the Quicksave button like an addict through most of the main story line to have any hope of making progress. Cool dungeoncrawl, but I found the final battle anticlimactic due to how powerful my allies were. Haven't done any of the sidequests and likely won't due to how unstable my games is while on the island.
Nymph Apr 14 @ 5:33am 
Thank you.
Deadlyundead Apr 13 @ 11:19pm 
is there armor and weapons from brimstone and wyrmstone?
pigwing Apr 13 @ 5:45pm 
@JoxOr: Oh, so close ... lol
Thanks so much
Jonx0r  [author] Apr 13 @ 4:17pm 
pigwing Apr 13 @ 12:35pm 
Thanks for the info, but I've no markers. Could you possibly tell me what section I should search?
Jonx0r  [author] Apr 12 @ 5:28pm 
@pigwing: It's on the marauder footman, just follow the quest marker.

@AH! a ghost!: Try sorting your load order with LOOT. If that doesn't help, see if disabling your ENB temporarily will allow you to load a save made on Wyrmstooth.
pigwing Apr 12 @ 11:58am 
Help! I cannot find the Rusted Claw, anyone know where it is? Thanks
AH! a ghost! Apr 12 @ 4:34am 
The mod is amazing, but when i got to wyrmstooth, the game freezes every time i try to load a save in the island